Who Makes Member’s Mark Diapers 2023

Sam’s Club members % Mark members rely on being able to shop online for essential items.

Sam’s Club stocks the everyday products you use every day, from diapers to groceries. It’s possible that you are curious about the origin of Sam’s Club’s & Member’s Mark disposable diapers.

A Look at the Manufacturers of Sam’s Club and Member’s Mark Diapers

As a parent, finding the ideal diaper for your baby is crucial, especially if your little one has delicate or sensitive skin. The cost of diapers can quickly add up, so it’s no surprise that many parents opt for affordable options. Luckily, there are excellent choices available, including eco-friendly diapers, overnight diapers, and soft diapers that come in a wide range of sizes.

While popular brands offer comfortable and high-quality diapers, many parents prefer store-brand diapers for their cost-effectiveness. In the United States, two of the most popular store brands are Sam’s Club and Member’s Mark Diaper. However, it’s crucial to know the manufacturer and the origin of these diapers.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the manufacturing details of Sam’s Club and Member’s Mark diapers. We’ll explore the range of sizes available, the softness of the diapers, and their suitability for sensitive skin. We’ll also assess customer satisfaction levels to determine if these diapers are an excellent choice for your little one.

If you’re looking for an affordable and eco-friendly diaper that offers the comfort and protection your baby deserves, you’ll be pleased to know that both Sam’s Club and Member’s Mark diapers are excellent options. These soft diapers come in a variety of sizes and are ideal for delicate skin. They offer excellent absorbency and are gentle on your baby’s skin.

When it comes to purchasing diapers, there are many options available, including store-brand diapers such as Sam’s Club and Member’s Mark. These affordable diapers offer excellent value for money and are manufactured to high standards. They are an ideal choice for parents who want to ensure their baby is comfortable and protected without breaking the bank.

Manufacturers of Sam’s Club Diapers

Sam’s Club diapers are manufactured by Paragon Trade Brands, a leading manufacturer of store-brand diapers, training pants, and feminine hygiene products. All of Paragon’s products are made in the United States, ensuring quality and reliability for consumers

Manufacturers of Member’s Mark Diapers

Parents looking for affordable baby diapers that strike the perfect balance between cost and advanced features need not look further than Member’s Mark diapers. These diapers, which are also manufactured by Paragon Trade Brands, share a close bond with Sam’s Club diapers, ensuring that both brands are trustworthy and reliable.

Member’s Mark diapers come in an extensive size range suitable for babies and infants, making them a popular choice among parents. The diapers are made of a breathable material that is a blend of materials to provide extended protection for your little one. The absorbency levels are competitive, ensuring that your baby stays dry and comfortable throughout the day or night.

Bulk purchase options are available, which is a significant advantage for parents who want to save money on diapers per day. Additionally, the diapers come in adorable designs that are sure to delight both parents and babies. The eco-friendly features make them an excellent allergenic choice, suitable for babies with sensitive skin.

When it comes to common customer concerns, Member’s Mark diapers have got you covered. The diapers are manufactured to high standards in the United States, ensuring quality and reliability. The affordable diaper option makes them an excellent alternative to branded diapers, offering the same level of comfort and protection at a fraction of the cost.

If you’re looking for diapers suitable for your little one that offers extended protection, competitive absorbency levels, and affordable, Member’s Mark diapers are an excellent choice. The diapers are a popular choice among parents, offering the perfect blend of quality and affordability. For more information on the best diapers for your baby, be sure to check out Diapers Review.

BrandManufacturerCountry of Manufacture
Sam’s Club DiapersParagon Trade BrandsUnited States
Member’s Mark DiapersParagon Trade BrandsUnited States


Who Makes Member's Mark Diapers In 2022? (Full Guide)

Who will make Member’s Mark Diapers 2023

Paragon Trade has been manufacturing Member’sMark diapers in the United States since 2022. Additionally, Member’s Mark produces high-quality diapers designed for infants, women, and men. Member’s Mark diapers retail for $15 to $33 depending on which type, size and number you purchase.

  • Read on for information about Member’s Mark diapers.

Which Company supplies Member’s Mark Diapers

Sam’s Club’s Member’s Mark diapers are manufactured by Paragon Trade Brands, which makes diapers, training pants, and feminine hygiene products (which are all made in the United States).

Walmart, Sam’s Club’s parent corporation, took recent action to make more US-made products available.

Walmart made an announcement recently that it would be investing $350 million in products manufactured, grown or assembled in the United States.

Over 750,000 people have been created by this bold initiative.

Who Makes Member's Mark Diapers In 2022? (Full Guide)

Are Member’s Mark Diapers Good Quality?

Sam’s Club members have reviewed Member’s Mark diapers and found them to be of high quality. In fact, approximately 82% of Member’s Mark diapers received a 5-star or 4-star rating from their members.

Member’s Mark diapers consistently receive high marks from customers due to the balance of comfort, durability, effectiveness, and style.

But, Member’s Mark diapers can be returned if they aren’t what you expected. Sam’s Club’s returns policy permits you to get a refund at any time.

For a refund visit the Membership Desk along with your receipt and member ID card to prove your purchase.

Sam’s Club will reimburse your money if you submitted the required information. A cash refund is available for all other transactions.

What Diapers Do Members Mark Own?

Member’s Mark diapers are not made exclusively for infants or toddlers. This is a difference from other brands. Instead, Member’s Mark produces diapers for children, adults, and both men and women.

Baby diapers from Member’s Mark are available in packs of 108 and range in price between $15-30, depending on their availability.

Member’s Mark Premium baby diapers offer some great features, including:

  • Protection for 12 hours
  • The softest and most breathable fabric
  • An integrated system for fitting that stops leaks or blowouts
  • UltraSoft Max Liner
  • Fitgrip tabs to prevent sagging

Member’s Mark sells diapers not only for babies, but also diapers that can be used by men and women. For example, Member’s Mark makes a unisex diaper sold in packs of 60.

You can buy the adjustable unisex diapers in-store, online, or both. They cost $22 to $33. Adjustable tabs allow you to customize the size of your unisex adult diapers.

Members’ Mark also makes diapers for men exclusively. They come in four sizes: small, medium and large. The packs come in 80 or 92.

According to Sam’s Club’s online inventory, the Member’s Mark diapers for men cost $32.

Advantages of Using Sam’s Club Diapers & Member’s Mark Diapers

When it comes to choosing the perfect diapers for your little one, parents often find themselves overwhelmed by the countless options available in the market. With factors like price, comfort, and effectiveness in mind, it can be challenging to find a diaper that meets all the criteria. However, Sam’s Club Diapers and Member’s Mark Diapers rise above the rest, offering unbeatable advantages that make them a popular choice among parents.

Affordable Price: One of the most significant advantages of Sam’s Club Diapers and Member’s Mark Diapers is their affordable price. These diapers are designed to provide high-quality performance at a fraction of the cost compared to other well-known brands. Parents can ensure their baby stays comfortable and dry without breaking the bank.

Superior Absorbency and Leak Protection: Sam’s Club Diapers and Member’s Mark Diapers excel in providing hours of leak protection. Their triple layer protection and absorbent materials guarantee superior performance, keeping your baby’s skin healthy and dry for an extended period. The diapers’ absorbent properties ensure that any moisture is quickly locked away, minimizing the risk of leaks and discomfort.

Optimal Fit and Comfort: These diapers feature a stretchy and elastic waistband, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit for babies of all sizes. The diapers are available in a wide range of sizes, accommodating different weight ranges and providing the perfect fit for your growing child. The breathable design of the diapers also helps to keep your baby’s skin fresh and free from irritation.

Convenience and Ease of Use: Sam’s Club Diapers and Member’s Mark Diapers understand the needs of busy parents. With a wetness indicator, it becomes easier to know when it’s time for a diaper change, reducing unnecessary checks and disturbances to your baby’s sleep. The outer cover of the diaper is durable and provides extra protection against leaks, making them a reliable choice for long outings or overnight use.

Commitment to Quality: Sam’s Club Diapers and Member’s Mark Diapers are products of a well-known brand that is trusted by parents worldwide. These diapers are designed with a commitment to quality, ensuring that your baby receives the best care possible. They are made with the highest standards and undergo rigorous testing to meet the expectations of discerning parents.

Wide Variety of Options: Sam’s Club Diapers and Member’s Mark Diapers offer a wide variety of options to cater to different preferences and needs. Whether you prefer disposable diapers for their convenience or are exploring cloth diapers for environmental reasons, you can find suitable choices within the range. The extensive selection ensures that every parent can find the perfect diaper for their little one.

Special Offers and Unbeatable Prices: Sam’s Club often provides special offers and discounts on their diapers, making them even more affordable for parents. These promotions allow you to stock up on diapers without worrying about your budget. With Sam’s Club Diapers and Member’s Mark Diapers, you can be confident in receiving high-quality products at exceptional prices.

Sam’s Club Diapers and Member’s Mark Diapers are excellent choices for parents looking for affordable yet high-quality diapers. Their superior absorbency, leak protection, and commitment to comfort make them the perfect fit for babies of all sizes. With a wide range of options and unbeatable prices, Sam’s Club Diapers and Member’s Mark Diapers prove to be the go-to choice for parents seeking reliable and comfortable diapers that keep their baby’s skin healthy and dry.

Who Makes Member's Mark Diapers In 2022? (Full Guide)

What Other Brands Of Diapers Does Sam’s Club Sell?

Sam’s Club stocks many brands of diapers in addition to its Member’s Mark brand. Sam’s Club has a variety of diaper brands available in-store as well as online.

  • Pampers
  • Huggies
  • Depends
  • Luvs
  • The Seventh Generation
  • Alder Creek
  • Parasol

Sam’s Club frequently includes Member’s Mark diapers as well other diapers within their Instant Savings Catalog.

Sam’s Club’s Instant Savers coupons can be downloaded directly to your card.

Sam’s Club includes diapers often, so you can save even more on an item that is essential.

If you are interested in learning more, Walmart has the Walmart infant formula return policy.


Sam’s Club’s & Member’s Mark diapers are manufactured in the United States via a third-party company called Paragon Trade Brands.

To create diapers that are both comfortable and effective for adults as well as infants, Member’s Mark diapers use high-quality materials.

Additionally, Sam’s Club carries other popular diaper brands online and in-store, including Huggies, Luvs, and Depend.

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Member’s Mark
Most noticeable is the Maker’s Mark diapers’ inner liner. This contains soothing natural botanicals and vitamin E. Parent’s Choose diapers doesn’t have such a layer…
Member’s Mark

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