11 Things To Know Before Buying Costco Furniture

11 Things To Know Before Buying Costco Furniture In 2022

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Costco can do it all, and that is less of an exaggeration.

They also sell furniture.

There are many benefits and drawbacks to Costco, in addition to the savings. As with everything in regards to Costco, it helps to know how to maneuver through the following:

  • Shop
  • Online shop
  • Sales
  • Procedures for buying
  • With all these types in mind here are 15 things you must know before shopping for furniture at Costco.

  • 11 Things to Consider Before Buying Costco Furniture
  • 1. Costco Furniture Sales
  • Costco is known for its sale-friendly furniture.

    Furniture stores often mark up items at exorbitant rates, including 100 to 20%. Although it sounds unbelievable, this truth is very real.

    Costco maintains a minimum markup of 14% each day. These furniture pieces, including a desk, table and bed frames, cost about $600 each with their associated markups.

  • $684 with a 14% increase (Costco).
  • $1,200 with a 100% markup (Other furniture retailers)
  • $1,800 with 200% off (Other furniture dealers)
  • Costco, therefore, can help you save money by being smart about your purchases.
  • 2. Costco Semi-Annual Furniture Sales
  • Costco holds semi-annual furniture sale events. This allows for a significant markup compared to normal furniture stores. These sales events offer great savings.

    There are two times during the calendar year when sales events can be attended:

  • The first one is July.
  • The second one is December.
  • Because they’re popular shopping seasons, their timing could not have been better.

  • 3. Costco Does Not Deliver Furniture
  • Unfortunately, Costco does not deliver furniture. This could prove to be an issue for some, which is not unreasonable.

    However, if you don’t have a large vehicle or truck, you could try one of the following methods to deliver the furniture.

  • For a friend to lend you a truck, ask.
  • Use an app like TaskRabbit, GoShare, or TaskRabbit
  • Here is my guide on Costco delivery.

  • 4. Costco Furniture Financing Plans
  • Unfortunately, no. Costco does not provide any financing options for furniture due to the razor-thin margins. While there is a lot of furniture on the market, Costco can still offer excellent financing deals such as no interest, zero payments, and so forth.
  • 5. Costco Furniture Return Policy
  • Along with great deals, Costco has a famously great return policy. You can return almost anything anytime without being asked.

    There are some exceptions, which apply only to specific products. Furniture is not exempt. Costco boasts one of most generous returns policies.

  • 6. Costco Furniture Price Tag Hack #1
  • Everyone who has written about Costco knows at least one point of common ground: Look closely at the price tags. Price tags carry codes that give you information about the item.

    How do you find out which furniture pieces are truly discounted? Easy. It will either end at $.97, or $.79 depending on what is displayed on the tag. It is difficult to understand why Costco does not simply state “On Sale” and “Clearance”, but you now know.

  • 7. Costco Furniture Price Tag # 2
  • Costco price tags can also help you learn about furniture marked downs. In addition to learning about furniture marked downs, you can learn whether or not the item will be restocked.

    Costco’s reputation for disappearing items is legendary. These items are now easily identifiable. You can simply look at what the item’s price is. The item won’t be restocked if it is marked with an asterisk.

  • 8. Costco Members Need to Be a Member To Get Furniture
  • You need a membership in order to shop for furniture at Costco, but the levels of membership are pretty straight forward:

  • Gold Star membership can be purchased for $60 per calendar year.
  • Costs only $60 per Year for business membership.
  • Executive Membership with Additional Benefits and Savings Costs $120/year
  • You don’t have to be a member to shop at the store. Members can take up to two guests with them per visit.

    You might also consider asking a Costco member friend before signing up.

  • 9. Costco: Furniture Sources
  • From membership to the way things are laid out, Costco can be overwhelming, and even a bit bewildering. Costco stores are huge, literally warehouses with a presentation of goods that often resembles what you might expect from a warehouse: items set out on top of boxes or pallets.

    It can help to know some tips to find the right furniture for you. Most stores tend to follow a certain pattern. Avoid impulse shopping

  • The front of the store
  • The ends of each aisle
  • This is where you will find some of the most lucrative deals, including electronic goods at the front as well as household and food products on the ends.

    The furniture will be located at the rear of the warehouse. Costco typically has a wide open space with high shelves running along its sides. The open space at the centre of the store is usually where you will find furniture (as shown below).

  • 10. The store layout has changed
  • Costco will move furniture frequently because they love to provide a treasure hunting experience for their customers. You will also find it more difficult to locate furniture, so you’re more likely to leave the store with something that you didn’t intend to buy.

    Furniture can be considered seasonal, despite the fact that it is often not seen. As you navigate through the shop, keep an eye out for furniture. It may not be obvious at first. You may just have moved it to another location.

  • 11. offers furniture shopping online
  • There are always people who just don’t feel like they can deal with the chaos and treasure hunt mentality at Costco. Some people are sneaky and think that they can see the item in the shop, then order it online.

    Yes, online purchasing does have delivery options:

  • Furniture can be brought into your home to be assembled.
  • Or, you can have it dropped off in its box in the garage or just inside your front door
  • Online shopping is not the best way to get store merchandise. So, you won’t be able get the delivery you desire from the store.

  • These are the last few things you should know
  • We have four other tips to help you shop at Costco. The general experience of shopping can seem confusing, as we’ve already mentioned.

    These tips will make it easier to get around.

  • Don’t ask demo workers for assistance, as they do not work for Costco. They are instead promoting the company.
  • You don’t want to have to wait in long lines at Disneyland for check-out.

    Costco may be too full to shop without being hungry. This could lead to overconsumption and purchase of foods you don’t want, as well as further purchases at the check-out (the Costco dogs can be amazing).

    Be sure to have your receipt in order for pleasant clerks to check it with the products that you purchase.

    Costco is a retailer that competes with Amazon, Walmart, and Amazon.

    You can also see other Costco guides regarding the furniture warranty, and whether Costco ships furniture directly to customers.

    When is Furniture Available At Costco


    Does Costco Offer Financing On Furniture?

    Unfortunately, no. Costco has very slim margins so they do not offer any furniture financing. While furniture stores have a huge markup, they can also offer some pretty great financing deals (as in, “no interest for,” “no payments until,” etc.)

    Is Costco able to get new products every so often?

    Costco receives shipping orders on what day? Costco warehouses typically receive 3-6 initial loads per day. This is then hurried down to the floor to be used for inventory restocking. They can change depending on the location. However, it is common for shipments to arrive every day so employees work hard during shifts to replenish essential and specialty products.

    How do you return furniture to Costco

    Costco merchandise purchased at its stores must be returned at their returns counter. All online items can be returned at Costco warehouses.

    .11 Things To Know Before Buying Costco Furniture In 2022

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