Top 5 Best Groundhog Repellent Solutions for 2024 – Keep Your Garden Safe!

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Best Groundhog Repellents And Deterrents

best groundhog repellents and deterrents

What do Groundhogs hate the most?

It is difficult for sensitive noses to handle this pungent aroma. It’s a good idea to plant some lavender around your garden. Even though it may smell wonderful, groundhogs will find it unpleasant and move away from the area where it’s planted. These herbs are also a problem: mint, basil, lemon balm and rosemary.

What are some things I can do around my house to repel groundhogs?

STEP 2: Use repellents to keep them away. A variety of repellents that work well against woodchucks are available in homes, including red pepper flakes, talcum powder, garlic and even red pepper flakes. It is believed that groundhog poison antifreeze does not have any effectiveness so homeowners should consider trying other methods.

What Is A Good Groundhog Deterrent?

Groundhogs don’t like the scent of pepper and garlic. Groundhogs will not return to your garden if you crush garlic and pepper. To spray your veggies with pepper and garlic spray, you can make it yourself. May 22, 2021

Does Ultrasonic Groundhog Repellents Really Work?

This ultrasonic solar stake works by vibrating the ground and driving out groundhogs. The granules can be spread around the yard. They will sink to the groundhog’s hole and cause them to run. The liquid repellent can be used easily.

.Best Groundhog Repellents And Deterrents

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