Best Golf Ball For High Handicap

Best Golf Ball For High Handicap


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best golf ball for high handicap

How to Buy Golf Balls for High-Handicap Players

If you are a high handicap player and want to find the best golf ball for you, what are some of the things you need to consider? You’ll find the answers in this section.

Distance or feel? Higher handicappers often require the most assistance in getting the ball into the air. The simple design of many of these models allows for a higher launch and longer stay, as well as a harder impact. For example, models like the Volvik Vivid and Srixon Distance.

However there are also players who struggle in terms of feel so we have also included some models above in this regard too, such as the Titleist Velocity or Callaway ERC Soft.

Whichever part of the game you most struggle with, there is a ball to help.

Spin – This is a link to the point above. Many models that are above have a tendency to spin less. It will decrease destructive shots. Bridgestone E12 Contact, for example, reduces sidespin so that it will not curve as often after a slice strike. You will be able to hit more shots and reduce the chance of losing balls.

Durability: Golf balls must be strong and durable, especially for those with higher handicaps. They tend to get into more trouble in terms of sand, bushes, trees and so on, and therefore a good golf ball will be resistant to cuts and scrapes here. Many of these models come with firmer covers.

Color – You no longer need to pick a white clubball. You might be unable to see the white ball when it is in flight or landing, so why not choose a different colour?

best golf ball for high handicap

Do You Remember This Story?

‘Buy second hand balls’ and ‘Use the money for balls to get lessons instead’. This is great if you don’t know what kind of ball to use.

To build your confidence first, i do recommend second hand for a while, but then…

You’re right, I get it. There are times when you just want to open up a fresh set of balls and smell the new scent. To inhale, hold the ball close to your nose. You should enjoy the small things in life.

While many golfers neglect the importance of using a high-quality golf ball, I am not one of them. We are glad you sought out information about this essential piece of equipment. Let’s see which golf balls are the best for those with high handicaps. But before we do, I’ve got one question for you…

best golf ball for high handicap

Use Spin Golf Balls

Generally I wouldn’t recommend extra spin balls for high handicappers but sometimes they’re necessary for you to hold more greens an give yourself a shot at making more putts. High handicappers are going to love these three balls.

The Wilson DUO Professional is clearly different from other balls on the above list. The Duo Professional is more spinny with short irons and provides a soft feel on all shots. While the surlyn balls have the advantage in distance, the Duo Professional offers a great deal of value and feel.

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When you first touch the Duo Professional ball, you notice the texture of the cover and the ‘bite test’ tells you straight away the ball is softer than others. The club face feels pleasant, and the wedges feel surprisingly soft.

Urethane covers Give greens a better feel and control thanks to their soft touch.

Long and true penetrating ball flight

Sounds pleasant when used with Kirkland Signature Urethane

This luxurious ball is very special. This is a three-piece urethane-covered beauty. It’s strong and durable despite the urethane covering. It is long-flying and slows to settle on the greens.

best golf ball for high handicap

My top picks

High handicaps can be caused by many factors. It could be that you hit it too hard and the ball is not hitting soft enough to make a good impact. Normaly, however, slow swing speeds can result in inaccurate ball flight.

These are the twelve major factors why high-handicapper golfers buy golf balls. I recommend the following 12 labels. You can match them to your requirements and find the right golf ball for you.

Bridgestone e12 Contact “Three-piece construction; New high performance polymer material; Three colors; 12 balls a pack.” Wilson Smart Core “Smart Core technology; Auto-adjust spin for both short and long shots; 24 balls a pack.” Best Low Spin:

Bridgestone, e6 “Two piece construction; Large core with soft cover for low spin; Twelve balls per pack.”

TaylorMadeSoft Response

Supersoft by Callaway “Super soft; Extremely low compression; Two-piece design; Multicolors and 12 balls per pack.”

Callaway Softball Magna “Oversized; Hex-dimples design; 12 balls per package.” Titleist Velocity

best golf ball for high handicap

2. Wilson Smart Core Wilson Smart Core golf ball review. The price is very affordable at just $25 for 24 balls. These are ideal golf balls for average golfers In my opinion, these Smart Core can be great practice golf balls for someone who tries to minimize handicap scores. The Smart Core has a two-piece design and over 400 dimples. The most important aspect is that their core can adjust for both short and longer games.

In long shots, where slicing usually happens, these balls can minimize the spin, low air drag to go directly to the point and deliver you more yards. They can also generate the spins necessary to make the ball fly faster in shorter games.

They are not color-fast. The only ones available are the white. Switch to a brand that uses high-visibility colors, especially if there are many leaves, shrubs, or winter conditions.

Winter Golf Balls

best golf ball for high handicap

Here are The Top Golf Balls for High Handicappers and Beginners

It’s not easy to pick the right golf balls for high handicappers and beginners. Different swing speeds are preferred by different golfers. Others prefer a more soft feeling golf ball. While others don’t care about the feel, they want maximum distance. Some people want their ball to have a lot of spin, others need it to produce as few as possible on short shots.

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Nevertheless, certain golf balls are worth special consideration by high-skill golfers and beginners. This is our selection of the very best golf balls.

Snell Mounted Bike X RRP €29.99

best golf ball for high handicap

Why you should use the same golf ball every time

And one thing we can say beyond all doubt is that the absolute best thing beginners and high handicappers can do when it comes to choosing the best golf ball – whatever they opt for – is to use the same one consistently. Far too many amateurs believe they’re not good enough for it to make any difference what ball they use, so they’re happy to use a completely mixed bag. Sometimes they’ll drop one ball and bring another to play for the next. This is, undoubtedly, making the game more difficult than necessary.

Different balls have different feel off the putter. Some fly higher than others. If you switch balls all the time, it is a sure way to lose what beginners and high handicappers want most: consistency.

So we know that both high and low handicappers need to pick one club and stay with it.

Some great suggestions were made in reply to this tweet.

best golf ball for high handicap

Here Are The Golf Balls We Think Are The Best For Beginners And High Handicappers:

REVIEW OFFER The Callaway ERC Soft is the one that would win our robotic golf ball testing. It’s a ball that performs well for club golfers and comes at an affordable price.

It has excellent driver distance even at slower and moderate swing speeds. The ball doesn’t spin as often as those with wedge shots but high handicappers and beginners don’t normally expect it to.

Triple Track technology is also available from ERC Soft. This can help greatly with alignment during putting.

Overall, Callaway ERC Soft is an excellent golf ball, especially for high handicappers and beginners.

Revealed – The best golf ball for your game 2. View of Offer Many equipment-savvy players and handicappers want to play premium golf balls such as the Titleist Pro V1 or TaylorMade T5 but don’t mind paying PS45 because they may lose some balls. Snell, Vice Golf, Seed, and Seed offer mail-order products. These brands sell directly to customers, meaning they are able to offer better prices and lower retail costs.

These mail order balls perform more well than established brands, according to a series test.

Snell MTB X offers the best value for money alternative to traditional golf balls.

best golf ball for high handicap


Distance is the only thing that matters.

It’s not great for the greens.

Final Thoughts on the Best Golf Balls for Beginners and High Handicappers. Srixon Softfeel has the added forgiveness that makes the Srixon stand out from the rest.

While they are good balls all around, these balls offer extra forgiveness, low-compression and high launch. They also make it easy to use on any course. On top of these features, it is also an inexpensive ball that makes it a great value.

best golf ball for high handicap

3. Callaway Chrome Soft X

Callaway is the Best For the Extra Distance. Callaway Chrome Soft has the best distance and we decided to go with it. All good golf balls work due to compression. The golf club hits the ball about one-third of a second. The ball is compressed on impact for a very short period of time and expands once it takes off. A soft core allows the ball to expand and contract faster, allowing it to fly higher.

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The latest Callaway Chrome Soft is updated for 2021 and features a bigger graphene-infused Dual SoftFast Core. This pellet gives high handicappers an all-purpose, excellent choice. You’ll be amazed by how far the ball can fly off of the tee, thanks to its minimal drag. Amazon customers gave these golf balls a rating of 4.9 out of 5 after reviewing more than 20,00 reviews. This makes them an excellent choice for almost all levels.

best golf ball for high handicap

Most forgiving golf balls

It’s possible that you have come here to find out “What is the most flexible golf ball?” and “What are the best options for handicappers?”. I am happy to share my findings below.

This is basically what I am assuming if somebody’s searching for the most flexible golf ball.

Fly straighter and longer than a regular golf ball

enhances their game more than standard golf balls

helps them to par more holes, or eliminate some extra strokes along their way

While key factors like club choice and ball contact are important, there is no doubt that golf ball performance also depends on the design of the ball. Let me tell you, I tried to find the best golf ball that will give the most happiness for the golfers. (Google utilitarianism.

If you don’t desire to read my whole assessment, check out this table.

best golf ball for high handicap

1. Bridgestone E6 Soft golf Balls

BRIDGESTONE GOLF e6 SOFT Golf Balls, White, Soft (Dozen Golf Balls)


E6 SOFT: Pack of 12 BRIDGESTONE GOLF e6 SOFT white golf…

COLORED TOLF BALLS: Available in Optic Yellow…

Pull out best all-around Bridgestone E6, tee it up, and strike the sweet spot perfectly up the middle around 270 yards, even with a slower swing speed. It will amaze you with its distance and its control.

In the event of mis-hits, it is incredibly forgiving. Meaning it goes the distance even when you generate off-center strikes, which is something that both high handicappers and beginners are guilty of doing.

Important Features

best golf ball for high handicap

2. Titleist Velocity Prior Generation Golf Balls

Titleist Velocity, Prior Generation Golf Balls in White with Standard Digits (One Dozen).

Strong distance

Low long games spin

Amazing carry-and-roll flight in a helicopter

These Titleist golf balls are perfect for anyone, no matter your level of skill. This brand is a top choice when it comes manufacturing golf balls with soft touch and forgiveness. You also get consistency when it comes to distance.

The abundant forgiveness is evident from the tee up to the green and even for high handicap players. Titleist Velocity has a much better range than standard golf balls. This is something that cannot be ignored or undervalued.

Key features

.Best Golf Ball For High Handicap

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