Best Disc Golf Discs

Best Disc Golf Discs

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best disc golf discs

Best Disc golf Discs in 2021

We’re going today to look at the 2021 Best Disc Golf Discs. To learn which discs are the most popular, we are going to take a look at the Top 100 Sellers from 2020. All data taken from figures. We cannot give exact numbers, but can see the discs that are most popular. In 2020 disc golf saw a huge increase in popularity. Many disc manufacturers were temporarily shuttered and disc golfers flooded the market, making it increasingly hard for discs to be found throughout the year. Some discs such as the Zeus fell off the Top 100’s list, including the Zeus. When the Zeus was finally brought in, it sold quickly and it rose on the chart.

We believe the top 100 selling discs of 2020 will still be an excellent indicator of the most popular discs of 2021. The data represents the sales of both old and young disc golfers. This makes them an excellent summary of the top disc golf discs.

First, we will jump to the top 100 chart. Next we’ll examine some detailed stats. Lastly, our Top Disc Golf Discs 2021 recommendations will be presented.

best disc golf discs

These are the 8

Best Disc Golf Discs For 2021

“>best disc golf discs of 2021

You will need the discs to improve and start disc golfing. Our editors have independently researched, tested, and recommended the top products. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

TripSavvy TripSavy Innova Champions Roc3 at Amazon “Can also be used for beginners or as a fairway disk for more experienced players.” Amazon Innova Disc Golf Starter Set Most Distance Driving:

Neutron Tesla Distance Driver Amazon Amazon: Innova Champion Mako 3, disc golf Ideal for beginners

Amazon DynamicDiscs Disc golf Starter Set “Includes all you need for beginners, including a medium-range disc and distance driver.” Recommended for Children:

Innova Disc Golf Mini Galactic Disc at Amazon “Young children will have a much easier time throwing this smaller and lighter disc.” The Best Backyard Set

Franklin Sports Disc Golf Set at Amazon “You can get creative and make difficult shots to challenge yourself when practicing.” Amazon: Innova Dragon If you love golf, you’ll love disc golf. In terms of its rules and objectives, disc golf (sometimes called frisbee-golf) is very similar to the game. But instead of shooting with a stick at a hole in grass, you aim your plastic disc towards a basket. You will find nine- to 18 holes in a typical course. Golf is a game where the lowest score wins.

A variety of special shots and techniques are involved in disc golf. It can be used to navigate around hazards or on approach shots. You can also find different discs for disc golf: putters, drivers and irons. The most important thing is that disc golfers need to stay clear of pesky water hazards.

best disc golf discs

Quick Reference On Player Skill

Truly beginner: someone just starting out on the course. There aren’t a lot of players in this range as it’s easy to get out of.

Beginner: A player who has just started disc golf and doesn’t yet know the terminology or how to play. These players tend to play casual disc-golf. However, there is nothing wrong with this.

Intermediate: This is the person that has completed their first 30-100 rounds and can still understand rules. Many players reach this level and rarely go beyond it.

Advanced: players that play the most advanced overstables are called advanced. These players have played more than 150-300+ rounds over the course of a couple of years and have sufficiently developed to be able to win tournaments consistently. It is not common for players to have this level of skill.

Professional: the few and far between. Although everyone dreams of playing professional disc golf, it’s not often possible. Professional disc golfers are skilled and highly trained players who love the game. This level of practice takes more than casual play. Over a period of ten years, these golfers can achieve this level of playing.

But enough of that. I’m going to show you the 101 top disc golf discs available today.

best disc golf discs

1. Discraft Buzzz – Mid-Range ( 5, 4, -1, 1)

Best for: all skill levels

Number one is The Buzzz, which is the best disc golf disc available today. The Buzzz isn’t just very popular, it also feels great. Buzzz has a great feel, it plays well and it just feels good. The Buzzz is reliable, flexible, easy-to-throw, and consistent. It is also an excellent record-holder disc.

Current record: Most Recorded “Aces” – this is kind of an informal record and is currently ongoing. has the Buzzz listed at 7% of all aces recorded.

According to this, 7 percent of all 100 aces are attributed to Buzzz. That is quite remarkable. lets you get your Buzzz so that this record can continue.

best disc golf discs

4. Innova Leopard – Control Driver (6, 5, -2, 1)

For beginners

The Leopard is high up on this list because of how great of a disc it is for newer players. It’s the perfect control driver for beginners in disc golf. It would be better for beginners to throw mids and putters. But, throwing drivers are essential and the Leopard is one of those starter discs.

The disc is ideal for beginners who want to move up into intermediate playing. You can throw almost any line with it. And it’s easy to throw. Advanced players may choose faster discs but the Leopard remains a viable option. has yours!

best disc golf discs

Why It Made This List

This disc is undoubtedly one of the best disc golf drivers. The disc holds the 830-foot distance world record, which was held for 10 years. That is incredible. It is also one of disc golf’s best discs. This disc can be used in nearly any bag because of its quality.

Not only are they great for beginners but everyone should have one.

Staple features: former distance world champ at 830 feet and best distance for beginners 3. Innova Pro Katana

Ratings for flight: 13, 5, 3, -3, 3. Nickname: Sidewinder Steroids. How do you feel?

As far as the plastic goes, this disc is right in the middle of being too hard or too soft. The Katana’s feel is just right. The Katana is very easy to grasp, and you must throw this beast hard!

Here are the current price for Innova Katana.

The Innova Katana is first and foremost a high-speed distance driver. This disc is super entertaining to watch when thrown correctly. Katana has a very low understable disc with good fade towards the tail. You can throw a very long distance without any problems if your throwing skills are advanced. Although the disc is great for hyzer-flips due to its physics, you need to be mindful of how dangerous it can turn. The Katana is really good for anhyzer shots.

best disc golf discs


Find the Best Disc Golf Discs For Beginners

It is addictive, fun and extremely popular. Disc golf is growing in popularity faster than ever. However, many beginners with their curiosity and excitement quickly settle on any affordable disc golf disc they stumble upon. It can seem overwhelming for newbies to find the disc they need. That’s why we created a list with the top disc golf discs.

You can have fun playing disc golf by choosing the perfect disc. A beginner-friendly disc is best for disc golf players. It will allow you to throw further, have fun, and improve your skills.

To make it easier for you to find the right disc, we’ve compiled a list containing some of our favorite disc golf discs. Without further delay, here is the list.

best disc golf discs

Best Disc Golf Midrange Discs For Beginners

Speed: 5, Glide 4. Turn: 2. Fade 1. Discraft Buzzz Sports SS is the most popular disc golf midrange. If you have difficulty controlling a disc’s fade, then the Buzzz SS will be a great choice. These midrange discs are available in Z FLX as well Z-grade, which both offer superior durability and comfort. It is an excellent and the best midrange disc for beginners.

Buzzz SS glides well, allowing for smooth throws. You can throw either a hyzerflip (or a turn), this disc will suit your needs.

Buy the Buzzz SS at

Speed: 5, Glide, 4, Turn and 0, Fade. 0. The Mako3 By Innova is a perfect midrange ideal for straight shots. New Launcher Champion plastic makes the Mako3 slightly quicker than its predecessor. Mako3 can be used to achieve extra distance.

Due to its ease of grip, smooth rim, stability and consistency, this disc produces consistent clean releases. It’s also a great choice for single-disc rounds and dead straight shots.

Innova Mako3 on

Speed: 5 Glide speed: 5, Turn turn: -1 Fade: 1. The Prodigy Midrange M4 is somewhat understable. This midrange is great for beginners. The M4 is a disc that’s easy to throw and holds its line.

best disc golf discs

The Best Disc Golf Putters for Beginners

Speed: 3. Glide 2.5, Turn: 0. Fade 1: Are you new to disc golf and are looking for the perfect putter? It’s the perfect putter! It should be among your first putters. It has a smooth, straight flight with just a bit of fade at its end. The putting putter has won the most championships, surpassing all other competitors.

Aviar is versatile and reliable in any weather. Aviar is also a compact bead disc model that provides excellent grip.

Buy yours at

Speed: 3 Glide, 4 Turns: -1.5. Fade is: 0 Dynamic Disks Deputy has the perfect balance of flexibility and grip making it an excellent beginner-friendly disc golf putter. The consistent, smooth flight of the Deputy disc-golf disc makes it easy to get turnover shots at good speeds. However, you can also fly straight at low speeds with smooth flights. So, if you prefer putters that are beadles and slimmer, this putter will take your putting game to the next level! offers the DynamicDiscs Deputy.

best disc golf discs

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It’s common for disc golf players to come across obstacles, corridors or other hazards while on the field. This type of situation needs a throw such as a “tomahawk” or “thumber” and the best tomahawk disc or best thumber disc. The tomahawk shot, if learned and familiarized provides accuracy and reliability in the shot which is needed in these types of situations.

We will be reviewing the disc we believe is the most suitable for the Tomahawk. The discs have all been tested out in the field by experienced disc golf players.

We recommend the following products to help players improve their tomahawk skills.

best disc golf discs

Review of the Best Tomahawk Disc

The Scepter disc disc is ideal for intermediate or up-and-coming disc golfers who want to improve their tomahawk skills. Because of its superior speed and stability, I think this is the best tomahawk disc. This disc’s best feature is that you can predict how it will end no matter what the circumstances or hazards are.

This disc is perfect for throwing tomahawks and similar throws. It has a speed rating of Speed 9, Glide 4, Turn 4, Fade 4, and Fade 4. This disc can be thrown between various hazards, such as trees and bushes. It will travel up to 300 feet. The disc can be thrown with thumbers, tomahawks and other throws. It will then finish on its destination.

This disc is also one of the easiest to use, most predictable and stable. It is ideal for tomahawk and overhand thumbers. You can use it to cut through small gaps because of its predictable curve with the tomahawk. You only need to have a strong hand to get the job done so you need to work on your power and maximize the quality that this disc has to offer.

The disc’s physical characteristics will be comfortable with your forehand or backhand. It will have a disc that is not very deep, and a rim that isn’t too wide. This disc is perfect for your forehand and will also fit comfortably with the backhand. This disc’s super-durable hi-tech material provides it with durability and longevity. It feels great and can be easily found if it gets lost.

Perhaps the only downside I see in this disc is that it is a utility disc, you really only use it in situations that you need a hard hook or a tomahawk type throw – a scramble shot.

A most popular upwind distance driver

Combines speed, stability

.Best Disc Golf Discs

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