Best Bike Brands For Kids

Best Bike Brands For Kids

best bike brands for kids

Check out these 10 Top Brands of Kids Bikes, and Find Out Where You Can Buy Them!

Many of the best children’s bikes are not what you think. In the 10 years that have passed, over 200 bikes for kids were tested and reviewed by us.

We’ve seen the market evolve and new brands emerge over the years. This lightweight bike brand for children bypasses local bicycle shops and sporting goods retailers and ships bikes directly to the customer.

But what makes our favorite kids bikes so great? What makes them so different from bikes manufactured by famous brands like Kent, Royal baby and Huffy? These brands “reinvented” the wheel or were they just marketing tricks?

We will be highlighting the best-performing brands of kids bikes and sharing our insights on what makes them so special.

best bike brands for kids

Brands and Bikes for Kids

There are many kids bike manufacturers that regularly make the top 10 lists of best-selling bikes for kids. They were all built with great detail.

From timid beginning riders to aggressive daredevils, each brand has done an amazing job at building and creating the “best bike” for a specific type of child rider. Having personally tested all of these bike brands, our experiences have proven that these brands deserve their “best bike” rankings.

For additional details to each of these brands, jump down to our Best Kids Bike Brands What about Trek and Specialized’s kids bikes?

Trek, Specialized or Giant bikes are excellent quality for kids. However, they’re not the most popular. These brands all focus on delivering killer adults bike for a wide range of cycling, but their main focus has never been kids bikes.

They are often heavier, and they don’t provide the same performance and quality as the brands for kids. Not to be misunderstood, we fully support local bike shops. We believe they are an essential part of communities. These brands must build lighter kids bikes and better parts in order to remain competitive in this market.

best bike brands for kids

Kids bikes: Quality vs. price

Let’s talk briefly about the price and quality of bikes. Quality, well-built, and easy to ride bikes do not come cheap.

Brands like Huffy & RoyalBaby are mass-marketed for kids bicycles. They focus on cheap prices and do not consider the rider’s experience.

Even adding something like an improved brake caliper for safer braking isn’t considered because it will raise the cost of the bike. Performance is more important than price when it comes to big-box bike stores.

Kids bikes are made to last. Every part of the bike has been designed to be as efficient and durable as possible.

We recommend that you start your search for quality, used bikes in the local area if you’re looking for something special on a tight budget. High-quality bikes are much more affordable than big-box bike stores and can still be repaired with quality parts to look almost like new. Its lightweight makes it an ideal starting point for designing your own bike.

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best bike brands for kids

Top Kids Bike Manufacturers

Rascal Rides has a tendency to spend time reviewing particular bikes or discussing which bikes work best for each age group. We also enjoy helping people learn more about what the best brands for children’s bikes. There are many great options available from balance bikes, first pedal bikes, and 24-inch mountain bikes.

We tend to prefer bikes that are made for kids. Of course, you can buy a nice kids bike from Trek or Cannondale, especially in larger sizes, but they are often an afterthought to these company’s more lucrative adult bikes.

More companies are creating bikes that cater to the needs of children over the years. This list includes quality brands that make light, lightweight bikes that will keep your kids excited about biking.

Each brand’s bike lineup has been listed by its size and type. We have additional information below to help you choose the right bike for your child.

The Brand We Love Woom*

Ultra-lightweight, intelligently designed Prevelo * Great customer service, real kid-sized mountain bikes Cleary* Beautiful, durable steel frames Frog* Huge offering, variety of colors/designs Pello* Brand-name components, kid-specific geometry Early Rider* Gorgeous brushed aluminum frames Spawn High-quality mountain bikes Guardian * Emphasis on safety, affordable options Woom makes our favorite kids bikes, hands down. If you want the BEST bike for your child, get a Woom.

Why do we recommend them so highly? They’re the lightest bike on the market. The difference between how your child does and not will be successful is huge.

best bike brands for kids

Children’s Balance Bikes

Some kids choose to skip the tricycle and get a balance bike instead. It looks just like a regular bicycle but does not have any pedals. For very young kids, “the concept of pedaling may not happen,” says Ian Tsuji at Danny’s Cycles . A balance bike allows them to push with their feet, Fred Flintstone-style, and then pick their feet up and glide. And although balance bikes tend to be more expensive than tricycles, they do eliminate the need for training wheels when your kid graduates to a pedal bike, explains Natalie Martins, owner of the kids’ bike review site, Two Wheeling Tots . They can also skip learning to ride a bicycle if they have enough height. They literally get on the bike a pedal away.” Cherie Moore, owner of Colorado bike store Ready, Set, Pedal , agrees that balance bikes “have literally changed the way kids learn to ride bikes.” She says, “Kids can now learn to balance and maneuver a bike with the security of being able to put their feet down. They gain confidence and learn bike skills which make it easier for them to transition to pedal bikes. Martins claims that this bike is best for larger kids, since the footrest might not be wide enough for younger children. Ilene Marcos co-owns Bicycle World in Mt. Kisco, New York, says that even though lots of bike brands have started making balance bikes, she only stocks Kazam in her store, because its bikes are high-quality for the price and come in lots of colors.

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The Kazam, a 12-inch bicycle measured in wheel diameter and made of aluminum, is the smallest available. You can use these general guidelines to help you choose the correct size bike. For example, Moore says a 14-inch bike will typically work for ages 3 through 5 and a 16-inch bike for ages 4 through 6. It is best to follow your child’s inseam as even children with the same height may have slightly different measurements. Marcos states that a child should be able touch the ground with their tiptoes when they are seated on a well-fitted bike. Beginners who have confidence in riding can use flat feet or a slightly bent knee to pedal.

best bike brands for kids

Best Kids’ Bikes: Ages Five To Ten

Children will naturally grow quickly in this age group. Wheel sizes typically start at 16inches and reach up to 27inches, which is the beginning of an adult bike (commonly called 650b).

The majority of brands can provide an appropriate size for the age group, with their recommended frame and wheel sizes. However, kids grow at different rates. It is best to get a trial ride and check out the sizes guide.

These children usually have the skills to handle more than brakes and pedalling. They also often feel the drive to learn new things and want to go further.

It’s worth keeping the multitasking limit to the rear and only the smaller wheels in this age group. These will be more than enough to help negotiate any obstacles and gentle terrain changes.

Additional gears may be added as the wheel size and age increase. There are two chains rings in front of the left and right hand leavers.

Bike sizes up to 24 inches are considered adult-size. This is why disc brakes and front suspensions become more common. But, you should read the rest of this page carefully before buying a all-singing all-dancing bicycle.

Islabikes Beinn Multi Purpose Bikes

best bike brands for kids

We Pick The Top Kids Bikes 2021: Our Pick Of The Very Most Best

It is possible to choose the best bike for children. It would be difficult to choose just one child’s bike. What’s best for a three-year old? Or a 13-year old mountain biker or 9 year old cyclocross rider? The bike’s use frequency and budget will play an important role.

However, I hate reading articles called “Best Kids Bikes”. They pick an average range (or worse, a junk bike) and call it the best.

a) the author has never tested and b) are only recommended as they’re the best selling kids bikes at a retailer the host website is getting commission from.

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Let me now give you my pick of the best children’s bikes.

We’ve reviewed these bikes here on Cycle Sprog and have the photos to prove it!

We have some affiliate relationships with brands, while others we don’t. The list is basically a listing of fantastic children’s bicycles we are happy to recommend and endorse.

Take a moment to which will help you record all the information you need to find the perfect bike for your child.

best bike brands for kids

Best Kids Bikes – 2021

If you’re in a hurry, this list includes the names of brands that we (or others who we trust) have reviewed and recommended for building the top kids bikes in the UK. If you have a tight budget, most of these bikes are either second-hand or available to rent. It is worthwhile to consider these choices over buying a brand new, less-quality bike.

Black Mountain Bikes is a range of bikes that are designed for kids ages 2.5 to 8.5.

Lena Toddle Bike – Perfect for small Cycle Sprogs who are not big enough to fit on a bicycle.

Specialized Jett range–a lightweight, new collection of kids bicycles that includes an online fitting tool. Vitus – An attractive, affordable range of kids bikes with great value Vitus – A range of very well-priced bikes that provides excellent value, Woom Bike – an intriguing continental alternative to many of the larger names. Worx Junior Bikes is for very fast kids!

best bike brands for kids

Which are the Best Kids Bikes?

After extensive research on different brands of bikes, the following 18 recommended best bikes for children were compiled.

Guardian Kids Bike Originals for Boys & Girls

RoyalBaby BMX – Freestyle Training Wheels Bicycle – “4 Wheel Sizes Available; Come with a Water Bottle Holder; Front and Rear Brakes; Durable Steel Frame; Simple to Assemble”

Retrospec Cub kids Balance bike “Great starter bike. This bike has foot-tofloor & step thru design. It is maintenance-free and worry-free. The tires are air-free so they never go flat. CPSC compliant.

RoyalBaby Freestyle Kids Bicycle for Boys and Girls, “95% assembled”, wide 2.4 inch pneumatic tires with non-slip resin pedal, Royalbaby sealed bearing, bell and diy decal. Best Indoor Cycling:

JOYSTAR Macarons Kids bike for 2-7 years Girls

Schwinn Koen Boys Bike – For Toddlers & Kids

Which Bicycle Should I Buy For Kids?

Starting at the age of two, kids can ride a tricycle and a balance bicycle (a bike that does not have wheels). In order to learn to ride “like a grown-up”, kids between the ages of three and five can use bikes with stabilisers (12 and 14 inches) and balance bikes that can be converted.

Which Bike Brand Is Best?

Merida.Trek.Specialized.Cannondale.Kona.Scott.Santa Cruz.Marin.More items…

.Best Bike Brands For Kids

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