Best Laser Tag Set

Best Laser Tag Set

Laser tag
Nicknames Lazer tag, Lasertag, Laser-tag, Lasergames, Laser Skirmish
First played 1984
Contact No physical contact between players is allowed (contact can result in penalties)
Team members Varies depending on game format and level of play (recreational or professional)
Type Indoor, outdoor, mobile, toy
Equipment Laser guns and targets worn by players

best laser tag set

Laser Tag For Kids

Sharper Image Laser Tag Set for Two Players – The ultimate arcade-style laser tag game, the Sharper Image set for two players is a great choice. Two blasters and two vests provide everything needed to play in an 1v1 match or even team battles. You can pair multiple sets together. Each blaster and vest comes with built-in sounds, lights, and authentic vibrations to give the player an authentic laser tag experience.

A mom said, “My children love laser tag.” It was simple to get from box to game. It was very easy to use and has a great reload feature. This set includes 4 ArmoGear laser tag guns with vests. My 5-year-old daughter is very happy with it. These vests and blasters are the best of the best by offering cool features such as invisibility mode, night vision flashlight, and voice-guided directions. Laser tag sets are great for close-quarters combat. They have a 150-ft shot range and two hours of gameplay.

best laser tag set

Best Laser Tag Sets

Amazon offers the ArmoGear Laser Tag. It is a four-player game system that includes invisibility mode and voice activated commands. The guns can be set for single-shot pistol, shotgun, rapid-fire pistol or powerful rocket modes. This set can be expanded for team play.

Amazon: Best Choice Products Children Infrared laser tag blasters They are responsive, have four different shooting modes and offer the same 4 shots as expensive guns. The guns can be used indoors to record as many as nine hits and have an outdoor range of 130 feet.

Amazon has the Squad Hero Rechargeable Laser tag Set. This laser tag set is ideal for parties and includes four IR powered guns, four target vests, and a charging station to recharge them all. Score data can be recorded for each team. This is a huge advantage during games. A night light and stealth mode are available for firearms.

Amazon offers the Kidzlane Laser Tag Guns Set. This laser gun set is available from Kidzlane. One of the best selling points for the Kidzlane IR guns is their customization options, which allow you to change everything, including player lifespan and ammunition capacities as well as shooting modes. It makes team playing much more enjoyable with the brightly colored guns. For more skilled players accuracy may not be an issue.

Nerf Official Lazer Tag LTX Tagger: Amazon Available from a trusted brand, Nerf is a laser tag system that provides an alternative option to spring-loaded dart guns that use foam ammo. The IR-powered, two-player set lets players reload at any time without halting gameplay. Additionally, the ammunition can be easily adjusted to suit different levels of players.

Ryans World Laser Tag for Kids: available at Amazon Sold as a two-pack, this IR-powered laser tag set is rated for children as young as three, and does not require a separate vest or target receiver. Players can choose from three different shooting modes to assess the damage, accuracy, and range of the “weapons”. You only need one button to reload during play. The POKONBOY 4 Laser Tag Set includes target vests (guns), belts, and a laser range of 150 feet. The standard shooting modes can all be used and modified during the game. For multiple teams (indoors or out), the four-player original set can be extended.

best laser tag set

Laser Gun Games: Best Laser Tag Sets Of 2021

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If you’re looking to bring the high-octane fun from your fantasies to your home without the cleanup of dart blasters or the danger of Airsoft guns, then one of the

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Laser Tag For Kids

“>best laser tag sets is exactly what you need!

This list has everything you need, from affordable products to provide fun and basic necessities to high-end professional-grade equipment that you would see in an arena. This list will show you laser tag equipment that can be used at home, which you might not have seen in an arcade.

Take control of your childish side and browse our selection of laser tag toys.

BRX Rifle Laser Tag Set

This kit is great for the value you get. It’s still not too expensive for serious collectors. If you are looking to provide some excitement for your child, this is the kit for you. For $100, four guns plus four vests. Testing allowed me to test all the different weapon modes and team settings. The vests and guns also track hits, which was something I felt could add to the challenge…or cause arguments.

Brand ArmoGear

best laser tag set

7 Best Home Laser Tag Guns And Sets (2021 Guide)

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Last modified: October 12, 2019, Home lasertag is one the fastest growing live action gaming options. Laser tag has social as well as strategic aspects to it, not to mention the fact that it’s loads of fun for both kids and adults.

There are quite a few home laser tag sets available for purchase online, but some are better, more robust and more sophisticated than others.

As huge laser tag fanatics ourselves, we have tested the most popular home laser tag equipment sets, and have come up with a list of the 7 best laser tag guns you can currently buy.

Squad Hero Laser Tag Set With Vests

best laser tag set

1. Kidzlane Laser Gun Set

This four-piece home laser game set is popular online. Laser tag guns come with great features but don’t cost a fortune to make some decent home entertainment.

The players can pick from different teams settings so they can both play one against the other, or work together in teams. You can use the blasters as different kinds of weapons. You can fire the blasters as a gun, shotgun or machine gun.

Each of these weapon types have different ammunition levels and firing rates, which means you will need to be strategical about choosing which weapon style to use. This will mean that your opponent is causing more damage and you are using less ammunition.

The version is also available in a 2-player option and comes in a variety of colors. These home laser tag guns can be purchased in multiples and can all be used together.

Also available as a vest + target bug:

ALL INCLUSIVE DELUXE EXE: The latest and greatest Laser…

IMMERSIVE ENGAGING GAMESPLAY: Modern guns feature lifelike…

best laser tag set

Multi Function Laser Tag Set, 4-Pack

Find out the Price of this Exciting Game. You don’t even have to stop and recharge your laser blasters during gameplay. You can also choose from multiple sound effects or settings.

Exciting GameYou won’t have to stop to recharge these laser blasters mid-game. You can also choose from multiple settings or sound effects.

DWYM Entertainment Experts includes Beasts Live. Top Ten Review Pro. BestReviews. Laser Tag Advisor. Shoot and Hide. Additionally, there are user reviews available at Amazon.

The submachine gun is the best sounding and most successful approach for young children.

best laser tag set

Multi Player Laser Tag & Vest Set, 4-Pack

The best price for advanced players

This laser tag set is best for advanced players. It has a 150 foot shooting distance.

DWYM Entertainment Specialists. Also, BestReviews. Sky Tech Lasers. Wise Pick. Mom Loves Best. Best Reviews Guide. BlasterCentral. Amazon also has user reviews.

It has 4 shooting modes and 4 team colors. There is also an infrared mode. If you want a laser tag set that is affordable, this may not be the best option. You’ll pay a little more for this set than the majority, but you get a better overall experience.

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best laser tag set

10 Best Laser Tag Sets/Guns To Play At Home

You may have wondered what laser tag is all about?

It’s a great way to get some entertainment and thrill. This game can be played outdoors or indoors. You also get to exercise, and it helps decrease screen time. No getting hit, no staining your clothes, laser tag seems like the perfect safe game!

The best part about laser tag is that you can use them almost anywhere you go! Simply pick a gun set that has a range of shooting and you can turn any location into a battlefield.

The industry of laser tag set has surfaced lately and manufacturers are willing to do anything to get you to love their product. But they sometimes don’t get it right.

Here comes our role. Here’s our role. Additionally, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the top 10 laser tag products available. We are confident that you will be able to find the perfect product for your needs.

ARE YOU IN A HEART BREAK? Here are our top picks ArmoGear Laser Tag. Laser Tag Guns With Vests Set of 4. Multi-Player Lazer Tag Set For Kids.

Nerf Official: Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2-pack – Fun Multiplayer Laser Tag Game for Kids &…

best laser tag set

3. Recoil Combat Exclusive 4-Player High End

Recoil is an interactive videogame that brings the game to life.

Use your laser-targeting weapon to make any place a virtual battlefield.

Collect supplies, call in airstrikes and capture GPS enabled control points.

Recoil Laser Combat has 4 quality laser tag guns. It doubles the effects of the RX-45 Spitfires’ standard starter set. It is a laser tag gun that physically recoils after each shot. This gives players an authentic feeling for the game. This set makes the Recoil videogames come alive.

This set features an innovative combination of Recoil laser-tag guns and AR games for an unforgettable experience.

Due to the relatively complex nature of this game, we’d recommend it to children from ages 12 and up. It won’t be the best laser tag gift for the younger ones. Recoil guns are required for this game.

Recoil packs an array of features. It can record GPS control points, which is the most prominent feature. It can also be used to collect supplies or call for an airstrike.

best laser tag set

5. Best Choice Products Interactive Multiplayer

Set of 4 Infrared Laser Tags Set for Adults and Kids with Multiplayer Mode

FUN FOR KIDS & ADULTS: Faceoff in an epic blast off with this fully interactive set designed with infrared receivers and light emitters that are both are safe and fun

LONG DISTANCES GAME: The long-distance game is well-suited for both indoors as outdoor use.


Best Choice Products Interactive multiplayer laser tag gun is a versatile tool that kids and adults love. You can choose from different levels of ammunition and different hits, to suit different play styles.

It has four modes of operation, including shotgun, rocket launcher, submachine gun, pistol and shotgun. This makes it more fun and brings a little bit of reality into the game.

You can also see 3 lights which indicate the number of lives left to each player. These numbers start at 9 and go up. Obviously, each light represents 3 lives. Once you run out of lives, you restart your blaster and your 9 lives are back again. It can get a little tedious, though.

best laser tag set

How to choose the best laser tag set

These are some of the key features we found when researching laser tag toys.

Laser tag guns are portable, meaning that they run on batteries. If it were only adults, some laser tag guns can consume quite a bit of power.

Children may find that such guns run out of battery quickly, and might even be able to use them mid-battle. It is common for children to push the trigger repeatedly, without aim, and this can lead to the rapid depletion of the batteries.

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Reviewers often provide information such as how long it lasted. Rechargeable batteries are available for some guns; make sure they work well.

There are many modes available for laser tag guns that you can use. These allow the user to switch between weapons, impact levels, and the number of lives lost.

Some guns are best for indoor use, while others can do both it depends greatly on the shooting range. The best range for guns is a longer one. This gives ambushes and hiding places more space. While 120 feet would be acceptable, 130 feet is better for outdoor use.

best laser tag set

5. Nerf Ltx Tagger

Nerf LTX Tagger sets are Nerf’s initial venture into laser tag. Although they have been upgraded, they still maintain the original design and specification.

MULTIPLAYER COMPATIBILTY – The Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger is a complete system that features 2 Phoenix LTX Lazer tag blasters for fun, action packed Lazer battles. Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX blasters work together and can be interchanged so more players can use them at one time. (Additional taggers sell separately). Invite friends to join multiplayer mode. Then they can fight with 3, 4, 5, or 5 other players. You can play in groups or as a single player, but it is tag or be tag.

OUTDOOR and INDOOR BATTLES-The arena is portable with the Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix Laser LTX blasters. Players can fight inside or outside, for great match ups

Nerf LazerTag PhoenixLTX Lazertag blasters are fun for the whole family. Play settings are available for players aged 8+. This makes the game easy to play and enjoyable for everyone. Lazer Tag Blasters can be used to blast off 10-25 hits per player before being turned off. Starters’ Lazer bombers should be set at 25 for beginners and the more skilled players to 10, respectively, to ensure that everyone is on the same playing field. This Lazer blaster makes the perfect gift for children, teens and adults. It’s perfect for birthdays, Christmases and other holidays or any occasion.

This is a very simple version of the laser tag gun. You can easily see whether you’ve been shot by the red button that flashes on top of the gun. If you have younger children, it’s important not to overwhelm them too much with fancy reload buttons.

It is possible to have 25 lives, but not 10. This is something I really like about this set. With the Dynasty set, you only get the option of having 9 lives, which sometimes isn’t enough if you want to play laser tag for an extended period of time.

What Is Best Laser Tag Game?

The Best Laser Tag Set.Kidzlane Multi Function Laser Tag Set, 4-Pack.ArmoGear Laser Tag & Vest Set, 2-Pack.ComTec Laser Tag & Vest Set, 2-Pack.ArmoGear Multi Player Laser Tag & Vest Set, 4-Pack.Nerf Phoenix LTX Laser Tag Set, 2-Pack.Play22 Infrared Laser Tag Set, 4-Pack.More items…

What Is The Best Strategy For Laser Tag?

  1. Keep shooting continuously. You can instantly improve your laser tag skills by just firing continuously.
  2. Keep moving!
  3. Consider wearing dark clothing.
  4. Split up.
  5. Do not walk too low.
  6. Your map.
  7. Adjust your eyes.
  8. Get up high where possible.

Do Laser Tag Guns Use Lasers?

A laser tag can be used to work. These laser tags don’t have lasers. They use infrared lighting that emits light. Every gun is equipped with an infrared emitter that can be used to provide exceptional direction. It is… The guns’ sensors are sensitive to light and can detect it using optical filters.

Is Laser Tag A Good Gift?

The task of finding the perfect gift to give your child is not easy. A laser tag is the best gift to bring your kid out of their shell and make sure they remember it for many years.

.Best Laser Tag Set

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