Bed Bug Vs Bat Bug

Bed Bug Vs Bat Bug

Bed Bug Vs Bat Bug

Bat Bugs

What do they look like?

The appearance of bat bugs is similar to that seen in bedbugs, and their oval-shaped brown bodies are about three-eighths an inch long.

Bat bug vs. bed bug. The most striking visual distinction is the fact that bat bugs have more hairs in their neck regions (think: thorax).

Upon feeding, their abdomens become red and swell in size, going from flat to fat within minutes. It typically takes a professional to tell bat bugs and bed bugs apart.

Bed Bug Vs Bat Bug

You Don't Let the Bed Get Wet…

The bites of bed bugs are increasing across the country. The tiny and often blood-sucking bugs can make serious damage to homes. However, it is possible to determine if these pests are actually bed bugs.

Many insects are often mistakenly confused with bed bugs. Understanding the difference between them is vital.

The most common insects mistakenly thought to be bed bugs are bat bugs. Belonging to the same scientific family (Cimicidae) as bed bugs, they too feed exclusively on the blood of mammals, primarily bats. Research suggests that bat bugs could have been the source of bed bugs in times when bats and humans shared caves.

These subtle differences are difficult to spot and require the assistance of a pest management professional. Both look almost identical in body shape and color, but the key difference is the bat bug's hair length is longer on the upper covering of their thorax. This can't be seen without using a microscope so it's highly recommended to have a professional do the distinction between bugs.

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A key difference between bat bugs and bedbugs is where they live. Most bed bugs can usually be found within three feet of their feeding host. While bat bugs are sometimes found in these types of places, the majority can be seen only in those areas where bats live, like attics. Sometimes they are visible from the ceiling or walls but most often stay in the area of the food source.

A home can be riddled with bat bugs much more quickly than it is with bed bugs. A pest technician will remove the bats from your house after they have been exterminated.

Comparison of batbug (R) vs. beet (L). Source: PCT Magazine August 2013


Bed Bug Vs Bat Bug

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Be aware of your bugs before you treat: Bat vs. Bat Bed bug (left) & bat bug (Photo by Kait Chapman) By Kait Chapman, Extension Educator in Lancaster County You're just minding your own business in your home when you suddenly see an insect crawling along nearby. The insect crawls closer and you panic about having a pest in your home. One quick Google search and it turns out to be the bedbug.

How can I recognize bugs?

You should first get a professional to identify any insects that may be in your house. You should do this especially if you have bat or bed bugs. These bugs can be difficult to identify and may look almost identical to your average human. Nebraska Extension in Lancaster County currently offers free insect and spider identification and consultation services. Lincoln is considered a bat-tied city. We receive many samples from our clients who believe they may have bedbugs.

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This is good news. Good news! Fixing your bat bug problem is as simple as removing any bats roosting in or around your home. Simply contact your local pest control specialist for safe relocation and vacuum up any lingering bugs around the home. You're done with your bat bug problems!


Remember don't panic! Although bed bugs are difficult to control, it's possible. There is a wealth of information available. Although their bites are painful and annoying, they do not transmit or carry any diseases to humans. You have two options:


Do I Have Bed Bugs Or Bat Bugs?

Bat Bugs have small oval bodies that are flattish, so they can easily hide in cracks and crevices. You can read more about… In body form and color, bat bugs and bees look nearly identical. The most useful identifying feature is their hair; a bat bug has longer hairs on their upper thorax than those of a bed bug.

Bat Bugs can Infest Your Bed

After they are established and have been able to find a home, bat bugs become just like bed bugs. They are known to hide in boxes, beds frames, furniture, and mattress springs. Additionally, they will spread the same way as bed bugs.Mar 8, 2017

Are Bat Bugs Darker Than Bed Bugs?

In terms of their visual appearance, bed bugs are a reddish-brown color while bat bugs are either beige or dark brown, but they are so tiny that you wouldn't be able to tell what color they are.Aug 11, 2020

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How Do You Kill Bat Bugs?

You can treat crevices and cracks made by bat bugs during migration with insecticides like those used for bedbugs. Aerosol sprays such as "pest-strip" and "bombs" can help bat bugs be killed if they are easily accessible.

.Bed Bug Vs Bat Bug