Commercials On Amazon Video

Commercials On Amazon Video (Why & Can You Remove?)

Amazon is a major player in the ecommerce market. With millions of household items available just by pressing a button and on-demand streaming services, as well as more advanced tech tools, Amazon has a significant role.

  • Amazon Prime may show you commercials when you watch your favourite shows or movies. How can they be removed? After doing some research, here are my findings!
  • Commercials On Amazon Video (Why & Can You Remove?)

    Amazon Prime: Why Will There Be Commercials in 2022

    Amazon Prime Video has a lot of advertisements that promote IMDB TV, Amazon Prime, or other commercials. These ads are difficult to remove from Amazon Prime Video, which is a frustrating problem for many customers.

    For more information about Amazon Prime streaming or how to manage your advertising preferences, please continue reading.

    Amazon Prime: Which Commercials Are Available?

    Amazon Prime Video offers more than Prime productions. Amazon Prime Video also offers movies and TV shows from several partners, though they don’t have super clear labels.

    This is the reason why sometimes it can be confusing as to what ads are being shown and why.

    This may appear to be an Amazon Prime ad. In reality it’s a TV commercial featuring IMDB TV partners, such as Starz and Lifetime Movie Club.

    Amazon keeps announcing new streaming content. One example is a new deal to stream Universal live action movies exclusively, eight months after their release in theatres.

    Amazon must promote their streaming shows with all the partnerships it has. However, because these aren’t Prime productions they can’t advertise them separately.

    Additionally, there have been growing reports that Amazon is also now showing ads before and during movies/tv shows on the platform of commercial providers (food, drinks, etc).

    Understandably, this is causing lots of frustration for members as Amazon Prive Video is a paid on-demand service much like Netflix (which has no ads).

    Commercials On Amazon Video (Why & Can You Remove?)

    Are You in Control of Amazon Ad Preferences

    Amazon Prime streaming works in much the same manner as Amazon Shopping.

  • By selecting “manage content”, you can change your preference in Amazon’s account.
  • After you have reached this section, click “remove offered” to edit your account. You will have to upgrade to a Paid account in order to enjoy the benefit.

    However, the setting only seems to work sometimes, so it’s worth digging. Amazon has the power to alter this setting. Amazon is able, for example, to release IMDB original titles free of charge on their platform.

    This has caused customers to be furious as Amazon has sold record numbers of products in the last few years.

    Update: It seems that the feature to block ads on Prime Video does not work anymore. If you have found a fix, please comment below.

    Amazon Is the Only Streaming Service With Ads

    Amazon is catching up to Netflix in terms of streaming audience size, and often it comes down to the ad experience and what programs people want to watch.

    You can’t choose between streaming services without seeing previews or commercials.

    Although Netflix has no commercials, other than previews if you choose to watch them, Hulu uses ads to keep subscription costs down.

    There are different membership tiers to minimize ads, which is popular across most streaming platforms.

    Although Amazon Prime Video may have surprised you with its commercials for new movies and television shows, the previews don’t just belong to Amazon.

    Many streaming platforms have ads at some point, either for related products or movies/TV content.

    Although you have the option to upgrade your membership, at the end it is all about which content offer you prefer.

    Commercials On Amazon Video (Why & Can You Remove?)

    Is Amazon Prime Video Worth The Money?

    Amazon Prime Video faces direct competition from other streaming giants like Hulu or Netflix.

    Despite an additional ad every now and then, Amazon Prime Video is usually a worthwhile investment for those who enjoy watching regular TV and movies.

    Amazon promotes new partnerships and delivers more major-name productions via the platform. Therefore, it’s not likely that Amazon’s partner commercials will disappear anytime soon.

    Amazon’s new Universal deal worth $1B is only one of many examples. Many viewers believe it is well-worth the price and previews.

    Amazon Prime has been popularized by its Alexa technology and Amazon Fire TV.

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  • Conclusion
  • Amazon Prime program ads are not displayed, but there may be advertising on related TV and movies through the associated channels.

    Amazon is essentially showing you that they have more TV shows and movies than your Prime subscription.

    To change the way ads appear on your Amazon Prime account, you can log in to manage your content/devices and remove offers.

    .Commercials On Amazon Video (Why & Can You Remove?)

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