Aldi Coffee Pods

Aldi Coffee Pods

Aldi Coffee Pods (Price, Types, Quality, Roasts, Taste + More)

Coffee is, for many of us, the only way to get through the day, and with the advent of coffee pods, brewing a single cup has never been easier or more convenient. From the innovative Keurig machines, we now have a multitude of instant coffee and espresso options.

Aldi supermarkets have a reputation for offering food and beverages at steeply reduced prices. They also include coffee pods. Let’s see what to expect from Aldi’s coffee pod selection.

  • Aldi Coffee Pods In 2022
  • Aldi also sells coffee pods as part of their Barissimo brand, which offers higher quality coffees. Decaf as well regular, lighter roasts can be found in the pods. All pods sell for $3.55 for a box of 12.

  • You can read on to learn more about the types of pods Aldi sells, their cost, compatibility with other machines, and what they taste like.
  • Aldi Coffee Pods (Price, Types, Quality, Roasts, Taste + More)

    What Kind Of Coffee Pods Does Aldi Sell?

    Aldi has six coffee cups that are part of its Everyday line. They all come with a label indicating they belong to the Barissimo coffee range. Aldi labels their pods “cups” but I will refer to them interchangeably.

    You can enjoy these flavors at all times of the year and throughout the year:

    Barissimo Coffee Cups, Donut Store or Breakfast Blend 12 ct.

    Barissimo Caramel or French Vanilla Cappuccino Cups, 12 ct.

    Barissimo Decaf Coffee Cups or Breakfast Blend from Donut Store, 12 ct.

    Barissimo Fair Trade Colombian Coffee Cups, 12 ct.

    Barissimo French and Blonde Roast Coffee Cups 12 ct.

    Barissimo French Vanilla or Hazelnut Coffee Cups, 12 ct.

    Aldi often releases special flavors as part their Aldi Finds assortment. In winter, for example, you may see a Peppermint Mocha.

    Around Valentine’s Day one year, they released a set of 12 romantic-themed chocolate flavors in a gift set.

    Pumpkin Spice is always the focus of Fall, so Aldi has many variations on this flavor.

    You can find out what is coming to your Aldi Find store by looking at their printed ad or their digital ads via their website.

    Are Aldi Coffee Pods Cheap?

    Aldi has a consistent pricing policy that I like. For items such as coffee cups and other coffee products, which all come packaged in boxes of 12, regardless of the coffee type or flavor, the price of the Everyday cup is $3.55.

    Walmart also sells its own coffee pods under their store brand Great Value. Their 12-packs sell for $3.92, and it must be said that their variety is much greater, with more like 15-20 different kinds.

    Wegmans sells its own brand of coffee pods at 3.99 for a 12-count. This is a fraction more than Walmart. Wegmans also has a terrific variety, over 20 different types of Wegmans pods alone, including multiple flavors and roasts, and even an organic option (for $5.99).

    Aldi coffee capsules are less expensive than other brands by at least 37%.

    However, other grocery stores very likely have many more options, as I didn’t even include the name brands like Starbucks ($8.49 for 10), Dunkin’ ($7.99 for 10) and McDonald’s ($7.49 for 10).

  • To really show how affordable Aldi’s pods truly are, take a look at your average Starbucks coffee order – $5 $5? More? You get one cup of coffee. These pods cost only 30 cents each
  • Aldi Coffee Pods (Price, Types, Quality, Roasts, Taste + More)

    How Do Aldi Coffee Pods Taste?

    Aldi coffee has earned some rave reviews from critics around the Internet, but unfortunately, no one has mentioned any of their Everyday coffee cups.

    Although I do not want to make an unjust conclusion, it is likely that there are no great things about the flavor.

    You are probably buying them for the convenience and for the price. That’s fine! Sometimes, you need to get a cup of coffee on the go for work and in rush hour mornings.

    Some of the seasonal espresso pods have been tried by me. Peppermint mocha was one of my favourite coffees.

    Although I don’t like hot coffee much, the rich peppermint flavors and sweet chocolate flavor were delicious and luxurious.

  • Aldi’s peppermint mocha cups were found next to Starbucks Kcups with the same flavor. The price difference was only $3!
  • Aldi sold hot cocoa in milk, dark and white chocolate. The dark chocolate pods were good, but nothing spectacular.

  • Overall, I believe the Everyday pods can be considered to be serviceable. However, the seasonal Aldi Finds pods, which are flavored and delicious, is worth trying!
  • Aldi Coffee Machines with Which Coffee Pods are Compatible?

    Let’s have a look at the most popular pod-ready or instant coffee machines available and see if Aldi’s coffee cups work with them.

    Are Aldi Coffee Pods Compatible With Nespresso Machines?

    Aldi’s coffee pods for Everyday aren’t compatible with Nespresso machines. Nespresso machines are designed to be used at home. Nestle owns Nespresso, which is popular in Europe but not as well here.

    Aldi’s Everyday coffee pods are not suitable for Nespresso machines due to their incorrect type of beans.

    While the Everyday pods don’t fit in Nespresso machines, Aldi did release coffee capsules in the U.S. that were made for them, as part of their Specially Selected label. Aldi Finds cost $3.49 for a box and came in different flavors.

    However, commenters on Reddit noted that they were having a difficult time finding them; I’ve never seen them in stores, so perhaps it was a Find that didn’t catch on.

    Nespresso machines being more common abroad means that European Aldi stores stock espresso pods under their Everyday lines. These pods are sold under Alcafe.

    Aldi Coffee Pods (Price, Types, Quality, Roasts, Taste + More)

    Aldi CoffeePods Compatible with Dolce Gusto Machines

    Aldi coffee pods will not work with Nescafe Dolce Gusto machines. These machines take at-home espresso to another level, including touchscreens that let you customize your drink and create specialty beverages.

    Unfortunately, while Aldi’s coffee pods do come loaded with coffee grounds, they do not have the necessary milk pods needed to create drinks like cappuccinos and lattes.

    Aldi stores around the world sell Dolce Gusto compliant cups. These products are called Alcafe Barista Moments.

    Aldi CoffeePods Compatibility with K-Fee Machines

    Aldi coffee beans are not compatible for K-fee machines. Starbucks Verismo pods can be used with Kfee machines.

    Aldi Coffee Pods (Price, Types, Quality, Roasts, Taste + More)

    Are Aldi Coffee Pods Compatible With Tassimo Machines?

    Aldi coffee capsules will not work with Tassimo machines.

    Aldi’s Everyday cups cannot be used incompatible machines like the Keurig coffeemakers. This makes sense, as Keurigs are the most popular and common single-cup machines in the U.S.

    American citizens haven’t had enough time to develop a liking for coffee at home, so they don’t need all the pods.

    Now that you know about Aldi’s coffee pods, you can also see our related articles on Aldi bread, Aldi almond milk, and Aldi chocolate.

  • Conclusion
  • Aldi coffee pods are available in 6 affordable Everyday flavors. Specialty flavors can be added seasonally to the Aldi Finds range. While they are not nearly as acclaimed as some of Aldi’s other coffee products, the pods are serviceable and affordable.

    Aldi coffee capsules may not be compatible with any other type of machine than the Keurig. However, since the Keurig is the most commonly used in America, these pods are a great buy for those who want hot, caffeinated drinks quickly and cheaply.

    .Aldi Coffee Pods (Price, Types, Quality, Roasts, Taste + More)

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