Does Walmart Own Wayfair

Does Walmart Own Wayfair In 2022? (Not What You Think)

Wayfair has grown to be one of largest eCommerce home goods websites in the world thanks to its fast shipping, great ratings and reviews and detailed product descriptions.

Walmart, the world’s largest general retailer, is similar. You might also have seen the exact same products on Wayfair’s site.

  • So, it begs the question: does Walmart own Wayfair? This is what I found!
  • How do Wayfair and Walmart relate?

    According to some sources, when Walmart launched its online Marketplace, in an attempt to compete with Amazon, Wayfair seized an opportunity.

    Wayfair chose to sell furniture, and other home goods on Walmart’s site. It gave Walmart an enormous customer base.

    Although this was claimed to be around 2015, beyond the online rumor, there isn’t much evidence.

  • Jake Blakeman is a Wayfair employee and commented on Quora that Walmart and Wayfair had “partnered for awhile in the ecommerce business.”
  • He asserts that “…Wayfair can even handle issues related to orders placed by Walmart”, but I cannot find evidence.

    Wayfair does not sell items on Walmart’s Marketplace now, and I can’t find any actual, confirmable data to suggest that they did in the 2010s.

    The supposed connection between Wayfair and Walmart sounds more like an internet rumor for now.

    Another quasi-connection between the two occurred in 2017, when Forbes.com posted an article about why Wayfair shouldn’t sell out to Walmart.

    The article wasn’t written in response to Walmart suggesting interest, rather it was an analysis of the market that suggested Walmart should buy the home goods retailer.

    However, the author stated that Walmart’s acquisition or merger with Wayfair could hinder Wayfair’s growth. Walmart, however, would not be able to integrate.

    Thus, Walmart and Wayfair are more myth than facts.

    I believe that these two are so different in business model and target markets that no further connection will likely be possible.

    Does Walmart Own Wayfair In 2022? (Not What You Think)

    How do you know who owns Wayfair?

    Walmart does not own Wayfair; instead, the founders of Wayfair in 2002 still control it.

    Steve Conine and Niraj Shah were the founders of furniture selling out of Boston.

    While Shah and Conine share the chairman position in the company, Shah is the current CEO.

    Is it possible to return Wayfair products to Walmart

    Walmart and Wayfair may sell identical, or even similar items, but you can’t return Wayfair products to Walmart.

    The two are completely separate companies, with completely different leadership, and Walmart is not the parent company to Wayfair.

    Walmart is not authorized to accept returns for Wayfair products purchased through Walmart Marketplace.

    Instead, reach out directly to each individual seller for information about returns and refunds.

    It’s a shame, though, because Walmart makes returns incredibly easy.

    My experience with Wayfair’s returns is that it’s expensive (you pay for the return shipping, not them) and in some cases, completely unmanageable.

  • An 80-lb. bedframe could be returned. bedframe – how would you even get it to the packing center?)
  • Wayfair can learn from Walmart’s excellent customer service in this area, and hopefully that will be the case for Wayfair.

    Does Walmart Own Wayfair In 2022? (Not What You Think)

    Does Walmart Price Match With Wayfair?

    Walmart doesn’t price match Wayfair.

    Secondly, even if Wayfair was selling products on Walmart’s Marketplace, and you found an identical item on Walmart.com it would still be exempt.

    Walmart.com and Jet.com have lower prices than Walmart.com, so Walmart stores price match only.

    Furthermore, the price match policy of Walmart does not include Marketplace items. This is because Wayfair products would not be sold elsewhere unless they were linked (which they are not).

    Walmart might interest you if you are interested in learning more about Walmart.

  • Conclusion
  • Walmart doesn’t own Wayfair and has never owned it. Although some Internet sources suggest the two companies are linked, there is no evidence to support this claim.

    Wayfair already has an excellent ecommerce platform in place, so it is unlikely they will accept an offer from Walmart.

    Does The Walton Family Own Wayfair?

    The straightforward answer is no! 19 Jul 2021

    Wayfair Products Can Be Returned To Walmart

    Wayfair merchandise cannot be returned to Walmart after 2022. While the companies do have a retail partnership that allows them to return Wayfair merchandise, this does not allow Walmart to do so. Only Wayfair merchandise can be returned in its original condition within 30 calendar days from delivery.

    Are Wayfair and These People Affiliated?

    Wayfair.com isn’t the only Wayfair.com. Joss & Main has AllModern, Perigold and Birch Lane. Wayfair.com is its main site. Here you’ll find everything from furniture and appliances to the absurd one-person sauna.

    Amazon owns Wayfair

    Amazon doesn’t currently own Wayfair. Wayfair furniture is owned by Wayfair and serves as the parent company to a range of furniture brands, such as Joss & Main. This furniture marketplace competitor is Amazon.

    .Does Walmart Own Wayfair In 2022? (Not What You Think)

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