Does Target Replace Watch Batteries?

Does Target Replace Watch Batteries? (Do This Instead…)

We’ve all been there. Finding a new watch battery can prove frustrating.

  • Target can be described as a “one-stop shop” that offers essential daily items, and also valuable discounts. So what does Target do with watch batteries? These are my observations!
  • Does Target Replace Watch Batteries? (Do This Instead...)

    Target to Replace Watch Battery Batteries in 2022

    Target has stopped replacing batteries in stores as of 2022. However, some stores can still offer assistance in replacing the battery for watches that they own. Watch batteries can be replaced in-store at stores like JCPenney and Zale Corporation.

  • Read on to learn more about the places you can buy a replacement battery for your watch, including why Target isn’t offering it and the cost.
  • Where can I buy replacement watch batteries?

    JCPenney is a departmental store that can replace your watch battery. Otherwise, your best bet is to visit your local jewelers.

    American chains like Zale Corporations, Sterling Jewelers Incorporateds, Fred Meyer Jewelerss, Samuels Jewelers or Roger’s Enterprises have the ability to quickly replace watch batteries.

    You can visit JCPenney or your nearest jeweler to replace the watch battery.

    The battery replacement service is usually free, depending on whether the watch battery was purchased at the store. However, some shops may charge $5-20 for more complex watches.

    Does Target Replace Watch Batteries? (Do This Instead...)

    Target Does Target Stock Watch Batteries

    Target has watch batteries available that are comparable in cost to the store-based equivalents of many competitors.

    Customers can purchase two Energizer 377 Oxide batteries for $3.99 or $6.49 for 3. Or, you can buy 5 Insten Lithium batteries for $3.99 or $6.49 for 10 watches. offers a 40-piece Powercell battery assortment for as low as $7 if brands don’t bother you or you are unsure what watch will suit.

    Meanwhile, Kroger sells Duracell silver Oxide Lithium batteries for $2.49 per battery.

    Target doesn’t replace watch batteries

    It was only a few years ago that Target stopped replacing all watch batteries in-store. Before that, Target had a range of tools for changing the battery on nearly all its watches.

    Unfortunately, customers expressed frequent dissatisfaction with the service, claiming watches had received scratches or minor damage.

    Target was therefore forced to purchase new or repaired watches. It cost Target unnecessary money.

    Does Target Replace Watch Batteries? (Do This Instead...)

    Target does Target sell watches?

    Yes, Target sells an impressive variety of wristwatches suitable for any gender. There are many options available: silver watches, black, gold, and metal bands, as well as sport and leather-band models.

  • There are many brands that make watches specifically for men, including Apple, Goodfellows, Simplify (NFL), Timex and Simplify (Simplify), Casio/Everlast, Caravelle New York), Arizona Wildcats, Baltic Ravens, among others.
  • The women’s section features dressy, casual, sporty, leather band and rose gold watches. A variety of styles are available, from snakeskin leather and mesh to metal, to name a few.

    Watch faces are a wide selection for customers. There are many options for Target watches: neutral, floral and animal print; gold, white; patterned models, as well bold colors such as purple, pink, and turquoise. ).

    What is the Cost of Target Watches?

    A typical price for women’s watches is $10. But they can be made by other brands like Olivia Pratt.

    However, men’s watches tend to be priced between $35 and $40. Customers will encounter more extensive choices online, with the inclusion of watches sold by third-party merchants.

    All watches come with an original, fully functional battery. A defective watch can be returned for full refund within the 90-day period.

    Learn more: Our guide on Walmart replacing watch batteries, Target Apple return policy, Costco changing watch batteries.

    Does Target Replace Watch Batteries? (Do This Instead...)

    Conclusion: Can Target replace Watch Batteries

    Most Target stores will not replace watch batteries however selected shops may help replace the battery of watches they sell. JCPenney stores, Zanes Corporations, Fred Meyers Jewelers and Sterling Jewelers can replace watches batteries in-store. Target offers cheap Insten and Energizer battery replacements for between $3.99 and $7.99. Replace your watch batteries every other month for around $10

    Target will Replace the Watch Batteries

    While most Target stores won’t replace watches batteries, some shops might be able to help. … Replacements of regular watch batteries usually run around $10.

    Can Walmart Replace Watch Batteries?

    Walmart no longer replaces watch batteries after 2022. However, Walmart sells watch batteries and watches repair kits that allow customers to replace the watch batteries themselves. Walmart Jewellery Counter employees can sometimes help to replace watch batteries in exceptional cases.

    Will Kohls replace Watch Batteries

    When you spend $50 or less on a watch, it hurts a little to pay $8 to $10 for the battery/labor. My editor visits Kohl’s where they offer a $5 replacement if the watch was purchased from Kohls. They also carry Armatron, Citizen and Timex watches. )Mar 4, 2011

    How Much Does A Jeweler Charge To Change A Watch Battery?

    Pricing on a battery change ranges from as low as about $15 to upwards of $45 to $60 to reseal and pressure test a water resistant timepiece after switching out the battery. Some complicated watches that are hybrid quartz and chronograph movements can cost $65 to $95 for a battery change.

    .Does Target Replace Watch Batteries? (Do This Instead…)

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