How Much Money Does Walmart Make A Second, Minute & Day?

How Much Money Does Walmart Make A Second, Minute & Day?

Walmart Inc.
  • Wal-Mart Discount City (1962–1969)
  • Wal-Mart, Inc. (1969–1970)
  • Wal–Mart Stores, Inc. (1970–2018)



Sam Walton


Number of locations
10,593 stores worldwide (January 31, 2022)



Area served
Key people






Convenience shop
Revenue Increase


559.2 billion




US$22.55 billion




US$13.70 billion



Total assets


US$252.5 billion



Total equity


US$87.53 billion



Walton family



Number of employees
2,300,000 (Jan. 2021)


U.S.: 1,600,000



List of subsidiaries

Footnotes / references




The average Walmart Superstore stocks over 120,000 items alongside convenient services that cater to Auto repairs, pharmaceuticals, and banking.

  • You might wonder what Walmart does per second, hour, day and year with so many products available and the 4,700+ locations across America. What I discovered was this!
  • How Much Money Does Walmart Make A Second, Minute & Day?

    What is Walmart’s Average Monthly Income in 2022, In Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days, and Months?

    Walmart earns an astounding $17,000 per Second, $1.1 Million per Minute, and $68 millions per Hour in sales. Walmart also makes $1.6 million per day in revenues and $49 billion in monthly sales. When combined, Walmart earns $559 billion per year as of 2022.

  • If you’d like to know exactly how much money Walmart is making down to the second, keep on reading!
  • How Much Money Does Walmart Make In A Second?

  • Walmart generated revenue of $559 billion within a single fiscal year. Walmart makes an amazing $17.721 per Second in total income.
  • Walmart has an average profit margin 25% and Walmart makes around $4250 per second.

    Walmart noticed a steady climb in its higher-paying customers over 2020. That boosted Walmart’s average transaction value by 22 percent

    How Much Money Does Walmart Make A Second, Minute & Day?

    What is Walmart’s Average Monthly Income?

  • Walmart averages $1,139 6,649 per hour as of 2022.
  • The Waltons’ original family of founders, now making $70,000 per second, make them one the most wealthiest American families.

    How Much Money Does Walmart Make Per Hour?

  • Walmart’s hourly earning potential is just as impressive. It amounts to $68,378,995
  • Walmart’s success can be attributed to its ability to offer quality goods, great prices, fast delivery and a flourishing eCommerce platform.

    How Much Money Does Walmart Make A Second, Minute & Day?

    Walmart Earns What Per Day?

    Walmart earns an average of $1,641,095,890 per day in sales and over $400 million annually from profit.

    To give you an idea of how achievable these numbers are, the average Walmart store in the world greets approximately 37 million visitors every day.

    Walmart Earns How Much in a Month?

  • Recognizing the annual figures, Walmart made over $49 Billion in one month from 11,847 locations in America, Canada, Mexico, China, Mexico and other countries.
  • How Much Money Does Walmart Make A Second, Minute & Day?

    Walmart earns how much profit per year?

    Walmart’s net income at the close of 2020 was $599 billion. That is 2.5% less than what 2019 generated.

    Walmart is able to scale up its operations in America, allowing stores to serve larger customer bases. Walmart expects to double its annual income in 2021 with the addition of 10 stores.

    Walmart became a Billion Dollar Company in the year 2000.

    Walmart was established in 1962. However, it took Walmart just 20 years until they reached their billion-dollar mark in 1980.

    By the early 80s, the company expanded by acquiring Mohr Value discount stores in Illinois and 92 Kuhn’s Big K stores in Tennessee.

    From that pinnacle moment, sales surged drastically. It reported net income of $5.4billion in 2000.

    How Much Money Does Walmart Make A Second, Minute & Day?

    Walmart makes more per year than its rivals?

    Walmart leads the American retail market, producing more income annually than Target Walgreens Home Depot, Walgreens, Walgreens, or Target.

    Walmart faces constant competition from Amazon. Walmart is a retailer that benefits, but Amazon dominates online marketplaces.

    Amazon’s market cap equates to $1.7 trillion means it is worth 5 times more than Walmart. However, in the previous year, Walmart generated $534 billion in revenue while Amazon’s total profits came to $322 billion.

    Because Amazon’s gross margin is 40%, Walmart’s has a 25% gross margin.

    Walmart How much does Ecommerce make?

    Walmart has strategically developed its online presence.’s Marketplace functions are considered an distinct entity.

  • Walmart had reported revenue of $407.7 Billion by 2020. This is 6.5% more than the prior year. In America, the eCommerce market grew 69% between 2014 and 2015.
  • Third-party merchants had the opportunity to market their products under Walmart’s brand with a referral fee between 6-20% and Walmart Marketplace. Walmart saw an increase in stock and its overall income.

    How Much Money Does Walmart Make A Second, Minute & Day?

    Walmart How Can It Make the Most Money?

    Much of Walmart’s popularity has been earned by its commitment to sell a wide variety of merchandise, including electronics, home furnishing, and groceries, at discount prices lower than its competitors.

    Online shopping is responsible for 30% of Walmart’s overall sales.

    Walmart is able to make money through Supercenters. These centers offer valuable services including Auto Care Centers and Vision Centers.

    Walmart is also responsible for other businesses which can bring in additional revenue. Asda Stores is a subsidiary of Walmart.

    For more information, see the other posts about Walmart’s competitive advantages and their strategy to stay relevant in an age of online shopping.

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  • Conclusion: How Much Money Does Walmart Make A Second, Minute, Hour, Day, And Month?

    Walmart generated a total of $599 billion by the end of the 2020 fiscal year. Breaking down the figures, we gain perspective of how large Walmart is. $17,000 per Second, $1,000,000 plus per Minute, $68,000,000 plus an Hour, $1Billion+ daily and $49Billion monthly.

    .How Much Money Does Walmart Make A Second, Minute & Day?

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