2024 Guide: Subway Hiring Age Requirements – Can You Work at 14 or 15?

Discover the age requirements for joining the Subway team! Learn if you can start your career at 13, 14, or 15, the official age to work at Subway, and tips for young applicants. Apply now to be part of a fast-paced and friendly work environment!

What Age Does Subway Hire? (13, 14, 15, 16, 17 + Faqs)

If you’re a parent of a teenager or a teen looking for work, you might be curious whether Subway is a good place for kids under the age of 18 to work, and whether or not Subway has an age requirement.

  • So, at what age is someone eligible to work at Subway? Continue reading to discover more about Subway’s age requirements.
  • What Age Does Subway Hire? (13, 14, 15, 16, 17 + FAQs)

    How Old Will Subway Employees Be In 2022

    Subway does not hire under 15 years old. In most cases, however, Subway only employs 16-year-olds. Subway hires no one younger than 15, and minors, like other employment sites, have time restrictions as well as strict guidelines.

  • Keep reading for information on Subway’s policies about teenagers working at Subway. Also, learn what Subway teenagers can do and more!
  • Subway: What can a fifteen-year-old do?

    Although sixteen is normally the minimum age that Subway hires, Subway may hire fifteen year olds in certain areas, depending on local child labour laws.

    Subway employs 15-year olds who are sandwich artists. They put together sandwiches for customers.

    But, 15-year-olds may have to be restricted from handling certain tasks such as cleaning ovens or hot food.

    Subway can be contacted at the nearest Subway store or you may visit or call to inquire about whether they have a Subway location near you.

    What Age Does Subway Hire? (13, 14, 15, 16, 17 + FAQs)

    Which is The Youngest Subway Employee?

    Subway does not employ teenagers younger than 15 years old, as we have already stated. Most often, though, sixteen is generally the youngest age Subway will accept applications.

    Therefore, if you are not certain what the minimum work age at your Subway might be, you can find out by phoning or visiting your local shop.

    Subway: What can teenagers do?

    Subway can generally be done by teens with supervision.

    You can be a sandwich artist or prepare vegetables for other teens.

    Additionally, teens will likely be required to assist in kitchen cleaning, floor sweeping, and other tasks such as stocking the cups or replenishing the stand with impulse products (chips, sodas, etc.).

    What Age Does Subway Hire? (13, 14, 15, 16, 17 + FAQs)

    Is there an age requirement to work as a Subway manager?

    Subway will consider you for the managerial position if you’re at least eighteen. You won’t be considered for the managerial position if you are younger than 18.

    Subway Managers have to oversee and direct staff assigned tasks. They make decisions about hiring and firing employees, supervise cleanliness, prepare food, and might also manage the cashout at the end.

    Subway doesn’t permit managers younger than 18 to join their ranks as they must manage tasks that may be illegal or not trusted.

    Subway: Is it a Good Job for Teens?

    Subway is a good option for older teens looking to gain work experience. Subway has a very simple job and is a great way to get started in the work force.

    Subway allows teens to gain money, learn food preparation skills, and improve their customer service skills.

  • Subway’s crew also receive some meals for free, which can be a great benefit to teenagers trying to save money.
  • All in all, Subway is potentially one of the best food service places for teens to work. Subway’s founder, who was 17 when he started working at the restaurant, has had a long track record of teens being employed there.

    What Age Does Subway Hire? (13, 14, 15, 16, 17 + FAQs)

    How difficult is it to find a job as a teenager at Subway

    As long as the teenager is at least 18 years old and has other qualifications, it shouldn’t be too hard to get a job in Subway.

    It is more likely that teenagers with a positive attitude will succeed in the job interview. Managers and supervisors can make the final decision about whether to employ a teenager.

    Subway: How many hours per week can teenagers work?

    The US has child labor laws that limit how long teens aged 16 and under can work. These laws also limit minors’ abilities to do certain tasks on the job.

    For teenagers aged 15 and younger, the limits include not working during school hours and other very specific guidelines. Subway is a restaurant that employs teenagers over 16. These rules don’t usually apply to them.

    There are many factors that influence the amount of hours that an employee is allowed to work. Subway has a reputation for providing flexible hours that cater to teenagers because they have to attend school and take care of their families.

    What Age Does Subway Hire? (13, 14, 15, 16, 17 + Faqs)

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