Unlock Your 2024 Starbucks Birthday Reward: Free Drinks & More?

Celebrate your special day in 2024 with a birthday reward from Starbucks! Discover if you can indulge in a free Starbucks drink of any size on your birthday or redeem your birthday freebie the next day. Plus, learn how to use the Starbucks app for even more birthday freebies. Don't miss out on your birthday offer – find out now!

Can You Get A Free Starbucks Drink On Your Birthday

Can You Get A Free Starbucks Drink On Your Birthday

Starbucks Rewards

Each new Starbucks purchase earns you bonus points. There will always be a fee for members!! The site cannot be canceled. Get Starbucks Rewards today.

You can use it for free and you don’t need to pay any additional amount. Get a Starbucks product or food for free. To qualify for Starbucks’s birthday reward, you will need to be a Starbucks Rewards member. For every $1 spent on registered gift cards, or via the Starbucks App, a member earns one star.

Free refills of coffee and tea will also be available in participating Starbucks stores.

If you are going to Starbucks to get a free beverage and bring your furry friend through a drive-thru, consider ordering a free ‘Puppuccino’ Starbucks beverage.

These are the things you need to do:

  • Follow the prompts by texting HI to 78887
  • NOTE – The offer may vary by customer and include anything from 150 Stars to a BOGO Free Drink offer that you can share with a friend!
  • Within 24 hours of receiving the offer, your account will reflect it. You can use the BOGO free offer on a mobile order by making sure you apply it at the checkout page. It will take the most expensive drink off your order!
  • Once you get the offer, it will show up in your account within 24 hours. To use the BOGO Free offer for a mobile order, just be sure to apply it on the check out page – it will deduct the highest priced drink!

Go HERE or check the Starbucks app messages for more details!

Can You Get A Free Starbucks Drink On Your Birthday

Here’s How to Get Free Starbucks Drinks in 2022

Learn To Save Money While Enjoying Your Favorite Cup of Coffee!

Want to learn how to get free Starbucks drinks?

Do you love coffee as much as I am? Are coffee and Starbies a main food group?

It’s unlikely that you will have to give up all your favourite drinks in order to save money.

Now according to this article, the average American is spending about $1100 a year on coffee.

This works out to less than $92 per month, or $3 per day if you want. Some people find this a bit steep.

You won’t give up coffee, I know!

But being frugal by nature, I’m always on the lookout for ways to save money or snag myself some freebies.

Sometimes that can be as easy a maximizing tools you already use or taking 5 minutes to sign up for a service/app.

There are many apps and reward programs that you can use to maximize your savings.

Let’s now talk about all the ways that you can get a venti passion-tea lemonade free of charge (my favourite Starbucks beverage).

  • How many stars until you get free Starbucks drinks?
  • How many stars until you get free Starbucks drinks?
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  • How To Get FREE Starbucks Drinks In 2022

What You Can Get For Free:

  • 25 stars: An extra espresso shot, a dairy substitute, or an extra pump of your favourite syrup
  • 50 stars: A cup (any size) of brewed coffee or tea, or a bakery item. Yes, it is not just limited to a free tall brewed coffee. Any size is possible!
  • 150 stars: A handcrafted beverage, such as Frappuccino(r), hot breakfast or parfait
  • 250 stars: A lunch sandwich, or protein pack
  • 400 stars: A bag of coffee or a cup of signature coffee. You can also choose from a selection of accessories.

You can also make your coffee run easier by signing up for the Rewards Program. You can place orders and make payments with the Starbucks app. How convenient is that!

Last but not least, did I mention that signing up for the program is COMPLETELY FREE? !

It is easy to sign up for this program. You can simply head to Starbucks’ official website and register, or, if you already have a card (e.g., got it as a gift from a friend), you can simply register it. With your gift card registered, you will be eligible to receive rewards

Don’t wait! Join Starbucks today!

Can You Get A Free Starbucks Drink On Your Birthday

You can use Honey Browser Extension to get cash back and discounts

Looking to earn some easy cash-back and discounts while you shop online? Honey is the answer for you. You can find online coupons easily with Honey, a browser extension. You can also apply coupons automatically to your orders so that you always receive the best deal!

Acorns, the most popular micro-investing platform in America is Acorns. It is a super easy-to-use app that enables you to invest your life’s spare money. Sign up takes less than 5 minutes and you don’t need to invest a minimum amount. It’s easy to invest in an exchange-traded fund portfolio that is low-cost and diversified, while watching your money grow. Acorns is particularly suitable for beginners who are looking for a relatively easy solution to grow their money.

Get a Drink for Less

We like the sound of saving money (and the environment) every time we buy a drink at Starbucks. All you have to do is bring your own reusable cup and get them to fill it up instead of giving you a disposable one, and you’ll get 25p off your purchase every time you go.

If you are planning to order a take-out drink, even better! Starbucks charges a $5 per cup for each drink served in paper cups. You can save 30p by ordering your drink from Starbucks.

It doesn’t sound like a lot, but after you’ve bought a few drinks, you’ll have saved enough for a free Starbucks.

A KeepCup is a favorite of ours and we highly recommend it. One of us purchased one for PS6 at a discount of PS20. This way you can feel good about getting your plastic-free coffee and refrain from throwing the cup and lid away after just 30 minutes of use.

Can You Get A Free Starbucks Drink On Your Birthday

Swagbucks to Get Free Starbucks Gift Certificates

Swagbucks is a great option if you are looking for a legitimate site to earn gift cards for your Starbucks drinks.

They currently pay out a staggering $504,785,794 to their users and still issue 7000 gift certificates per day.

You won’t get rich or be quitting your day job but your earnings can definitely be enough to put towards free Starbucks drinks.

It’s a free, popular, and well-respected site. Sign up now to get some great freebies! You will also be starting off with a $5 sign-up bonus!

Start earning FREE Starbucks gift cards by participating in surveys, playing games, watching videos, shopping online, or simply browsing the internet.

What’s nice is that you can always redeem for different types of gift cards that you may need along the way.

You can redeem Amazon gift certificates to give a gift as a gift for a friend or family member.

Get Cheaper Iced Lattes

Iced lattes will cost you an arm and a leg these days (or PS2.60), so it’s important that you get the most for your lost limbs. And as you can’t quite replace the taste of coffee from proper coffee shops, getting it cheaper is a major bonus.

A double espresso shot (PS1.90), one cup of ice (free) is recommended. Then, fill up with milk at the side counter.

You can save 70p every time you order iced coffee. After your third iced coffee, you will almost be able to afford a decent iced lat.

Can You Get A Free Starbucks Drink On Your Birthday

You can opt for a $5 meal plan instead of dining out

Some people love cooking and planning meals, while others don’t. For those who don’t love cooking and planning meals, they end up eating out a lot, which can be quite expensive. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a more efficient way of meal planning so that we don’t eat out as much?

You will spend more time at home cooking and less time eating out. It will be easy to spend less food overall.

How do you spend the saved money? As I always said, save most of it, but give yourself a treat with a Starbucks drink! It is technically free because you are spending the money you otherwise wouldn’t have any way!

Take part in App Challenges

The Starbucks Rewards App Challenges are equivalent to the “Continue Watching” button on Netflix. This incentive encourages you to do something you would normally do.

To redeem 50 more points, my most recent challenge was going to Starbucks 3 times each day after 2 pm.

I used to use my free reward every time I got 125 points, but now I know better. Each reward encompasses a large variance in prices, so I’ve learned to use my points on ~big ticket items~ like a bistro sandwich rather than a tall coffee to get more bang for my buck.

Can You Get A Free Starbucks Drink On Your Birthday

Are You able to get a free Starbucks drink on your birthday in 2022?

Yes! Yes! Starbucks still offers the free Starbucks birthday drink program through 2022.

To get a birthday drink, you need to be a reward member and make at least one star earning purchase.

Join the Starbucks Rewards Program online, or through the mobile app.

Starbucks is how I funded my maternity leave Starbucks habit!

You can earn Swagbucks points by taking surveys and watching videos, as well as using the Swagbucks Search Engine to find out how you can get a Starbucks gift certificate a few times per month.

To redeem for a $10 Starbucks gift certificate, you will need to have 1000 Swagbucks. The $5 bonus will take you half way there.

Do you love sharing your opinion on Facebook and social media?

Survey Junkie will help you turn your knowledge into money or Starbucks free drinks.

Once you are verified, simply answer surveys on your phone or computer and then exchange the points for a Starbucks gift card or PayPal cash.

Drop allows you to passively earn Starbucks gift certificates by shopping at grocery stores.

Drop automatically awards you points when you use your cards. You don’t have to do anything.

You can also get bonus points every month just for checking the app and also a welcome bonus of 1000 points for joining via my invite link.

You can use the points you earn to redeem for gift cards from Starbucks or any other retailer of your choosing once you’ve earned enough.

Microsoft rewards is a program that allows you to earn by using the searching the internet, using your Xbox or shopping online at the Microsoft store.

You can join for free and get gift cards free of charge.

You can win free stuff by searching, shopping, and gaming with Microsoft.

You can also earn points by taking polls or answering questions.

Even if you just use the Microsoft search engine, Bing, instead of your usual search engine, you can easily rack up the points and get some free Starbucks drinks in no time at all!

Use ReceiptPal to snap your paper receipts, or connect your email or and shopping accounts and you’ll earn points for every receipt.

For example, if you connect your Instacart, Walmart or Starbucks account to Receipt Pal, you will be rewarded with points for every purchase you make.

You can redeem your points for visa gift cards and retail gift cards from great places including, of course, Starbucks.

Prize Rebel allows you to answer surveys and take up offers. You can also watch videos in order to earn points that you can use for gift cards.

The $5 Starbucks gift certificate can be redeemed for free, so you can get your coffee on the spot.

There are surveys available in the USA, Australia and Canada. However, everyone can get points by playing video games and taking part in offers.

The Starbucks Visa Card is for you if you’re a Starbucks Power User and would like to turbocharge your Starbucks free drinks.

It works

Earn Stars everywhere you go–including 4,500 Bonus Stars after you spend $500 anywhere in the first 3 months from account opening.

You’d get 130 coffee free of charge if you have 4500 bonus stars!

You will also get 3 stars per $1 spent at any Starbucks store (as opposed to the regular 2 stars) plus 1 star for every $2 spent at grocery stores or other bills like your cable and phone services.

sign up for the Starbucks Credit card here

Birthday Makeup, Skincare And Beauty Deals

Want to get your glamour on with free beauty products, makeup and skincare deals? These are the deals that you get for your birthday

Aveda: Sign up for Aveda’s Birthday Program to receive a free gift for your birthday valued at $23. A prior purchase in the previous 12 months is required.

The Body Shop: Become a Loyalty Club member online and get a $10 reward during your birthday month.

Fresh: Fresh Rewards memberships come with at least $10 in birthday rewards.

Lancome: Get a birthday gift for free by joining the Lancome Elite Reward program

Sephora: Join Sephora’s free Beauty Insider program by signing up in a store or online, and get a free gift during your birthday month.

Ulta Beauty: Sign up for Ultamate Rewards and get two benefits during your birthday month: double rewards points and a free birthday gift.

Can You Get A Free Starbucks Drink On Your Birthday

Bring Your Tumbler And Save Money

Got a cute trendy travel mug at home? Why not bring it along and save some money.

Although the $0.10 savings may not seem significant, it can add up if you’re a regular or daily Starbucks customer.

Let’s face it, bringing your tumbler with you is more a step towards being environmentally friendly than saving money. However, it also snags you so free coffee with the savings so it’s really a win-win!

You can split an iced Venti with friends if you are short on cash or just want to enjoy a bargain. Ask the barista to fill a Tall Tall cup, which measures 12 ounces.

What is the best way to get a free Starbucks drink on your birthday?

Stop by your nearest Starbucks to pick up your favorite item. Every year, you can receive almost any item on the Starbucks menu. The menu offers everything you could want, including a Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino(r), Iced Caramel Macchiato, and a Spinach, Feta & Cage Free Egg White Wrap, my personal favorite, as well as a Lunch-size Chicken & Quinoa Protein Bowl. If there is an item from the Starbucks secret menu that you’d like to try, your birthday is the day!

One caveat I must mention is that the policy states that you must redeem your free birthday item on your birthday.

Can You Get A Free Starbucks Drink On Your Birthday

How Many Stars Until You Get Free Starbucks Drinks?

Depending on what you prefer, you can start claiming freebies quickly as 25 stars.

  • 25 stars: Add either a shot of espresso, a pump of syrup, sauce, or dairy alternative to your drink order.
  • 50 stars: A hot cup of tea or coffee, or an item from the bakery (such as a cupcake pop) are all you need.
  • 150 stars: Grab any hot breakfast, a handcrafted beverage, or packaged snack.
  • 200 stars: Grab a salad, protein box or lunch sandwich
  • 400 stars: Choose a high-value product like coffee, or from a range of merchandise (upto $20).

Certain small exclusions exist in the freebies.

Depending on how you pay for your purchase, the number of stars you earn can vary. For full details, review their Earning Stars policy here.

Starbucks Rewards Members have the opportunity to get early access or extended discounts, and special items from the menu.

How Do I Redeem My Birthday Reward?

You can redeem your Birthday Reward by presenting your registered Starbucks Card or Starbucks app to the barista at a participating store

Can You Get A Free Starbucks Drink On Your Birthday

Buy Three Small Drinks for the Price of One

Sadly, we all know how expensive Starbucks is, especially if you fancy a Frappucino. But, as is so often the case, going for a bigger drink can work out cheaper.

Ordering the largest Frappuccino is a great way to enjoy it. We also love asking for three or four tall cups. It works great if you have a lot of people drinking the same thing (or you are willing to share the drink with others). This is a winner!

Now all you’ve got to do is fight about what drink you’re having this time around…

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Can You Get A Free Starbucks Drink On Your Birthday

Enjoy A Birthday Reward

Another reason it’s a great idea to sign up for the Starbucks rewards program is that you get free Starbucks coffee on your birthday.

The best thing is that you can get any size drink you want and it’s gonna be free!

This is the perfect time to give that new drink or secret menu item a try!

The more you get, the more stars you make give you different status. Stars will be awarded to you for making deposits with your credit cards.

Birthday Sandwich Deals

For some reason, everything tastes better between two slices of bread. These spots offer sandwich specials that will make your birthday memorable.

Can You Get A Free Starbucks Drink On Your Birthday

Specials on Birthday Shoes

Get a discount pair of shoes to add some sparkle to your birthday celebration.

DSW: Get a DSW VIP Rewards membership for $5 and a $5 coupon that you can use in your birthday month.

Famous Footwear: Get $5 in Rewards Cash when you join the Famously You Rewards Program. You’ll also earn double points on every birthday purchase.

Sign Up For Fetch Rewards!

Earn points by inviting your family and friends to sign up! Sign up for Fetch Rewards to earn 2 points!

Can You Get A Free Starbucks Drink On Your Birthday

Starbucks Birthday Reward: What size drink can I get?

For every 120 Stars, a handcrafted beverage (any size and 2 customizations are free) A Birthday Reward just for you. A free Starbucks handcrafted drink, any size with 2 free customizations (except bottled beverages) and a free slide of cake (maximum 150 Baht).

My Starbucks Rewards

Get a coupon for your birthday from Starbucks by signing up for their email list

Sign up today and get a coupon valid starting tomorrow for:

Can You Get A Free Starbucks Drink On Your Birthday In 2022?

Can You Get A Free Starbucks Drink On Your Birthday In 2022?

Birthday treats are a favorite treat of everyone. And if they’re from Starbucks it is even better. But can you take it one step further and get a free birthday treat from Starbucks?

Have you ever wondered how to get your birthday Starbucks coffee free? Keep reading. Below are the solutions.

How about a Free Starbucks Coffee on Your Birthday in 2022

A Starbucks Rewards Program member can enjoy a free Starbucks coffee on their birthday. A member must be a Starbucks Rewards program member for at most seven days. You also need to have made at least one Star earning purchase prior to the date you receive your birthday reward. You can join the Rewards program online or in the Starbucks mobile app.

You may have additional questions regarding what type of drink is available, how to get your drink, and how to get it. This is what we did: We researched and came up with all the right answers.

Can You Get A Free Starbucks Drink On Your Birthday In 2022?

Does Starbucks Still Do Birthday Rewards?

Starbucks offers Birthday Rewards. The free birthday reward isn’t mythical. You can get it at any Starbucks participating location.

Your free Birthday Reward can only be claimed by members of Starbucks Rewards.

You can join online, or through the Starbucks mobile app. Membership in Rewards comes with many additional benefits.

Stars can be used to redeem rewards points for free food or drink. Free birthday drinks are one of the most sought-after Rewards.

The Birthday Reward you choose could even be a food or beverage gift. It’s possible to choose almost any item from the list.

What is the best way to get free Starbucks on your birthday?

To claim your Starbucks Reward free of charge on your birthday, there are a few steps that you need to follow.

To claim your Birthday Reward, you must have joined the Starbucks Rewards program at least seven (7) days before the day of your birthday.

Additionally, at the time of your birthday you must have bought at least one Star earning purchase.

Make sure that the date for your birthday is entered correctly in your Rewards account. A reminder email is sent to you two days in advance, reminding that your Birthday Reward has been claimed.

The exact day you claim your birthday reward, a free meal or drink item, must be taken into consideration.

Can You Get A Free Starbucks Drink On Your Birthday In 2022?

How do I redeem my Birthday Reward?

  • Redeem your Birthday Reward with a Starbucks Card, Starbucks app or your Starbucks Card.
  • You can redeem your birthday reward here

    Redeem your Birthday Reward from a participating retailer. Starbucks does not offer the Rewards program in all stores.

    Starbucks kiosks at schools, hospitals, and airports aren’t company-owned and therefore cannot participate in the Rewards program. You will not be able to redeem your Birthday Reward at these locations.

    You can call to verify if a Starbucks store will accept your Birthday Reward.

    Can You Get A Free Starbucks Drink On Your Birthday In 2022?

    Which Birthday Reward Can I Choose?

    The Birthday Reward does not have to consist of a complimentary drink. It could be a food item as well, or almost anything on the menu.

    The Starbucks Size allows you to select one handcrafted or food drink. Evolution Fresh juice is also available.

    Any food item, from a cold case to a salad or sandwich, could qualify.

    The Birthday Rewards aren’t for alcohol.

    How do I make certain I have entered my birthday correct?

    When you create your Rewards account, your birthday can be included. You must login to your Starbucks app or online account to confirm that it was correctly entered.

    You can access your Birthday field by logging into the account and selecting Account.

    Starbucks Customer Service will help you correct your mistaken birthday entry.

    Can You Get A Free Starbucks Drink On Your Birthday In 2022?

    What Size Drink Can I Get For My Birthday Reward?

    Your Birthday Reward includes a Free Drink in Any Standard Starbucks Menu Size

    How Can I Get A Free Drink At Starbucks?

    Starbucks doesn’t need to wait until your birthday for a complimentary drink. National Coffee Day each September 29th is a great day to grab a Starbucks complimentary beverage.

    Starbucks stores will offer a free cup of coffee to anyone who brings a full, clean cup.

    National Coffee Day offers 20 fluid ounces of free coffee. This is roughly how many cups you can fit in one large cup.

    Besides National Coffee Day, you can also get free drinks at Starbucks by joining the Rewards loyalty program, where you can earn Stars with each Starbucks purchase.

    Stars are redeemable at Starbucks to get free food, beverages and merchandise.

    Our posts will explain how Starbucks rewards work and what oatmilk is available at Starbucks.

  • Conclusion
  • Starbucks can give away a drink or food for your birthday. To redeem the Birthday Reward, you must be a member of Starbucks Rewards. Your complimentary birthday drink or food item is one of the many benefits of joining the Starbucks Rewards loyalty program.

    .Can You Get A Free Starbucks Drink On Your Birthday In 2022?

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