Usps Guitar Shipping 2022

Usps Guitar Shipping 2022 (Can You Ship It, Price + Steps)

USPS is able to provide many useful services even for unusual shipping items like guitars.

How much does it cost to send a guitar via USPS?

USPS charges shipping costs for anything depending on many factors including weight, dimensions and destination.

  • It is estimated that an average guitar weighs around 12 pounds and measures approximately 40 inches long. I did some math and came up with the numbers!
  • Priority Mail Express 2-day shipping is cheaper than Priority Mail 1-Day shipping. The average price for shipping a guitar will be about $125. Priority Mail 3-day shipping will come in at closer to $55.

    It is possible to ship your guitar by USPS Retail Ground, Media Mail or for $50 less. These services take however longer.

    It’s always a good idea to ensure expensive packages when shipping, and $1,000 package insurance coverage typically costs around $15 with USPS.

  • You should also keep in mind that the distance the package has to travel can affect the shipping cost. So if your shipment is to an extremely remote area or far away it might cost you more.
  • To find out the dimensions and to determine a shipping charge, click here.

    Check out the USPS retail price calculator to get an idea of USPS’s pricing.

    USPS Guitar Shipping 2022 (Can You Ship It, Price + Steps)

    What Types Of Shipping Services Can You Use To Ship A Guitar With USPS?

    You have the option of four services when you ship a guitar to USPS.

    Priority Mail Express 1 Day is the fastest option, but also most expensive. Priority Mail Express 1 Day guarantees that your package will arrive within 24 hours. Your package will be prioritised over other items for shipment.

    Priority Mail 2-Day shipping offers a cost-effective option, if your goal is to have your guitar in as little time as possible.

    USPS Retail Ground Shipping allows you to ship a guitar. While this is often $10 cheaper than Priority Mail Two-Day Shipping, it will arrive a few more days later as these shipping options use trucks and not planes.

    Media Mail is your cheapest option for shipping, although there are some restrictions. Also, it takes longer to get out all the packages.

    How does the USPS ship guitars?

    Prepare the guitar before it leaves your house.

    To prevent your guitar strings from breaking due to pressure (or being removed completely if necessary), it is important to loosen them and make sure you secure or remove any moving parts.

    To prevent scratches, pad the fretboard below the strings. Wrap the headstock with bubble wrap or other padding that is held in place using rubber bands or tape.

    Once you have prepared the guitar for transport, it can be packed in a case or gig bag.

    Hard cases are recommended when sending a guitar, as they provide extra protection.

    You can pack the inside of the case or gig bag with foam, packing peanuts, or bubble wrap, and be sure to pad the bottom of the guitar against the case as well.

    Because it is the most fragile part of the guitar, extra padding should also be provided for the neck.

    You can test the guitar’s movement inside the case by gently shaking it.

  • If so, it’s a sign that extra padding is needed!
  • When you don’t feel any movement, your shipment box can be picked.

    An average-sized guitar should have a burst strength of 200-249 lbs.

  • Once your guitar is safely in its container, you can seal it with high quality packaging tape. You also need to perform a light shake test to confirm that all is well.
  • You can now ship your guitar by following these steps.

    USPS Guitar Shipping 2022 (Can You Ship It, Price + Steps)

    Can I Ship a Guitar with the USPS?

  • The USPS is perfectly safe for shipping a guitar!
  • According to a number of popular forums for guitars, USPS seems to be the best option for shipping your guitar. It is both safe and affordable.

    If you’re interested in taking a look at what other people have to say, you can check out this forum.

    For more information about USPS delivery services you can check out our posts regarding whether USPS packages come insured and whether USPS ships at night. You also have the option to view USPS tracking updates.

  • Conclusion
  • USPS is the best choice for shipping guitars.

    USPS Priority Mail 2Day Shipping For Guitars Costs $65 With Insurance Coverage of $1,000

    Four shipping options are available when you ship a guitar using USPS. They include Priority Mail Express 1-Day (Priority Mail 2-Day), Ground Retail and Media Mail. All of these services have different prices and arrive times.

    USPS is safe for sending guitars. However it’s still important to properly pack your instrument before it goes. This includes using bubble wrap and loosening string tensions.

    How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Guitar By Mail?

    The cost to ship a guitar depends mainly on its shipping weight and destination. Shipping within the United States will cost you $100-150 if your guitar is in a hardshell box. The cost of shipping within the USA will be $100 to $150 if your guitar is in a hardshell bag.

    How much does it cost to ship guitars?

    Most estimates put the shipping cost for a guitar at between $100 and $150. This is very close to what most people believe. We’ve found this to be true if you’re opting for one of the courier’s cheaper options (i.e. The shipping options that are more difficult to deliver.

    What’S The Cheapest Way To Ship A Guitar?

    You can ship your guitar the most cheap way. Perhaps they even have some bubble wrap.

    How much does Ups charge to ship a Guitar?

    UPS Guitar Shipping Cost UPS Ground Shipping starts at $107.78 per guitar. UPS 3D Select costs $261.90. Second-day delivery is not much more expensive.

    .Usps Guitar Shipping 2022 (Can You Ship It, Price + Steps)

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