Sony X750H Review

Sony X750H Review

Sony X750H Review

Comparisons between Variants and Sizes

We tried the 55-inch Sony X750H (KD55X750H) but we also tested the 65′ (KD65X750H), as well as the 75′ (KD75X750H). It’s only sold at Costco in North America as the Sony X75CH. There are reports that the XH70 is the EU equivalent; however, that model runs on Sony’s Linux-based operating system.

North America Warehouse Variant

55″ KD55X750H KD55X75CH

65″ KD65X750H KD65X75CH

75″ KD75X750H –

Please let us know if anyone comes across a new type of panel. You should note that the results of some tests, like the gray uniformity test, can vary from one unit to another.

LG UM6900

Sony X750H Review


Lacks local dimming

Poor gray uniformity

Below average HDR peak brightness

Sony X750H review verdict – Great 4K TV for a budget price The X750H has been designed to appeal to those who need a 4K TV at a reasonable cost. It is a great TV, even compared with other budget ones. This TV has higher peak brightness and HDR in SDR than other similar-priced televisions. It is best for streaming, watching movies and viewing TV.

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Sony X750H Review


Low HDR brightness


Viewing angles

Motion performance could have been better

Cheapest places to buy :

All major TV manufacturers unveiled their 2020 models at the start of 2020. As is the norm, most people’s attention focuses on the higher-end models. These have the latest and most innovative technologies that each manufacturer offers. Sony’s top models are amazing, but there are many people looking for something more budget-friendly for their entertainment. We will review the Sony X750H today, which we consider to be one of the most affordable 4K TVs in Sony’s range.

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The X750H is the first in a series we’ll be reviewing. However, today we start at the bottom and determine if the model can deliver a satisfactory 4K HDR viewing experience. Now in our experience these low budget TVs that promise to support 4K HDR fall short of their claims and usually their performance leave a lot to be desired so we are here to determine if the X750H behaves similarly or it manages to offer any substantial improvements over previous low budget units.

.Sony X750H Review

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