2024 Guide: Can You Return Plants to Home Depot? Dead, Flowers & No-Receipt Returns

Wondering 'Can I return a plant to Home Depot' or 'Can you return dead plants to Home Depot?' - Learn about Home Depot's flexible plant return policy for 2024, including no-receipt returns. Bring back flowers & plants stress-free! Click for details.

Home Depot Plant Return Policy In 2022 (Your Full Guide)

You will find the Garden Centre in every Home Depot location. It sells a wide range of gardening essentials including soil, fertilizers, flowers, shrubberies, and even succulents.

  • You may wonder if Home Depot has a return policy for plants? This is the result of my research.
  • Home Depot Plant Return Policy In 2022
  • Home Depot offers customers a 90-day return policy for flowers and succulents. However, perennials, trees, tropical and shrubs are only allowed to be returned within a year. Home Depot also accepts the return of dead plants, provided customers can show proof of purchase within the time frame.

  • Keep reading to discover if plants can be returned to Home Depot without a receipt. What exceptions are there to the return policy.
  • Home Depot Plant Return Policy In 2022 (Your Full Guide)

    What is the maximum time you can return plants at Home Depot?

    Home Depot’s Standard Return Policy states that plants purchased in-store or delivered should be returned within 90 day.

    Noting that the term “regular plants” includes flowers, such as Dipladenias Hydrangeas Roses Lavender, Roses, Hibiscus and Dipladenias), and succulents.

    For perennials and trees as well, the tropical plants, tree, and shrubs can be returned for up to one year. (See more about plant guarantees below).

    Additionaly, Plants bought with Home Depot Consumer Credit Card, Commercial Revolving Card or Commercial Accounts will be given a extended return period for 365 days.

    Do You Need a Receipt to Return Your Plants Back To Home Depot?

    Home Depot is able to track the purchase of a credit/debit card in the 30-90 day period following the initial purchase. This depends on the policy.

    To verify that your order has been refunded, the retailer will require you to present valid ID like a passport or state identification.

    Remember that you may not be able to register your returns without receiving a receipt.

    The receipts from plants that were purchased using one of the Home Depot credit cards, as mentioned above, are retained for 365-days.

    After your return has been verified, you might receive a full reimbursement to the card used. Any cash refunds received will either be as store credit or gift cards.

    In the event that the purchase cannot verify, an associate can offer store credit.

    Home Depot Plant Return Policy In 2022 (Your Full Guide)

    Can You Return Dead Plants To Home Depot?

    Home Depot accepts the return of deceased plants if you have proof of purchase, such as an invoice online or a receipt from the store.

    You may also be eligible to exchange your dead plant directly for a fresh one or get a complete refund.

    Customers that purchased plants online will have 3-days from the date of arrival to report damaged or dead goods by contacting Home Depot’s customer service line.

    This policy protects houseplants, garlands, tree plants, ornamental trees and holiday trees.

    Does Home Depot Offer A Plant Guarantee?

    Bonnie plants with Miracle-Gro soil are covered by Home Depot’s Grow a Garden Guarantee. Bonnie plants include:

  • Green sweet bell pepper plant
  • Jalapeno hot pepper plant
  • Sweet basil plant
  • Sweet mini plant
  • Home Depot will guarantee a harvest. However, you are entitled to a complete refund if the Bonnie plant fails to produce in March or October.

    This refund will cover the original price of the plant and Miracle-Gro soil.

    Note that these returns should be initiated in-store with your original receipt displaying the Bonnie Plant ‘and/or’ the Miracle-Gro soil purchased within 3-days of each other.

    Additionaly, refunds can only be granted if the purchase occurred within the last 12 month.

    What Are The Exceptions To Home Depot’s Plant Return Policy?

    Home Depot’s policy on plant returns states that cut flowers or floral arrangements cannot be refunded and can not be returned at any point.

    Online flower orders may not be able to replace the bouquets if they are damaged, unsatisfactory or died.

    For replacement flowers, you won’t be charged.

    Home Depot Plant Return Policy In 2022 (Your Full Guide)

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