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Usps Parcel Select In 2022 (What Is It, How It Works + More)

When it comes to shipping, small business owners can take advantage of a number of options that are available.

For domestic shipping in particular, the United States Postal Service offers numerous services, like Priority, First-Class Parcel and Parcel Select.

  • Parcel Select: What exactly does it mean? This could be the ideal option for your small-business. I’ll explain more below.
  • USPS Parcel Select In 2022 (What Is It, How It Works + More)

    What Does USPS Parcel Select Mean in 2022

    USPS Parcel Select is a Postal Service package shipping option that is geared toward medium-to-large shippers. This is USPS’s fastest parcel shipping service and also the most affordable, with a delivery period of 2-8 business days. Parcel Select can be only purchased online via an internet postage vendor (like, and not in Post Offices.

  • Parcel Select can be a great option for you if you have questions regarding how Parcel Select operates, what savings it offers and how it compares with USPS’s other shipping services. You can read on to learn more about Parcel Select.
  • How does USPS Parcel Choose work?

  • Background
  • USPS Parcel Select began to be offered in 2013 by the United States Postal Service. In turn, Parcel Post was dissolved.

    Parcel Select is an online-only, postage vendor-only service that offers 2-8-day shipping and the lowest parcel shipping prices from USPS.

    For this reason, it is an ideal choice for small business owners and others who ship regularly and frequently, but who find other shipping options eating into their profits.

  • (Surprise – even competitors like UPS and FedEx may use Parcel Select for the “last leg” of delivery.)
  • Accessing Parcel Select
  • However, it isn’t possible to access it online via, or in any local Post Office.

    Parcel Select cannot be sold through any postage vendor.

    Parcel Select is a service that requires you to create an account.

  • Pricing and Shipping
  • Weight, Dimensions (for not-machinable Packages), and Destination may all be used to calculate prices.

    A one-pound package costs $3.30, but that’s a good starting price.

    Machinable packages max out at 35 lbs. Only $6.84 is the starting price! For $9.24 and $13.97, you can get non-machinable boxes up to 70 lbs.

    Parcel Select, in my view, is most cost-effective for packages between 1 & 35 lbs. that are being shipped from the DDU or destination delivery unit (the “Last Mile” of delivery).

    Parcel Select is also equipped with USPS Tracking. It’s a useful feature that makes Parcel Select such an affordable service.

    USPS Parcel Select In 2022 (What Is It, How It Works + More)

    How Long Does USPS Parcel Select Take?

    USPS Parcel Select typically ships in two to eight business days. In some cases, it takes significantly longer than Priority. Priority usually ships in one to three days.

    Parcel Select is available on Saturdays as well as other postal services. Saturdays have been considered business as usual by the Postal Service.

    Parcel Select cannot deliver Sundays and, so far as I know, Parcel Select can’t be ordered for Sunday delivery.

    Parcel Select users aren’t choosing the service because they want speed. Instead, the customers use it to get low prices.

    What is the USPS Parcel Select Price?

    USPS Parcel Select always offers the lowest price for packages below 35 Pounds, shipped from the DDU or “Last Mile”, of the delivery route.

    A 35-lb. A machinable box set, available from DDU costs $6.85, which is less than shipping a Medium Flat Rate Box (and much cheaper than small Flat Rate boxes). ).

    See this page to see the entire graph for Parcel Select Fees.

    USPS Parcel Select In 2022 (What Is It, How It Works + More)

    Does USPS Deliver Parcel Select On Sunday?’s chart shows that USPS does NOT offer Parcel Select Delivery on Sundays.

    This service is not available to Priority Mail Express or Priority Package customers.

    If the package arrived at the Post Office on Saturday, but is still not ready for delivery, it might arrive on Monday.

    Will USPS Pick Up Parcel Select Ground?

    USPS Parcel Select is not eligible for pick-up by the Postal Service.

    You can calculate, print, and affix your postage at home via postage vendors like

    You will need to deliver the parcel to either a street mailbox (if possible) or to the Post Office (if not. Your mail carrier can also accept it.

    USPS Parcel Select In 2022 (What Is It, How It Works + More)

    What Is The Difference Between USPS Retail Ground And Parcel Select?

    You can see that the differences in USPS Retail Ground vs. Parcel Select are very minimal.

    It’s not hard to believe that there are many similarities. For example, delivery times are the same – between two and eight business days. Also, USPS tracking is included.

    But apart from that, the two services are actually quite different.

    Retail Ground can be purchased on, or at Post Offices. Parcel Select cannot be purchased at these locations.

    Parcel Select is only available through a Postage Vendor like,

    Parcel Select, which is sometimes significantly cheaper than Retail Ground, can also be used in these cases. However, the latter is something of a special service which can only be offered to a limited number.

    Only third-party mailers can receive the ultra-low USPS shipping rates.

    What Is The Difference Between USPS Priority Mail And Parcel Select?

    Parcel Select and USPS Priority Mail have a vastly different experience.

    Below are some contrasts that stand out:

  • Parcel Select is not available through Postage Vendors like Priority Mail, however can be accessed online and at Post Offices.
  • Parcel Select can be shipped for a fraction of the cost of Priority Mail. A 35-lb Priority Mail flat rate small box will still ship at a lower price than Parcel Select. box with Parcel Select
  • Priority Mail is much faster, shipping in as little as one day in some cases; Parcel Select’s fastest is two days, but delivery can extend up to eight days
  • Priority Mail may be delivered Sundays for an extra fee. This option is not available to Parcel Select shipping customers
  • Priority Mail may be eligible for Scheduled Pickups via USPS. Parcel Select, however, is not. It must still be handed delivered to a Post Office or letterbox by a mail carrier.
  • For more information about USPS you may also want to read the related posts: how long USPS holds packages; if USPS tracks tracking and USPS click-n ship.

  • Conclusion
  • USPS Parcel Select, an economical choice for regular, frequent shippers not as worried about speed is USPS Parcel Select.

    Parcel Select is a USPS Service. It can be accessed only through postage vendors such as You cannot purchase it online or in Post Offices.

    How does the usps parcel select work?

    This is a tool for large and medium-sized parcel shipping companies. Parcel Select mailers charge postage that is proportional to the work involved in sorting parcels, and/or dropping shipping the items at a facility near the delivery location.

    Parcel Select Is Better than First Class

    For lightweight packages, First Class Package Service offers greater cost savings compared to Priority Mail and Parcel Select Ground (formerly known as Parcel Post). You can also get your mail delivered quickly and nationwide within 3 days, or even less than Priority Mail.

    What’s the difference between Usps Retail Ground and Parcel Select?

    Parcel Select may be less expensive than Retail Ground. It can sometimes cost up to 43% more than Retail Ground. Parcel Choose Ground is the ground shipping service USPS offers shippers who qualify for Special Commercial Pricing Rates. May 6, 2020

    Choose Which Package Type Is It?

    The high density parcel is over 15 pounds. It exerts 60 pounds per square-foot pressure at its smallest end. It includes a film bag weighing over 5 pounds, or having strap-type closures. This exception is any USPS approved film case that can be used as a machineable parcel.

    .Usps Parcel Select In 2022 (What Is It, How It Works + More)

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