Where Can You Cash A Usps Money Order?

Where Can You Cash A Usps Money Order? (List Of Places)

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Money orders offer a convenient and affordable way to receive and send money even though the recipients do not have access to a checking account, a debit card, or a checkbook.

Postal Service, one of the largest and most crucial organizations in America, sells money orders at low rates to all of their offices.

What if you get one? Do you know of any locations? These are the facts.

Where Can You Cash A USPS Money Order? (List Of Places)

Where Can You Cash A USPS Money Order In 2022?

You can cash money orders from the United States Postal Service at many locations including banks, Post Office locations and grocery store chains. You will need to pay a fee if you want USPS money order cashed by the Post Office.

  • For a general list of locations where you can cash a USPS money order, as well as some further information, like who can cash a USPS money order or whether you can deposit one with mobile banking, keep reading!
  • A List of Banks and Stores that Cash USPS Money Orders
  • The following list includes locations for your USPS money order to be cashed, deposited, and banks.

    Post Office locations – The Post Office obviously cashes their own money orders, and bonus: they do it for free.

    Bank of America: This bank only accepts money orders from customers with accounts.

    Capital One – If you have an account, they will cash your money order.

    In order to get the cash you have to be able pay the money.

    In this case, the money can be deposited into your account.

    Fifth Third Bank – These locations will cash a money order even for non-account holders.

    Chase Bank – To receive cash, you will need an account.

    Regions – For a fee of five percent, non-accountholders can cash money orders at Regions branches.

    PNC Bank- This is a regional bank that’s based in Pittsburgh. You must open an account to cash money orders. You may need to be aware of some restrictions.

    Wells Fargo – Another bank where you must have an account, you can only make a deposit, and the date the money order clears depends on the amount.

    Check-cashing places include: Check Into Cash Money Mart, United Check Cashing and Money Mart; however there are locations that charge the highest fees.

    Albertsons Groceries: Call ahead or visit the website to make sure your store accepts cash orders.

    Kroger grocery shops: There are over 2700 Kroger locations across the U.S. Some Kroger stores can cash money orders at a nominal fee. To make certain, check ahead.

    Do Banks Accept USPS Money Orders?

    Yes, many banks do cash USPS money orders.

    Some banks require accounts, including Chase, Bank of America and Wells Fargo. However, they may not cash money orders until you open an account.

    A few require that you have the balance on your check in your bank account to be able to cash the money order.

  • (If you don’t have the amount in your account, you can deposit the money order and it will clear on pretty much the same timeline as any check would.)
  • A financial institution you trust is the best option for you to cash an USPS money order.

    Visit your bank’s website to learn if you can order money cashing. If so, they likely do it for free.

    Some banks, like the Regions chain, will allow non-account holders to cash money orders at their locations, but you’ll pay a fee.

    I believe that non-accountholders’ USPS money order are more reliable than checking-cashing outlets.

    It appears, even though there will be a charge, that the fee is less than at Money Mart.

    Do your homework and research the fees in your region.

    Where Can You Cash A USPS Money Order? (List Of Places)

    Are USPS Money Orders refundable?

    Cashing the USPS money order can only be done by the recipient.

  • These are not only USPS money order; they include all money orders.
  • Unfortunately, this means that if your time is limited and you are unable to go to the Post Office to cash your money order one day, it will not be possible to send another person in your place.

    Money orders work just like checks. You will require proper ID and a match on the money ordering form to be able to collect the funds.

    Can You Mobile Deposit A USPS Money Order?

    Although many mobile banking apps offer mobile check deposit, some banks do not allow money orders.

    Bank of America is the only major bank that does not allow mobile deposits of money orders. But they will cash them in-person for accounts holders.

    But big names like Citibank, Fifth Third Bank and Wells Fargo all have mobile money order deposit services in their apps.

    Huntington Bank, a regional bank, also offers a mobile money deposit option.

    Where Can You Cash A USPS Money Order? (List Of Places)

    How do you cash an order for postal money?

    USPS money order are great because you can easily get them at any one of the Post Offices across the nation.

    Just find an address that can cash USPS money orders, and then bring the order with you into your building.

    It is not necessary to sign it immediately. Sign it or “endorse it” in front the teller/cashier.

    Bring your identification to verify you are the one to whom the money order was intended.

    All you need is to cash the check. It’s very similar to cashing a check.

  • Sign the money order and show your ID. Then you can choose which denomination to have your bills in!
  • Learn more about USPS. You can read our posts to find out if USPS sells money or if USPS charges by size or weight. We also have information about Apple Pay.

  • Conclusion
  • USPS Money Orders are an economical alternative to check or debit card payments and can be cashed anywhere in the U.S.

    Post Offices are the best, most visible option. However, many banks and check-cashing points, as well as some grocery stores, will also do this – often at a small fee.

    .Where Can You Cash A Usps Money Order? (List Of Places)

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