How Big Do Rats Get

How Big Do Rats Get Are Cat-Sized Rats Taking Over Dc? Although the recent discovery of megarats is alarming, we don't really need to be concerned. Popville wrote about the discovery of a large rat in Columbia Heights. Popville's headline stated it all. "I will never again sleep soundly." This was a reference to another… Continue reading How Big Do Rats Get

Diy Mouse Trap

Diy Mouse Trap It's easy to make a mouse trap. Use One of These DIY Mouse Traps to Catch a Mouse It's something we have all witnessed. It comes to you and places the snaptrap in the corner. It takes about a minute for the mouse to take in the sweet aroma of cheese, which… Continue reading Diy Mouse Trap

Best Bait For Mouse Traps

Best Bait For Mouse Traps The Best Place to Put Your Mouse Bait Stations To get the best results, place mouse bait traps where pests drop their droppings, where they can be seen, and where there is rub marks or damage to food items. Basements, crawl spaces and areas that are stored under sinks or… Continue reading Best Bait For Mouse Traps

Can Mice Climb Walls

Can Mice Climb Walls Blog Anyone who has had the unpleasant experience of lying in bed, unable to relax because you can hear telltale scratching or squeaking sounds coming from a wall or ceiling nearby, knows the feeling of frantically wondering how to keep mice out of your bed. It's rare that you find rodent… Continue reading Can Mice Climb Walls

Mice In Walls

Mice In Walls How To Get Rid Of How To Get Rid Of Mice In Walls & Crawlspaces ">Mice In Walls & Crawlspaces Mice can often be found in corners of homes such as attics, storage boxes, lofts or wall interiors. Mice can pass through tiny openings in foundations, floors, and walls. After they enter… Continue reading Mice In Walls

Types Of Mice

Types Of Mice Diet Nature's mice are mostly herbivores, which means they eat any type of plant fruit and grain. However, mice adapt well to urban areas and are known for eating almost all types of food scraps. Commonly, mice in captivity are fed commercial pelleted mouse food. These diets are nutritionally complete, but they… Continue reading Types Of Mice

Vole Vs Mouse

Vole Vs Mouse Differences Between Moles, Voles And Shrews Customers call us often to tell us that they saw a mouse-like creature walking around their garden. Customers often notice small burrows or snowy runways under their grass. The culprits are little creatures commonly referred to as moles, but in reality, they may actually be a… Continue reading Vole Vs Mouse

How To Get Rid Of Mice

How To Get Rid Of Mice 3. Repellants Smith's Pest Management can use professional repellants in severe cases. We place these repellants strategically to get rid of rodents and help you reclaim your property. There are many pros to this method: It is humane and environmentally friendly. When it comes to rodent control, our team… Continue reading How To Get Rid Of Mice