Mcdonald’S Dress Code 2022

Mcdonald’S Dress Code 2022 (Hats, Jeans, Tattoos, Shoes + More)

McDonald’s in the USA made changes to its uniform dress code, along with other improvements and innovation that McDonald’s was making.

  • What is McDonald’s’ dress code in the U.S? You might be curious as to whether tattoos and piercings can be allowed at McDonald’s. You can read on to find out more.
  • McDonald’s 2022 Dress Code
  • McDonald’s uniform includes a gray shirt with an apron. A tie is also provided to managers as part of their uniform. McDonald’s workers cannot wear jeans or have any hair color that is too dark. They also must get rid of all facial piercings, unless the supervisor approves.

  • It’s no secret that there are many questions regarding the McDonald’s dress codes. Let’s find out!
  • McDonald’s Dress Code 2022 (Hats, Jeans, Tattoos, Shoes + More)

    McDonald’s gives you a uniform?

    McDonald’s offers a new uniform, which is the 2017 grey shirt and gray apron.

    Additionally, a manager will also get a tie with their uniform to make them stand out from the regular crew.

  • McDonald’s is not allowed to include the pants in their uniform. They will have you purchase them separately.
  • McDonald’s accepts Jeans for Work

    McDonald’s prohibits you from wearing jeans and has specific guidelines about what pants can be worn to McDonald’s.

  • McDonald’s does not allow employees to wear jeans made from ripped or with holes.
  • McDonald’s Dress Code 2022 (Hats, Jeans, Tattoos, Shoes + More)

    At McDonald’s, can you wear yoga pants?

    When you’re at McDonald’s you cannot wear yoga pants. Leggings are not allowed in the restaurant.

    Can You Wear Running Pants to Work at McDonald’s?

    Running pants are also not allowed if you’re working at McDonald’s and you cannot wear any active type of pants.

    McDonald’s Dress Code 2022 (Hats, Jeans, Tattoos, Shoes + More)

    McDonald’s allows employees to wear cargo pants.

    Cargo pants are not acceptable pants to wear if you’re working at McDonald’s regardless if they are black.

    McDonald’s is accepting of what pants you wear if you work there

    McDonald’s has a dress code that requires black pants to be worn.

    McDonald’s Dress Code 2022 (Hats, Jeans, Tattoos, Shoes + More)

    McDonald’s allows facial piercings for employees

    McDonald’s is against facial piercings.

    In some cases, however, a regular nose piercing may be acceptable. However, the supervisor should approve it.

    Permission to pierce your eyebrows is permitted provided that it is not more than a small stud/ring, and approved by the supervisor.

    If there is a problem with a piercing, the patient will need to be allowed to return home.

    McDonald’s workers can color their hair.

    McDonald’s won’t permit employees to sport extreme haircolors.

    A deep magenta is acceptable, if the color looks natural. However, it’s not recommended to use bright colors like pink, green and blue.

    McDonald’s Dress Code 2022 (Hats, Jeans, Tattoos, Shoes + More)

    Can McDonald’s Employees Have Tattoos?

    You should protect your tattoos when you’re at McDonald’s.

    Additionally, discretion regarding whether or not a tattoo can be accepted or rejected falls on the general manager or the area supervisor.

    What type of shoes do employees at McDonald’s need?

    McDonald’s will require you to purchase black, non-slip footwear within the first 30 days.

    A “Shoes for Crew’ catalog can be used to purchase shoes for McDonald’s. This will deduct the price from your salary.

    McDonald’s Dress Code 2022 (Hats, Jeans, Tattoos, Shoes + More)

    McDonald’s allows employees to have facial hair

    A mustache is permitted but you must trim your mustache so that it’s not reaching your upper lip, but beards are not permitted at all.

    Additional to this, you can have a sideburn or a goatee as long your hair doesn’t grow past the earlobe.

    McDonald’s employees are allowed to wear jewelry

    McDonald’s will allow you to wear a restricted amount of jewelry. But, watches and bracelets must be removed due to safety reasons.

    A maximum of 3 earrings can be worn in one ear.

    It is illegal to wear chains while at work.

    Additionally, supervisors have complete discretion as to what jewelry can be accepted and which cannot while they are working.

    McDonald’s accepts headcoverings from religious belief.

    McDonald’s doesn’t discriminate against employees with religious beliefs where a head covering is part of their normal outfit.

    As long as the scarf is not too distracting, Hijabs and Turbans are okay.

    Mcdonald’S Dress Code 2022 (Hats, Jeans, Tattoos, Shoes + More)

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