Usps Mail Handler

Usps Mail Handler (Job Description, Hours, Duties, Pay + More)

USPS is considered a federal employer. They have an excellent reputation for offering great benefits to employees and well paying them.

USPS Mail Handler (Job Description, Hours, Duties, Pay + More)

It is possible to work as a USPS Mail Handler. What are the pay rates and what are the responsibilities of the position?

  • USPS Mail Handler In 2022
  • A USPS Mail Handler is a job within USPS that deals mostly with managing incoming and outgoing mail. USPS Mail Handlers usually work 6 hours daily, 6 days a weeks, with an average of 36 hours per week. The average salary for a USPS Mail Handler is $48,750 annually. They are responsible for sorting and loading mail on trucks for delivery, as well as preparing mail batches for distribution.

  • To learn more about the requirements and job description for the Mail Handler position at USPS, please continue reading!
  • What’s the job description for a USPS Postal Mail Handler?

    A job description is essentially a summary of the essential responsibilities, activities, qualifications, and skills for a role.

    A USPS Mail Handler’s job description outlines five different tasks: Preparing mail, Dumping mail, Loading containers, Moving equipment and Operating Vehicles.

    You will also find the job description that details all of your responsibilities as a mail handler.

  • Operates sorting and other machinery to sort packages
  • Transports mail to trucks by operating vehicles
  • Serves as a front-counter clerk for a post office, selling stamps, boxes, etc.
  • Assists the public with questions about the Post Office
  • Arrange mail according to its address and whereabouts before the recipient is given it to the courier who will deliver it
  • Weighs packages and applies the correct postage for customers
  • It ensures that mail that is brought by mail carriers to be delivered correctly routes so it can reach its destination.
  • A list of skills and knowledge required for the USPS Mail Carrier position is also included in:

  • Demonstrates the capability to keep her/his feet on the ground for prolonged periods
  • Capable of lifting 50 pounds or more
  • Manual dexterity is demonstrated and ability to work quickly with his/her hands in order to attain the desired results
  • It is a skill that allows you to be attentive to every detail when operating heavy, or potentially dangerous machinery.
  • You have the time management and ability to handle multiple tasks at once
  • Performs tasks in a chronological order according to a set system.
  • Ability to recognize similarities and differences among letters, documents or postcards almost immediately
  • While all of this information can be found online, the only way to access the USPS specific job description is to make an account on their internal job site, called eCareers.

    The USPS website has more information on how to set up an eCareers account and the job description for the USPS.

    USPS Mail Handler (Job Description, Hours, Duties, Pay + More)

    Is USPS Mail Handler A Good Job?

    Everyone will have at least a slightly different idea of the qualities that make a job a good job, but typically you can assume that a good job is one that pays well, has a good work/life balance, plenty of advancement opportunities, good management, and a positive workplace culture.

    This information can be subjective so it is difficult to get an accurate picture unless you have actually worked in that position. There are many sites which allow job reviews.

    Indeed is the most trusted. This allows employees to evaluate their workplace, including USPS.

    USPS received 29,533 total customer reviews and has a rating of overall 3.4 out 5 stars regarding employee satisfaction.

    Each category we have listed is also rated by Indeed so that you can compare the different elements of the job.

    With 3.6 stars out of 5, the compensation and benefits category has USPS’ highest rating.

    USPS is also highly rated in areas like job security, promotion and positive workplace cultures with ratings of 3.2 out of 5.

    USPS’s work/life balance rating is a little better with 2.9 of 5 stars. The lowest-rated USPS category, at 2.8 of 5, stars, is management.

    Indeed also offers a rating system designed by women, for women to help shed light on whether or not women can expect equal treatment to male counterparts- in this area, about 53% of women said they felt they were treated fairly and would recommend the job to other women.

    The Indeed page at USPS can be accessed here to view reviews by individuals and build up ratings.

    What hours are USPS Mail Handlers available?

    The working hours of USPS Mail Handlers are dependent on their post office.

    On average, expect to work for at least 6 hours each day.

    However, some larger post offices require that you work at least 60 hours per week.

    This will vary depending upon the availability of mail carriers and the overall number at your workplace.

    For questions on your potential schedule, and timings of various shifts, call your local Post Office to find out about available positions and their typical schedule.

    USPS Mail Handler (Job Description, Hours, Duties, Pay + More)

    What is the USPS Mail Handler’s Job?

    Five categories can be broken down by a Mail Handler: preparation, duping, loading containers and moving equipment.

    Some of the duties you will perform are quite physical. This means that customers as well as coworkers may expect you to work long hours and lift heavy objects.

    This job description outlines all the duties of USPS Mail Handlers.

    How Much Do USPS Mail Handlers Get Paid?

    Mail Handlers earn a range of amounts depending on what post office they work in, how much experience they have, and how valuable their skills are to that post office.

    Mail Handlers earn at most $14.92 an hour. This means they make $29,840 annually.

    This is the minimum Mail Handlers must be paid. However, average salaries are higher at $48,750/year or $25 per hour if you have a 40-hour work week.

  • Your wages are typically determined once you accept the job offer, so be sure to advocate for yourself in your interviews!
  • Interviewers are always encouraged to ask you questions about your goals and explain why you think you’re worthy of that salary.

    To know more about USPS, you can also see our posts on USPS assistant rural carrier, USPS city carrier assistant, and USPS automotive technician.

  • Conclusion
  • The USPS Mail Handlers prepare and categorize mail. They also load containers and move equipment to transport mail.

    Only the USPS’ internal job site, eCareers has current details about the USPS Mail Handler job. You can however find a rough outline online.

    Being a Mail Handler for USPS is a pretty good job according to Indeed, however there are some areas for improvement such as management and work/life balance.

    While Mail Handlers are paid minimum $15 an an hour, an average mail handler salary is $25 per annum.

    Do Mail Handlers Get Raises?

    Every career Mail Handler craft employee will receive an adjustment to their cost-of living starting on February 26th, 2022. This applies to the Pay Period 06-2022. The current agreement allows for six COLA increases. This is the fifth.

    What is the Average Hour Work of a Mha

    It is physically demanding and exhausting to work as a Mailhandler Assistant. You should get a better salary for the work you do at the facility. Additionally, you will likely work a midnite shift 6 days per week, 8-12 hours per day.

    Is Mha Hard Usps?

    MHA experience The hours are brutal. Start your career with MHA. You will most likely work the night shift, which can sometimes last 12 hours.

    What is the Usps’ Night Differential Payment?

    Night pay is an additional 10 percent paid for work done at night that’s regularly scheduled.

    .Usps Mail Handler (Job Description, Hours, Duties, Pay + More)

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