2024 Lowe’s Protection Plan: Warranties, Claims, and Support | 1-888-77-LOWES

Discover the benefits of the 2024 Lowe's Protection Plan. Explore appliance warranty options at Lowe's, learn how to add coverage after purchase, and find out how Assurant supports your claims. Lost your receipt? No problem! Call 1-888-77-LOWES for assistance or visit claims.lowesprotect.com.

Lowe's Protection Plan (What's Covered, Lost Receipt + More)

Lowe’S Protection Plan (What’S Covered, Lost Receipt + More)


Lowe’s sells new appliances with a warranty.

  • Lowe’s warranties can only be valid for so long, you might wonder if they offer any other warranties. For this reason, I have been researching Lowe’s insurance plans.
  • Lowe’s Protection Plan for 2022

Lowe’s provides several protection options, including core benefits plans that are applicable to all plans starting in 2022. These plans may also cover large appliances and outdoor power equipment. Lowe’s offers protection plans that include product replacement, power surge protection and cost coverage.

  • What is Lowe’s Protection Plan? You can read on for more information, such as whether or not it is refundable.

Lowe's Protection Plan (What's Covered, Lost Receipt + More)

What Covers Lowe’s Protection Plan

Lowe’s protection plan has four main plan benefits, which apply to the majority of plans available.

This will allow you to see specific protection options and benefits via Lowe’s website. Many include however:

  • Recommendations for complete product replacement

If your product encounters an issue from a manufacturer’s defect (rather than accidental damage), Lowe’s will pay to replace it as long as it is under $300.

  • Parts And Labor

Lowe’s covers the repair of everyday wear and tear on your product. It is covered after the warranty period ends.

  • Power Surge Protection

Lowe’s will pay for the labor and parts to repair your product in the case of an unexpected power surge.

  • Fix Or Replace It

Lowe’s will pay for the replacement of your defective product, regardless of whether it is damaged in any other way.

  • For more information, check out the blog post on Lowe’s Appliance Warranty.

How Does Lowe’s Protection Plan Work?

You will most likely get the warranty from the manufacturer when you buy a large or small appliance at Lowe’s.

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These warranties usually last a short time, sometimes only a year, so Lowe’s offers an extended protection plan to cover your product after that warranty expires.

Extended protection plans, such as the extended coverage plan, cover various problems you might encounter after your warranty runs out. You can continue to use your product for longer periods without needing to replace it.

Lowe’s is able to help you with repairs, parts and labor if there’s an issue that’s not accidental.

Just visit its website to make a claim or contact Lowe’s by dialing 1-888-77 LOWES (56937).

For any protection claim, your receipt will be required to show proof of purchase.

It depends on what plan you pick, there may be a one-time payment plan or a monthly installment plan.

Check out Lowe’s website for more details.

Lowe's Protection Plan (What's Covered, Lost Receipt + More)

How Long Are Lowe’s Protection Plans?

How long your protection plan will last depends on whether you keep paying it or not.

However, you can purchase protection plans for your products within 30 days of purchasing them.

Lowe’s Pro customers will have 30 calendar days to register their serial numbers for the protected item. But, your items will be covered.

Every product plan comes with a unique time limit. One example is the standard power tool protection plan, which can be extended for up to four year.

You can also get these protection plans when you first receive your product.

Before you buy a protection plan, double-check all the details to be safe.

Lowe’s Can Look for Lost Receipts

Lowe’s will not reprint expired receipts. However, depending on how long ago you purchased the item in question, it may be able to find the purchase on its system if you used a credit card.

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You can store your receipts electronically on your MyLowes account for many years if you have either a MyLowes Pro card or an MyLowes Card.

Digital receipts can be saved to reduce the risk of losing them.

Can I Cancel my Lowe Protection Plan?

If you find you can no longer afford your protection plan or simply don’t want it anymore, you can cancel by mailing a cancellation request, your benefits summary page, and the terms and conditions of the plan to:

  • P.O. P.O.Box 100
  • Rapid City


  • 57709

Then, your cancellation will come into effect the same day that your request is received by Lowe’s in the mail.

Lowe's Protection Plan (What's Covered, Lost Receipt + More)

Is Lowe’s Protection Plan Refundable?

Yes. Let us say that you decide to cancel your protection program within the first 30 day of purchasing it.

In such cases, you can get 100% back your purchase price, less all labor and payments.

However, if you cancel your plan after 30 days of purchase, you will receive a partial refund instead.

Lowe’s has no cancellation fees regardless of when your plan is cancelled.

Lowes can be found in the following posts: Lowes appliance warranty, Lowes price fix policy, Lowes mistake pricing policy, Lowes acceptance of PayPal.

  • Conclusion

Lowe’s offers an extensive protection plan which covers many products that are available at its stores, including small and large appliances.

Although each product’s protection plan is different, all plans provide repair and replacement services.

You can also file a claim by simply calling Lowe’s, and have your plan information available on-hand.

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What Does an Appliance Warranty Cover?

The warranty term has expired. It is possible that the defective part will not be covered. It is possible that the product has failed because it was not properly maintained or mishandled. Significant alterations have been made to the product that affect its performance.

What Protection Plan Does It Cover?

A protection plan is a service contract that guarantees maintenance, repairs or replacements for major household systems at no additional cost. Most plans cover routine maintenance, safety checks and the ability to schedule an appointment for a service visit if anything unexpected happens with equipment.

Lowes Will Refund Protection Plan

You can get 30% back on the cost of the protection plan after your contract expires if there has never been a major appliance service claim. Usage of the Keep It Running Reward’s 50% preventative maintenance reimbursement doesn’t qualify as a service claim, so you can still request Payback Reward.

Do You Need Receipt For Protection Plan?

Even if your phone protection plan has not been registered, it is still active. However, you’ll need your purchase receipt if you do need to file a claim in the future. It is important to register the receipt so that you can access it easily if needed.

.Lowe’S Protection Plan (What’S Covered, Lost Receipt + More)

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