2024 Guide to Walmart Vision Center: Costs for Eye Exams, Contact Lenses & Glasses

Discover updated 2024 pricing for Walmart Vision Center's eye exams, contact lenses, prescription sunglasses, and more. Get quality vision care at affordable rates. Book your appointment today!

Walmart Vision Center Prices 2022

Walmart Vision Center Prices 2022

Eye Exam Price Without Insurance

Walmart charges $70 for a basic exam. There will also be an extra fee for astigmatism and bifocal correction. Walmart Vision Center accepts only major insurance for in-store eye exams and purchases.

Walmart treats optometrists not as employees, but rather as contractors. This allows optometrists the opportunity to shop at a lower price than they would on their own.

It’s a win-win-win for Walmart, optometrists, and you as you can get a cheap eye exam conveniently near you, Walmart can bring in customers, and optometrists get a cheap location with lots of customers.

Does Medicare Pay For Glasses And Eye Exams?

While Original Medicare (Medicare Part A and Part B) does not cover routine vision care, which includes eyeglasses and eye exams, many Medicare Advantage plans (Medicare Part C) offer vision coverage.

After a cataract surgery, Medicare Part B covers the cost for one pair of corrective lense. The benefit includes one set of corrective lenses with standard frames or one set of contact lenses. After you have met your Part B annual deductible, 20% would be payable in this case.

Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C) plans often include vision coverage. These plans are sold by private insurance companies and include all the same coverage as Original Medicare while also adding some benefits not found in Original Medicare. These additional benefits may often include vision, dental, hearing, prescription drug coverage and more.

Medicare Advantage vision coverage will vary by plan, but coverage for annual eye exams, eyeglasses and contact lenses are often included. You may also be eligible for discounts on other types of procedures or laser eye surgery.

Medicare Advantage prices typically include a monthly fee (although many plans have $0 monthly premiums), as well as a copayment or deductible.

These plans are offered by many of the nation’s leading insurance carriers and are often accepted by Walmart vision centers. You should confirm with Walmart your coverage or get in touch with your plan to find out where it may be possible to apply. Medicare Advantage plans can be either an HMO (which might limit your access to certain providers), or a PPO (which could give you more flexibility to visit additional providers).

Walmart Vision Center Prices 2022

For Members Younger Than Age 21:

  • Routine vision examinations are performed twice per year. If medically required, more frequently.
  • 100-cent allowance towards eyeglasses or one pair of contacts lenses.
  • Two frames and four lenses per year. Note: If you have a prescription change, the second pair is available. If medically required, exceptions to the limits may be made with documented documentation
  • Replacement of eye glasses or contact lenses if they are broken or lost, or if prescription changes, provided written documentation of the necessity of the service is submitted by the provider
  • Providers must submit written documentation proving the medical necessity for eyeglasses or any other vision service.

*If you choose standard eyeglasses or contact lenses that are within the allowance, there is no cost to you. If you exceed the allowance, you will be responsible for any cost over the $100.

Members who need help finding an eye care provider, or have questions about their vision benefit, can call Envolve Member Services at 1-866-458-2138 (TTY: 711). Representatives can be reached Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-7 p.m.

For more information on vision services, view the UPMC for You Member Handbook.

Although self-diagnosis and online tests are appealing, they can be ineffective.

If you do not know if you have some types of eye conditions and suspect that you may have an eye problem, you may search online for eye exams. You can take a free test online to check your vision acuity.

One is divided into three components and can determine your visual acuity and contrast vision. It also helps you to understand if there are more serious conditions, such as macular degeneration. You can find out more information about particular refractive errors by taking online astigmatism test.

Online companies claim they can even renew your contact lenses prescription or glasses online. This may seem like a great option for convenience and financial reasons, but it does not ultimately take care of your eyes’ overall health. Conditions like cataracts or glaucoma can be detected by routine, in-person tests and exams, which cannot be conducted online.

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Walmart Vision Center Prices 2022

What Type Of Frames Does Walmart Offer?

Walmart offers many name-brand frames like Ray-Ban, Guess, Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Nike, Lacoste, and Armani Exchange.

Walmart is known for its great prices on frames, both generic and custom-made frames.

They have a terrific selection of both with prices starting below $10.

If your family is on a tight budget, I’d definitely shop for frames at Walmart and AVOID buying them at an eye doctor’s office or specialty retailers like Lens Crafters or Vision Works.

Walmart says they will have your glasses ready for you to pick up or deliver in as little as 7-10 days.

A vision center that is staffed by a doctor can be found at your nearest Walmart. You will pay $75 for an exam.

The last time I checked this was a little more expensive than Costco which charges $65 for an exam.

Talking to folks that have had an eye exam at Walmart they’ve been happy with the service overall but did say to expect less face time with the doctor compared to a regular optometrist office.

Check out Costco Optical’s 10 Essential Things to Know before You Purchase Your Next Pair Of Eyeglasses

What is the Cost of Eyeglasses from Walmart Vision Centers?

You can expect to spend more for glasses than $10-40.

Single lenses are free with frame purchase. No-line bifocal lenses are an additional charge (usually around $80).

Other options include basic tinted and polarized lenses starting at $40; transition lenses at $65, $50 and 50 respectively.

You can also choose from a variety of coatings. You can get the basic anti-scratch coat for free. Impact-resistant lenses cost about $30.

If you’d like anti-smudge and water-resistant coatings, high-definition digital lenses, and a 2-year limited coating warranty, you should expect to pay about $120. All that and thinner, lighter lenses You can expect to pay an additional $150 on your monthly bill. These prices can be confirmed by contacting your local Vision Center.

In case you’re wondering how this compares, while there are some cheaper options, Walmart’s higher quality offerings (especially the designer brands) can cost more than glasses from places like Warby Parker. Walmart offers a variety of frames styles and brands.

Walmart Vision Center Prices 2022

The cost of an eye exam with or without insurance

Annual exams help diagnose and treat eye health issues. They also provide you with a pair of glasses or contact lenses to correct your vision.

Eye exams diagnose and correct problems with vision, such as:

  • Vision impairment
  • Eye muscle problems
  • Refractive errors
  • Visual field errors
  • Color vision problems
  • Issues with the retina
  • Probleme with pupil dilation
  • Glaucoma
  • Cataracts

But many people do not have insurance coverage, or their plan does not cover eye exam costs. You can still get an eye exam done without having to spend a lot.

The average cost of an eye exam is about $200. However, you will find vision centers that are reputable and offer it at a fraction of the cost.


Many of these establishments are full-service and offer a full range of eyewear.

You can find some of the most sought-after eye exams at:

Final Thoughts

Overall, I found that Walmart Vision Center offers a great selection of affordable frames and lenses when it comes to prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses. Comprehensive eye exams are also available at an average price compared to competitors like Target Optical, Sam’s Club and Costco.

The cost of prescription glasses and lenses was comparable to the ones at EyeBuyDirect. You’ll probably find cheaper prices online at Zenni Optical if you compare shop. Walmart Vision Center prices are still a bit lower than those you will find at Warby Parker or Target Optical.

Walmart Vision Center has single-vision lenses and frames at a reasonable price. Online shopping is possible, but I prefer to visit the shop in person so you can try them on, get prescription lenses, and make use of any benefits.

Walmart Vision Center Prices 2022

Val-Uvision Offers Affordable Eye Exams Without Insurance In Jacksonville, Fl!

The national average is a guideline for what an eye exam costs. However, there are eye exam specials that can be arranged at a low cost to make it affordable for everyone. We understand that not everyone has the means to afford an eye exam. We offer cost-effective solutions that will help you achieve your vision goals.

Since we offer low-cost options and special rates, you can find affordable solutions for the entire family when you do not have insurance or are unsure about the coverage available from your insurance provider.

You only have to pay the stated co-pay rate if you have insurance. When you do not have insurance, you pay the full cost of the exam. Costs for individuals with insurance policies vary depending on the coverage they have. The national average is usually less costly because you only pay the stated co-pay in your policy, which may vary between insurance providers.

The Eyeglasses “Prescription”

As a consumer, the first thing you must know is that you own your eyeglass “prescription.” Once your exam has been paid for, you may ask for a copy of it. By law, your doctor must give it to you. You are free to take that “prescription” anywhere you want to have your glasses made. Your doctor has no right to hesitate or refuse to provide you with your prescription.

(a) Fail to provide to the patient one copy of the patient’s prescription immediately after the eye examination is completed. Provided: An ophthalmologist or optometrist may refuse to give the patient a copy of the patient’s prescription until the patient has paid for the eye examination, but only if that ophthalmologist or optometrist would have required immediate payment from that patient had the examination revealed that no ophthalmic goods were required;

(b) Require that any individual be able to have an eye exam.

(c) Charge the patient any fee in addition to the ophthalmologist’s or optometrist’s examination fee as a condition to releasing the prescription to the patient. If an optometrist or ophthalmologist has to verify ophthalmic products dispensed from another seller, the fee may be charged at that time.

(d) Place on the prescription, or require the patient to sign, or deliver to the patient a form or notice waiving or disclaiming the liability or responsibility of the ophthalmologist or optometrist for the accuracy of the eye examination or the accuracy of the ophthalmic goods and services dispensed by another seller.

Walmart Vision Center Prices 2022

1800 Contacts

Your prescription will be up to date with this eye exam. The exam takes about 15 minutes, and you get your results within hours.

For those aged 18-55 who reside in eligible states, 1800 Contacts offers eye examinations. States which do not provide online eye examinations starting at 1 800 Contacts are:

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Delaware
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • Michigan
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • North Dakota
  • South Carolina
  • South Dakota
  • West Virginia

Current Situation

AC Lens, one of America’s largest online optical retailers and providers of contact lenses, is a leading US market provider. They own more than 800 outlets, with retail locations in 44 states and employing about 8,000 individuals. They aim to open 75 additional locations each year.

Its retail divisions include Vision Centers by Walmart, Eyeglass World, America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses, Vista Optical in some military bases, and Vista Optical inside Fred Meyer. Walmart Vision Centers are in 200 locations across the country.

NVI has three locations for its laboratory network: Lawrenceville, Georgia, Salt Lake City, Utah, and St. Cloud, Minnesota. Outside the United States, their sites are in Mexico and China.

The laboratory network they have is among the best and most efficient. Their focus is on quick turnaround, low cost and high quality production. Their ability to send eyeglass orders to top labs both in America and overseas is a testament to their capabilities. Currently, they employ about 600 laboratory employees.

Walmart Vision Center Prices 2022

Walmart Vision Centers Reputation

Walmart Vision Centres are a source of controversy.

They have had to settle with the Department of Labor because of allegations that they were not paying appropriate overtime to their employees.

There has also been a class-action suit alleging that Walmart Vision Centers have been overcharging by not providing customers with the full reimbursement of their vision insurance benefits. In this instance, Walmart claimed that it was being paid twice by the insurance company and customers.

There have also been lawsuits against optometrists for their treatment and practices.

How Much Does An Eye Exam Cost In The United States?

Estimates from FAIR Health suggest that eye exams are, in fact, the cheapest part of taking care of your eye health; however, they are still not a small amount of money if vision insurance does not supply assistance. The national average cost is:

  • $200 for initial patient exams.
  • $128 for established patient exams.
  • $46 for refractive vision tests.

These costs are the overall average of the most expensive cities and least expensive towns across the United States. However, they indicate what you can expect, in general, from an optometrist. You may have to visit more often if you have a serious eye condition or are at risk for developing it. This can be costly without insurance.

FAIR Health found, however that 80 percent were below this cost.

  • Initial patient exam: $250
  • $155 for established patient exams
  • Refractive vision testing at $60

Eye exam frequency can impact your overall costs too. For the most part, frequency is based on age:

  • 2 years and up (birth to 24 months): Every 6 months, or as suggested
  • Average age of 3 to 5 Years: 2-5 years
  • 5 to 19 years old: once per year
  • Ages 19-60: Every one to two years, or as suggested depending on your eye health and refractive errors
  • Age 61 or older: Annually, or according to the recommendations of an optometrist

When you need new glasses and a year’s supply of contact lenses, however, the costs begin to rapidly increase into the thousands of dollars. People who cannot afford vision insurance or are in financial difficulties can get help paying for the cost of an exam or finding contact lenses or glasses at a low price.

Walmart Vision Center Prices 2022

How Using Walmart Vision Centers Works

If you already have an updated prescription (or want nonprescription glasses), you can just skip straight to shopping for frames or contacts. Otherwise, you’ll need to set up an appointment with a Vision Center optometrist or another doctor first.

Stop by a Walmart Vision to try out frames. After you have found the right pair, you can decide on what type of lens you want and any coatings or tints that will protect it.

After making those important decisions and having measurements taken for your glasses, all you need to do is pay at the counter and wait for your glasses or contacts to be prepared. They can be picked up at the shop or shipped directly to you.


It is the basic exam. You pay more if you need pupil dilation. An eye doctor conducts the exam and offers a prescription for corrective lenses if needed.

Walmart Vision Center Prices 2022

– Google

At Dr. Kiernan’s office Dr. Shiraishi is extremely accommodating and knowledgeable. She is attentive, takes time with her patients and really cares about your needs. Thank you! !

Walmart Imaginative And Prescient Heart Costs In 2021

Walmart’s imaginative and prescient Heart offers glasses starting at $10 to $40 for primary frames, as of 2021. Single-vision lenses are included free of charge with the frame, but additional costs apply. Prices for primary eye examinations start at $65, and vary depending on where you live. Notice that Walmart’s Imaginative and prescient Heart accepts insurance coverage from most main suppliers.

Continue reading to learn more about the types of glasses available at Walmart’s Imaginative & prescient Heart and how much they cost.

Walmart Vision Center Prices 2022

Rule 3

Think about the way and how often you’ll wear your frame when buying a frame. You can save money if you only wear contact lenses 99 percent of the time. Does it really matter what your bedside readers look like? Are designer frames necessary for computer glasses?

This video covers the basics of frame fit quite well. It is not the best video, but it does cover some of the basics of frame fit. We are working on a new version.

Walmart Vision Center Prices

The most important question you need to ask when purchasing something or availing of a service is what price it will cost. This article will provide detailed information about Walmart Vision Center prices.

Let us look at the pricing of each in more detail.

Walmart Vision Center Prices 2022

Walmart Contacts

Walmart Contacts allows you to place orders online by entering your prescription information. Before ordering, make sure you have the most current prescription for contact lenses from your doctor.

Shop for prescription contacts from Walmart Contacts online.

Book An Appointment With Our Jax Eye Doctors Today!

An appointment with an eye doctor is necessary if you are looking for an affordable exam. VAL-Uvision allows you to make an appointment over the telephone or online. Regular eye exams are essential for maintaining your vision health. Our clinics offer the best services at reasonable rates.

For more details about our special pricing options for an eye exam or to set up an appointment with an optometrist in Jacksonville, call us today.

Walmart Vision Center Prices 2022

Christa – Yelp

Great experience! Thank you Dr. Thank you Dr. Le! A better optometrist is what I would ask for!

Walmart Vision Cons

  • Website can be difficult to navigate and does not offer prescription options for eyewear
  • high turnover rate in optometrists
  • Litigation over charges to customers or the treatment of employees

Walmart Vision Center Prices 2022

More Serious Or Long-Term Conditions

Cost and convenience are two popular reasons people choose a store-based location like Walmart for their routine eye exams.

If you are experiencing any unusual symptoms related to your eyes, it may be worth scheduling an appointment with an optometrist at an independent eye care clinic or hospital.

While an optometrist at Walmart is just as qualified from a training standpoint as almost any other doctor of optometry, private offices and medical settings are often better equipped to diagnose and treat more long-term or serious eye conditions.

Walmart Vision Center Prices 2022 (Contacts, Frames + More)

Walmart Vision Center offers customers the ability to shop online or in-store for prescription glasses. Customers can get checked out and order non-prescription lenses.

  • Do you want to purchase your next set glasses from Walmart? I’ve done the research, and here is what I’ve found out!
  • Walmart Vision Center Prices In 2022
  • Walmart Vision Center sells glasses for as low as $10-$40, and basic frames start at $10-$40 starting in 2022. All additional charges will apply. Single-vision lenses do not come with the frames. Base eye exams are approximately $60, with pricing varying depending on location. Walmart Vision Center takes insurance from many major companies.

  • If you want to learn more about the kinds of glasses available at Walmart’s Vision Center, how much do glasses cost over there, and much more, keep on reading!
  • Walmart Vision Center Prices 2022 (Contacts, Frames + More)

    Walmart Vision Center: What is the Average Cost of Glasses?

    Walmart Vision Center has basic prescription frames for as low as $10 to $40. There are many types of prescription glasses, from designer eyewear to more complex frames.

    For frames between $10 and $20 at the lowest price, Walmart Vision Center frames are $150 to $280. Frames on the high end may be as expensive as frames from Walmart Vision Center.

    Single-vision lenses can be used with any new frame for no extra charge. However, all other types of lenses will incur additional charges. All lenses include an anti-scratch coated which is free.

    Here’s a list of typical lenses costs:

  • Tinted basic lenses starting at $40
  • Polarized lenses starting at $50
  • Transition lenses – $65
  • Impact-resistant lenses – $30
  • Bifocal lenses for $80
  • You will also need to add lens coatings (such as anti-smudge, water-resistant or anti-smudge) which can increase your cost by around $120. However, the price of thinning your lenses is around $150.

    Walmart Vision Center offers prescription sunglasses at a cost of $10-$30.

    Generic reading glasses are also available at convenient multipacks for $10 to $25. There are also more expensive options, with some costing over $100.

    Reading glasses come in a variety of options, including the following:

  • Reading glasses with bifocal lenses – $7 to $40
  • Magnetic reading glasses between $7 and $70
  • Between $4 and $40 for reading sunglasses
  • The computer glasses that protect from the blue light are affordable starting at $10 and going up to $160.

    Walmart Vision Center can be considered a good deal at a lower price, but some higher-priced products may still be available elsewhere.

    Walmart Vision Center: How Much Does Designer Frames Price?

    Walmart Vision center offers an enormous range of frame options. These include basic frames to designer models, as well as designer brands such Marc Jacobs or Miu Miu. Versace.

    Customers can expect to pay the following prices for designer frames:

  • Marc Jacobs – $65-$145
  • Miu Miu – $167-$247
  • Fendi – $35-$248
  • Chloe – $46-$59
  • Prada – $118-$137
  • Versace – $118
  • Tom Ford: $88-$239
  • Be aware that the price of glasses can be affected by your prescription.

    Contact lenses are available at Walmart through Walmart Contacts from a huge range of suppliers including:

  • Acuvue
  • Biotrue
  • Eureka
  • Proclear
  • PureVision
  • There are many lens options available including monthly, daily and colored/tinted.

    Prices for contact lenses start at $14, but can go up as high as $154, depending upon the type of lens, pack size and brand.

    Clariti, Equate and Biotrue brands are found at the lowest end of this pricing range, while Proclear and Acuvue appear to be at the highest end.

    Also, US shipping for contact lenses can be ordered online at no additional charge.

    Walmart Vision Center Prices 2022 (Contacts, Frames + More)

    What Does an Eye Exam at Walmart Cost?

    Walmart Vision Centre can provide an eye examination for $50 to $100, without any insurance. On average the cost is around $73.

    Your insurance company will cover the costs of any examinations.

    While some insurance companies may offer coverage for prescription lenses and contacts, others might not.

    Walmart Vision Center: What insurance does it accept?

    Walmart will accept most major insurance providers. However, it is also an Out-Of–Network provider to a handful of vision insurance companies like:

  • Cole Managed Vision
  • Davis Vision
  • EyeMed
  • Spectera
  • VSP
  • You can be reimbursed the cost of your eye exam with these providers by filling out an Out-Of-Network Reimbursement form and providing an itemized receipt.

    Walmart Vision Center has a return policy. We also have information on if Walmart can repair glasses. How long will it take for you to receive glasses from Walmart.

  • Conclusion
  • Walmart Vision Center has a variety of glasses options starting from $10. You can choose from a variety of frames and lens options.

    Contact lenses are available at Walmart and start from $14. A variety of brands is stocked, and prices vary depending upon brands, pack size, and lens type.

    Walmart has agreements with most insurance companies that cover eye exam costs. The average cost of an eye examination without insurance is $73.

    .Walmart Vision Center Prices 2022 (Contacts, Frames + More)

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