2024 Dress Code Guide: Dollar General & Walmart Employee Policies on Attire

Discover the updated 2024 dress code policies for Dollar General workers and learn if Walmart employees can wear hats or shorts. Find out the latest attire rules and stay compliant with your employer's guidelines. Click for full details and employee insights!

Dollar General Dress Code Policy 2022 (Tattoos, Jeans, Shorts)

A dress code will help you to identify your role as an employee at Dollar General.

  • You need to know what you are allowed and not permitted to wear. We have compiled a comprehensive list of Dollar General’s dress codes policy.
  • Dollar General Dress Code Policy 2022
  • Dollar General’s dress code for its 17,000 US locations states that all employees must wear black pants, black polo shirts with collars, and black trousers. The Dollar General logo must be displayed on the shirt. Shoes that do not slip are also required by the dress code.

    For more information, read the following: Learn about Dollar General’s dress code.

    Dollar General Dress Code Policy 2022 (Tattoos, Jeans, Shorts)

    Does Dollar General Provide You With A Uniform?

    Dollar General offers uniforms, however you must purchase one.

    Visit the Dollar General Logowear Program webpage to see which uniform you’ll be wearing. There are polo shirts as well as classic tee-shirts.

    Is it possible for Dollar General employees to wear shorts, or ripped pants to work?

    Dollar General employees cannot wear shorts. Also, your pants must not be shorter than 3 inches beyond the knee.

    Remember that Dollar General’s dress code does not allow its employees to wear ripped clothing.

    Accordingly, ripped jeans will not be allowed. Employees should wear black pants.

    Employees who work at the distribution center are permitted to wear sweatpants or sweatshirts, but there are exceptions.

    Dollar General Dress Code Policy 2022 (Tattoos, Jeans, Shorts)

    Are Piercings Permitted At Dollar General?

    Dollar General workers are forbidden from having visible body piercings. Ear piercings, however, aren’t allowed.

    There’s an exception to the general no piercings rule. Dollar General may allow you to wear jewelry or piercings if you are religious.

    To prevent jewelry and piercings from becoming caught in machinery, it is a good idea to wear them if you work in a distribution center.

    You should always check with the manager of your local store as these might vary from one store to another.

    What if I want to change the color of my hair?

    According to numerous reports online, Dollar General employees can dye their hair bright colors.

    You should follow the Dollar General dress code if your hair is dyed blue, pink or green.

    However, there have been some Reddit users that state that a “normal hair color is allowed”. Your store manager might recommend that you consult before changing your hair color.

    Dollar General Dress Code Policy 2022 (Tattoos, Jeans, Shorts)

    Which Types Of Shoes Are Not Permitted At Dollar General?

    As a Dollar General employee, there are many types of shoes that you should avoid. To ensure safety, you should wear shoes that are non-slip.

    Dollar General employees should also avoid sandals and open-toe shoes. These shoes are against safety rules in the store.

    You should also wear socks and hosiery along with non-slip footwear.

    Does Dollar General Allow Denim Clothing?

    If you are wearing denim clothes to Dollar General, then it is a violation of the dress code.

    The reason is that senior managers also find denim jeans, skirts and jackets unacceptable. Denim, of any color, is not allowed.

    Dollar General Dress Code Policy 2022 (Tattoos, Jeans, Shorts)

    Is it OK to wear hats and headcoverings at Dollar General?

    Dollar General employees are prohibited from wearing head covers, with the exception of a few rare cases. Hats are therefore not permitted.

    Dollar General will allow head covers in some cases (e.g. religious exemptions).

    Are Dollar General’s employees allowed to have visible tattoos on their bodies?

    As stated in the Dollar General Handbook, visible tattoos should not be used in Dollar General facilities. This applies to all body art. This applies to tattoos that are visible.

    You can read about Dollar General’s drug testing policies, pay policy for employees, discounts and quitting policies if you are thinking of starting a new job.

  • Conclusion
  • The takeaway points are these – if you have a valid reason, you might be able to wear jewelry as a Dollar General employee.

    And if you are working in the distribution center, you’ll be able to wear jewelry – provided it is worn in a way that won’t get caught in the machines.

    You can be sure to keep your safety in mind by sticking to the Dollar General uniform available on the Dollar General Program Website.

    Don’t forget to mention that black polo shirts and pants with Dollar General logo are preferable.

    Can Dollar General Employees Wear Shorts?

    Can Dollar General Employees Wear Shorts Or Ripped Pants To Work? Employees at Dollar General are prohibited from wearing shorts. You should not wear your pants less than 3 1/2 inches above your knees.

    Can You Have Tattoos At Dollar General?

    3 answers. You can have tattoos or piercings. As long as your coworkers are considerate and you treat customers like friends, you can have piercings or tattoos. August 28, 2019.

    Do Dollar Tree employees wear Jeans?

    It was either black or khaki pants that were recommended for dress code. Black or khaki pants. Capris as well. No jeans,black,or tan pants and green shirt that they do not provide for you.Oct 21, 2018

    Can You Wear Shorts At Dollar Tree?

    Do Dollar Tree employees have to wear shorts and ripped jeans? Dollar Tree employees may not wear shorts or unbuttoned jeans. … They will instead wear black pants with a uniform shirt while working at the store.

    .Dollar General Dress Code Policy 2022 (Tattoos, Jeans, Shorts)

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