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2024 Updated: Can I Cash My Check at Dollar General? Comprehensive Guide

Wondering 'Can I cash my check at Dollar General?' Look no further! Our 2024 step-by-step guide answers 'do Dollar General cash checks?' and provides all the information you need, including fees, hours, and types of checks accepted. Ready to streamline your cashing experience? Discover now if you can cash a check at Dollar General!

Does Dollar General Cash Checks

Does Dollar General Cash Checks

Does Dollar General Do Cash App Deposits?

Have you ever wondered if Dollar General accepts Cash App deposits? Yes, you can. If you’re a Visa customer, you can use your cash app to load money onto your card at Dollar General. You will have to provide your phone number to the cashier and be able pay for $4 using either Cash App or Visa. You can find out more about Dollar General’s Cash App process by reading the tips below.

You need to add cash on your card. You can load it at Dollar General and other locations. Show your card and request a deposit at the cashier. Once you’ve made a transaction, check the new balance to see whether it’s correct. Cash App deposits charge a 1.5% fee with a minimum of $0.25. The transaction will appear on your account within 10 minutes.

Does Dollar General Cash Checks

Does Dollar General Do Cash Back?

Yes, cash back is available at Dollar General stores. You can get cash back at the checkout register when you pay with a debit card. Dollar General also accepts Visa, Mastercard, and Discover credit cards, although the rules for cash back will depend more on the card provider than the store. Discover is the only credit card to offer traditional cash back options. This card offers a program called “cash-at-checkout” that can be used at Dollar General.
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Does Dollar General Cash Checks


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  • Does Dollar General Cash Checks


    Money Orders have a maximum amount they can be issued, and may not work for larger payments.

    Western Union is another option if you want to send money quickly to someone without having to use the banking system.

    You can expect to pay between $5 and $15.00 for a Cashier’s Check. Costs vary depending on the bank and whether or not you already have an account. Many financial institutions include cashier’s checks in their account memberships, while others might charge account holders a small fee.

    If you don’t have an account at the bank you’re getting a cashier’s check from, you’ll need to be able to pay the face value of the check and the fees at the time of purchase.

  • Guaranteed payment
  • Guaranteed payment

  • Fund availability
  • Fund availability

  • Money trail
  • Money trail

  • Easy to counterfeit
  • Easy to counterfeit

  • Funds might be available too quickly
  • Funds might be available too quickly

  • Extra costs
  • Extra costs

  • If you have a bank account with the bank issuing your check, they will move money to yours. You will be required to pay for the full amount of the check if you do not. The recipient will be more confident in your check because they’ll know that the money is there.
  • If you deposit the cashier’s checks in person and it does not exceed $5,525 then funds are available over night. There are some circumstances where you might not be able to access the funds the next day. If you deposit a check on Friday, for example, funds are not required to be available until Monday. If you deposited them on Thursday, they should be accessible on Friday unless there is a hold for some reason.
  • Cashier’s checks create a money trail. When you pay with a check from the cashier, your bank will record the check number and amount. Receiving banks do the same thing, creating a paper-trail that can be tracked if there is a problem.
  • Cashier’s check are easy to fake: Although cashier checks are one of the safest payment methods available, scammers and counterfeiters can use them to steal from those who depend on them for security.
  • Funds available too quickly: While it’s nice to access the funds the day after you cash a check, this quick access can cause problems if you withdraw the money the next day. The bank might find that the check was fraudulent a few days later and ask you to pay the money back. In this case, you will have lost whatever someone “paid” for, and you’ll owe the bank money.
  • Extra costs: Cashier’s checks cost money. Cashier’s checks cost money. Even if it is only $5 or $10 you could have spent that money on something else.
  • You can ask your bank what the conditions are for ordering checks. You typically need cleared funds available in your account, or you need to deliver cash to the bank. You can walk into most brick-and-mortar banks to get a check issued.

    You should be able to pay your recipient instantly after receiving the check. You may have to contact several banks to find out if they will issue a cashier’s check to you.

    Online banks, in particular, allow you to order cashier’s check online. The bank might only mail checks to your verified mailing address, so you need to wait for the check and then forward it to the person you’re paying.

    Shared branching allows you to obtain cashier’s checks at any location of a credit cooperative in the United States (not only your own credit union). You will need to bring your account and ID information. Make sure to call ahead and confirm that the credit union offers cashier’s checks.

    You can walk into any bank or credit union and ask for a cashier’s check. Some institutions will only give out checks to customers. You may need to visit several locations or open an account.

    Does Dollar General Cash Checks

    Safeway cashs checks in the store?

    Safeway changes out checks at the client care work area in the greater part of their stores, notwithstanding, this might contrast per area.

    Also, assuming you can’t find their money checking focus, you can just ask at the client support/front counter for help.

    Assuming you are intrigued to cash checks, you can likewise peruse our connected posts on whether or not CVS cash checks, on the off chance that Walmart cash minds Saturday and Sunday, and assuming Dollar General money checks.

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    Does Dollar General Cash Checks

    Is Apple Pay accepted at Dollar General?

    Apple Pay is accepted in most Dollar General Stores.

    But, be sure to check with your local store for availability.

    Even Dollar General supports Apple Pay Even Dollar General supports Apple Pay

    — Robert Reason (@RobReason_) January 24, 2023

    Cash or personal checks can be paid at the shop.

    They also accept major credit cards like:

  • American Express
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • Visa
  • Dollar General also accepts PayPal for its online stores.
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    Does Costco Take Apple Pay

    Cash and check payments are not the only methods available for online stores.

    However, they do not offer layaway.

    Lastly, you can use DG GO as a payment method while you are shopping.

    DG GO is not supported by all stores, but it’s always worth asking your local shop first.

    Does Dollar General Cash Checks

    How can I add cash to Cash App without a debit card?

    If you go to participating stores, it is possible to load money onto the Cash App. Simply tell the cashier that you’d like to add cash to your account and show them the instructions. Then you can make purchases in participating merchants. Use the Green Dot MoneyPak to top up your Cash App. Follow these simple steps to start.

    Dollar General will allow you to add money once you receive your Cash App Card. The card is unique and will only work with your Cash App. It can be used everywhere Visa cards are accepted. You must be 18 years old to use this card. Your card will be delivered within 10 working days. You can also use your Cash App card at other stores where Visa debit cards are accepted. Use your Cash App card as quickly as possible.

    To use your Cash App Card at Dollar General, you need to load it with money. Scan the card like you would with any other. After the transaction, you will receive an email receipt showing the total amount of money you’ve loaded onto the card. If you fail to complete the transaction, it could be for several reasons. Most commonly, the amount spent exceeds the amount loaded onto your card.

    Does Dollar General Cash Checks

    Does Cvs Take Personal Checks?

    CVS does not offer check-cashing services to its customers in any of its stores. CVS accepts personal checks and business check as payment. Checks can be used as payment on all products in store, provided the customer has a valid form of ID.

    Can you cash a check at Target? Target. Target’s customer service says that they don’t cash personal checks. Target does accept personal checks as payment.

    What banks accept checks?

    You may be able to cash checks from other banks or creditunions at the bank where you hold your checking account. You may have to deposit your check first into your account.

    Can you cash a check at CVS? CVS doesn’t offer check cashing services in its stores. CVS accepts personal checks and business check as payment. Customers can use checks to pay for all items in the store as long as they have a valid ID.

    Does Dollar General Cash Checks

    How Many Return Days Does Dollar General Allow?

    90 Days.

    Dollar General gives shoppers 90 days to return items if they are not happy with it for any reason.

    I called several Dollar General stores to verify this as I was VERY confused since the DG website says 30 days for “online returns” and I couldn’t find their “in-store policy” ANYWHERE.

    It was confusing, but I figured it out.

    Several of the employees I talked to even said they take stuff back all the time that is over 90 days as long they can resell it. Good to know.

    Does Dollar General Cash Checks

    Walmart Check Cashing

    And if you buy your groceries at Walmart, your cashed check can double as your weekly grocery money.
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    You can expect to pay the following fees for the Walmart Check Cashing services:

  • $4 for each check, up to $1,000
  • Checks greater than $1,000 are subject to an $8 fee
  • The daily cashing limit is $5,000. The limit increases to $7,500 between January and April for Christmas money and tax refund checks. But note that Walmart won’t cash any personal checks over $200.

    Walmart will cash your check in exchange for Walmart MoneyCards or cash. The reloading fee is waived by Walmart for certain payroll companies or government checks.

  • Checks with pre-printed information
  • Payroll checks
  • Government checks
  • Tax checks
  • Cashiers’ checks
  • Insurance settlement checks
  • 401 (k), retirement disbursement checks
  • MoneyGram money orders
  • Two-party personal checks (limit: $200)
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