2024 Guide to CVS Return Policy: No Receipt, Opened Items, Prescriptions & More

Discover the latest CVS pharmacy return policy details for 2024. Returning without a receipt or with opened items? Find comprehensive guidelines on CVS's no-receipt return policy, prescription returns, and exchanges for a hassle-free shopping experience. Learn your rights and get tips to ensure a smooth return process at CVS. Click for more!

Cvs Return Policy In 2022 (No Receipt, Restrictions + More)

CVS, with more than 9,900 retail stores located all across the United States, has established itself to be one of America’s leading pharmacies. It sells a large variety of merchandise both in-store as well as online.

  • So if you’re a CVS customer and have just bought an unsatisfactory item that you want to return, you may be wondering – what is CVS’s returns policy? Below is all I can find out!
  • For 2022, CVS’s Return Policy
  • CVS is happy to accept most unopened non-prescription and new products within 60 day of delivery. Even if the items are not opened, CVS Pharmacy brand or beauty products can still be returned. Refunds are made via store credit if there is no receipt.

  • You can read on to learn about the limitations and how items are returned to CVS.
  • CVS Return Policy In 2022 (No Receipt, Restrictions + More)

    How restrictive is the CVS return policy?

    Although CVS’s returns policy seems quite flexible, it is important to remember the following rules when you return items to CVS.

    Products that don’t fall under the CVS Beauty Brand may not be eligible for a refund.

    CVS can refuse returns of products which have not passed its third party verification.

    CVS Pharmacy does not accept special orders such as lift chairs and motorized scooters. CVS Customer Care is available at 1-888-607-44287.

    Certain personal, healthcare and home care products that have been deemed sanitary can’t be returned, unless they are damaged or defective.

    Customer who purchased items using PayPal online cannot get a refund. Instead, they will be issued store credit which can only be used in-store

    If required by law, gift cards, phone cards, or prepaid cards cannot be returned nor exchanged.

    CVS Customer Care: 1-888-607-44287 for all your questions.

    Do I have to send a CVS receipt in order to return an item?

    CVS allows you to return the item without the receipt. But, CVS cannot issue a refund until you have provided proof that you purchased it.

    Instead of a refund full price, we will offer you an exchange/store credit equivalent to the product’s lowest price within 60 days.

    CVS highly suggests that customers save their receipts until their return window closes, or when they’re completely satisfied with their order.

    CVS Return Policy In 2022 (No Receipt, Restrictions + More)

    CVS Check Up Receipts

    Only a few CVS stores will allow you to view receipts in their store system.

    CVS says this shouldn’t be your last resort.

    Note that if you are looking for information regarding an online purchase, you can find it in the order history of your online account at

    Additionally, you can also check your email inbox for order confirmation details. You will have to search the order confirmation details yourself as cashiers are unable to look for orders online in-store.

    How Do I Return My Purchase At CVS?

    CVS allows you to return items by simply taking the original receipt with you, along with a government-issued photo ID and the credit or debit card used for the purchase.

    Except for these, you can return all items bought at CVS.

  • Purchase prescriptions online
  • Beauty products
  • CVS Pharmacy brand products
  • You may partially use or open products of other brands, but not CVS.
  • Gift cards, prepaid cards, phone cards
  • Special health care and personal care products
  • For any problems, please contact your CVS before you go to the store. You will find out whether your return is eligible to be returned or given a store credit.

    CVS Return Policy In 2022 (No Receipt, Restrictions + More)

    Do I have the right to send my CVS order back by post?

    You have 60 days to return an item that isn’t eligible for exchange.

    Call CVS Customer Care 1-800-607-4287 for assistance. Once the process is started, you’ll receive a prepaid return label by mail.

    After you receive the label, attach the label to your item. Make sure all accessories are included. Then drop off the package at the nearest postal office.

    CVS may begin the process for refunds and verification after receiving your package.

    Why is a photo ID required for my CVS return?

    CVS uses a third-party verification process to detect improper returns and prevent losses to the company. To verify customers’ identities, they must present a valid picture ID.

    To validate any future returns, your identity information is also stored by the third-party.

    To request a copy, call 1-855-837-33424.

    CVS Return Policy In 2022 (No Receipt, Restrictions + More)

    How can I return my Prescription to CVS orders cannot be returned. might allow an exception if you received the wrong medicine.

    Contact customer service right away to discuss the problem and receive the appropriate medication.

    Due to the wide variety of drugs that each CVS Pharmacy sells, prescription medication purchased through a CVS Pharmacy shop does not meet the standard returns policy.

    If you wish to return or exchange an item that is not your prescription, please speak with the pharmacist in store.

    Can I return opened Make-up to CVS

    CVS stores will accept returns within 60 days of opening or using a CVS cosmetic product.

    This is in line with CVS’s 100% satisfaction guarantee for all beauty products across all CVS stores and

    Learn more by visiting our CVS make-up return policy blog.

    CVS Return Policy In 2022 (No Receipt, Restrictions + More)

    Do I have the right to return open CVS Pharmacy brands products?

    CVS Pharmacy Brand products are also covered by the 100% satisfaction guarantee. Opened and unopened goods can be returned to any CVS location and a full reimbursement will be issued.

    Check out our other posts to learn more about CVS’s shopping experience. These include: if CVS makes film; if CVS takes GoodRx; and whether CVS offers a copy-machine.

  • Conclusion
  • CVS offers a 60-day return policy for most products purchased from them. To receive a full reimbursement, make-up products and CVS Pharmacy Brands can be returned unopened or opened.

    However, CVS cannot refund prescriptions from, gift cards, prepaid cards, and phone cards. The best way to return an item is by sending it back to or in person.

    How many times can I return something to Cvs with no receipt?

    You can exchange the item for another one or get store credit if you don’t have a receipt. This type of return can only be accepted if it is within the period of 60 days. You may be refused or limited from returning items if you do not have proof of purchase.

    Which Items are Unreturnable to Cvs

    If required by law to do so, it is not possible for gift cards or pre-paid phones cards to be returned. These items cannot be returned, even if not opened. No refunds will be given for these items. CVS Pharmacy outlets cannot accept return of special order items, such as shoes or motorized scooters.

    How Many Times A Year Can You Return To Target Without Receipt?

    Is Target limiting the number of returns you can make without a receipt? Target permits customers to send $150 in returns in one year without the receipt. Target’s fraud prevention program tracks all returned items that have not been accompanied by a receipt.

    .Cvs Return Policy In 2022 (No Receipt, Restrictions + More)

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