Critter Control Review

Critter Control Review

critter control review

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Very Good Average, Poor. If I had to rate the man who did my consultation, I’d give him five stars. The crew that came to the job- excellent- professional, polite, and they left the site clean. For this service, however, I was charged the cost of my daughter’s car and they returned in 2 weeks. It has been impossible to sleep because they are right above my bed. In need of someone to assist me, I called and got an appointment set for three days. It was a great experience. Between 8:30 and 12:30 Monday, I was off work because I had to get the rats out. It’s Monday today, 1:25 PM and I haven’t heard from anyone. I called the office, no apology, no offer to see when they might be at my house- so I asked to reschedule and the girl (who could not be less helpful) said April 9th. They will destroy my attic, insulation, wiring and duct work again. And I must listen to them for the next 19 days. You can trust them if all goes smoothly and you are satisfied with the work they did. If anything does not go according to plan, do not expect the services you’ve paid (in my instance, it was a huge expense). And if you find yourself in a bad situation where you really need help- you will most likely be on your own if you chose Critter Control. Critter Control has earned 1 star. It is now exactly 2 weeks ago that Critter Control “cleaned up” my house.

Critter Control DFW is a crook. They come out tell you all this stuff is wrong and what they are gonna do to fix it. After you pay them the high price, the technician doesn’t know anything about what work is being done. Julian is rude when we call him back. He acts like he has no idea who you are, and nobody from the company will ever return a telephone call. Do not call this company.

Great communication- quick and easy process! We are so happy for our wife. I paid them quite a bit the first time that I had rats. The warranty is now mine. They kept telling me over and over that there was a serious rat infestation. They delayed me for many days before coming. There was insufficient protection against rats to ensure that someone got there on time. They kept me waiting and didn’t come back. BAD Service!

Critter Control did a recent rat extermination. The entire process took over a day. However, the technicians were professional, courteous and respectful to my yard and house while setting up the necessary equipment. The existing attic insulation had to be removed, a fogging had to be performed to destroy all pheromones left by the rodents and new insulation had to be blown in. Also, the openings must be sealed. I am very pleased with the service.

In October 2014, we moved to The Woodlands. Soon thereafter, noises were heard in the attic as well as in the walls. Critter Control was called to inspect the property and discuss our options. The customer service level was outstanding. After a detailed inspection they spent time with me going over the findings, showing me the issues and walking around my house. Their team came and solved all our problems. Following the treatment they gave me a list of all the holes, vents and screens they made, as well as concrete and sealants they put around the garage. They worked in small increments around the whole house and felt around stones as well as along the foundation. Wow!

They also offer a fantastic guarantee! Because of the service we received, we now know that we can call them immediately if any pest or critter problems arise. The services provided me with the peace of mind that I was looking for in our more pet-friendly home (we lived previously in Colorado, where pests were much less common).

My recommendations are taken seriously. I refer only people and services to whom I have had exceptional personal experiences. Critter Control is something I am confident in recommending.

.Critter Control Review

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