Can You Get Cash Back From A Walmart Gift Card

Can You Get Cash Back From A Walmart Gift Card In 2022?

Walmart gift card are very useful because of the variety you can get with them. Some people find that it is easier to carry cash than gift cards, and may prefer to exchange them for cash.

The question you might be asking is: Can I receive cash back on my Walmart gift cards? Let me tell you what I learned about Walmart’s cashback policy with gift cards.
Can You Get Cash Back From A Walmart Gift Card In 2022?

A Walmart Gift card can be used to earn cash in 2022.

As of 2022, Walmart will not offer cashback on any remaining Walmart gift card balances. However, certain states such as California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana, New Jersey, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington allow customers to receive the remaining balance (up to $10) in cash.

  • Continue reading to learn more about how you can get cash back from Walmart and a secret trick!
  • Secret Hack For Getting Cash Back On a Walmart Gift Card
  • The following hack, while it is not possible to get cashback with a Walmart Gift Card (or any other official method), seems to be very effective.

    Step 1: You will need to purchase an item that is slightly more expensive than the Walmart Gift Card and pay the difference with cash or card.

    As an example, the $55 product might be purchased using a $50 Walmart Credit Card with the $5 cash added.

    You should keep your receipt, as it will count in Walmart’s eyes as “cash purchase”, once payment has been made.

    Step 2: Keep the product in the box and in original condition and return within 14 days with the receipt.

    Step 3: You will now receive a refund which can be put onto a debit card or received in cash.

  • Other Ways To Get Cashback from a Walmart Gift Card
  • If your state requires retailers to provide cash refunds for gift cards, take your Walmart gift card to a customer service desk and request to exchange it for cash.

    If an employee does not know the state’s rules regarding gift cards returns, it may be necessary to contact a store manager.

    There are restrictions in some states regarding how much cash you can get back from a gift certificate. California, for example requires that your gift card balance not exceed $10.

    Check your state’s guidelines before asking for cash back with your gift card.

    You can sell your Walmart gift card to get cash.

    But you won’t get the whole amount back in cash. You can exchange your Walmart gift certificate on several gift card exchange websites like Raise and CardCash. However, you will usually get less than the full amount.

    Walmart offers an incentive to buy back gift cards. You can also exchange them for gift cards from other retailers at up 95% off the original price.

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  • Conclusion
  • Walmart gift cards cannot give you cash back if they are required to be refundable in cash. However, you may be able sell your Walmart gift card via a gift card exchange, although you won’t usually get all of the amount.

    .Can You Get Cash Back From A Walmart Gift Card In 2022?

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