2024 USPS Assistant Rural Carrier Ultimate Guide: Pay, Hours & Job Details

Discover the comprehensive guide for the Assistant Rural Carrier job with USPS in 2024! Learn about job responsibilities, hourly pay, salary insights, and working hours. Explore how to embark on your postal service career. Click for details!

Usps Assistant Rural Carrier (Job Description, Pay + More)

USPS operates as a federally-owned and controlled company. Federal employers are known for providing good wages and other benefits. You might be a candidate for USPS if you are unsure.

  • What are the benefits and pay for the USPS Assistant Rural Carrier role? This is what I learned about the position after looking into it.
  • USPS Assistant Rural Carrier In 2022
  • The USPS Assistant Rural Carrier aids Rural Mail carriers in their journey as of 2022. As Assistant Rural Carriers are part-time and work irregular hours, this is a temporary position. Assistant Rural Carriers receive benefits and typically make $19-$20 an hour, and there are plenty of opportunities for advancement.

  • If you’re interested in becoming an Assistant Rural Carrier with USPS and want to know more about the daily duties, job description, and requirements, be sure to keep reading!
  • USPS Assistant Rural Carrier (Job Description, Pay + More)

    What are the Job Duties of a USPS Assistant Rural Carrier

    For any position that is open, a job description will detail the job’s primary responsibilities and required qualifications. It also includes typical hours.

    The majority of USPS jobs are posted only on the company’s internal website, called eCareers. This means that job descriptions won’t be readily accessible.

    After doing some research, I found an alternative site that contains great information.

    This is the list of general duties and responsibilities in which a USPS assistant rural carrier has to perform:

    Deliver packages to the vehicle in a specific order

    Delivers packages to customers along a prescribed route.

    Mail is sorted according to the delivery order for each route.

    Signs for responsible mail

    Loads mail and packages in the vehicle.

  • Delivers mail and packages to customers along a prescribed route or as an auxiliary assistant by a vehicle
  • Collects money and receipts for accountable mail
  • Picks up mail from customers’ roadside boxes.

    Provides customers with routine information regarding postal matters.

    Returns mail collected, undeliverable mail, and submits money and receipts to the Post Office.

    Prepare the appropriate time records.

    Provides mail security at all times.

    May be required to provide a vehicle for delivery if an employer-provided vehicle is not assigned.

    All weather conditions are considered when working outdoors.

    Carriers may be required to load and unload trays and containers of mail and parcels weighing as much as 70 pounds.

    Maintain a neat and professional appearance/demeanor.

    If you’d like to read more about the USPS Assist Rural Carrier role, click here.

    What is the Average Salary for an Assistant Rural Carrier with USPS?

    USPS calculates its most important workers’ earnings using a pay-scale. It combines hourly wages with employee time with USPS.

    This being said, USPS’s Assistant Rural Carrier candidates start at $19 an hour.

    USPS employees receive one to two additional raises each year, depending upon how successful their Post Office is.

    USPS Assistant Rural Carrier (Job Description, Pay + More)

    Is the USPS Schedule for Rural Carriers Assistants a Good Idea?

    The schedule may be irregular because Assistant Rural Carriers work part-time and are not meant to replace full-time rural carrier staff.

    The position of Assistant Rural Carrier requires an open schedule. You must be available to take calls from sick carriers or when they are vacationing.

    Also, the Assistant Rural Carrier position is defined as a long-term, non-career relief position that can work directly into a career position.

    The size and number of potential carriers will determine the hours that Assistant Rural Carriers work.

    Although the facility that you work in doesn’t ask you to work longer than five hours each week, you may be able to pick up additional shifts from the nearby Post Offices.

  • But, just be sure to get permission from the local Postmaster first!
  • Also, these hours fluctuate based on the time of year. For example, every Post Office employee, including the Assistant Rural Carriers, works more during Christmas.

    As most full time carriers have the right to leave, assistance rural drivers will be available for all days except weekends.

    What Are The Requirements To Become A USPS Assistant Rural Carrier?

    First and foremost, all Assistant Rural Carriers for USPS must complete and pass the Virtual Entry Assessment- MC (474) to qualify for the position.

    This site contains information on the assessment and study guides. It also includes tips and tricks to ease anxiety and what you can expect during the test.

    After you pass the assessment, training will be provided in different areas so that you can demonstrate your knowledge, skills, abilities (KSAs), for the post.

    These KSAs cover safe driving habits, driving rules, and other skills that are relevant to the carrier’s job duties.

    The applicant will be disqualified if they fail to prove any KSAs.

    Along with the KSAs, the entry assessment and a driving license, you will need to pass mandatory drug screenings.

    The following are additional requirements.

    You must be either a citizen or legal foreigner of the United States.

    Must be 18 years or older and have obtained a high-school diploma.

    Be able to pass a physical to prove you are physically capable of handling the duties that come with the carrier position.

    Usps Assistant Rural Carrier (Job Description, Pay + More)

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