Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners

Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners

Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners

Are Steam Cleaning Carpets Better than Shampooing?

The steam cleaner uses hot water combined with high pressure to remove dirt, bacteria, and grime from carpeting. This cleaning method can soften the carpet and re-plump them. The fibers can also get very moist from this type of cleaning and take quite a while to dry. Shampooing involves the application of a foaming shampoo and water and a rolling brush that disperses the mixture over the carpeting. After shampooing, the lather and dirty water are sucked into the machine. The rolling brush can remove embedded pet hair, but the process leaves shampoo residue on the carpet and can make it look dull over time. Not all the water can be removed from either of these cleaning processes, which can result in mold or mildew formation. Each method has its pros and cons.

Shampooers Vs

  • Steam cleaning and carpet shampooing are sometimes interchangeable terms. They both refer to hot water extraction using a combination of water and chemicals. Although many shampooers that are consumer grade include “steam” as their name, few actually deliver. Both rental and residential models use hot water to mix shampoo and shampoo and vacuum up the residue. Although hot water can create some steam, shampoo, brushes, and water do the actual cleaning.
  • Steam cleaning and carpet shampooing are sometimes interchangeable terms. They both refer to hot water extraction using a combination of water and chemicals. Though many consumer-grade shampooers include the name “steam” in their title, they rarely deliver. Residential and rental models release a mixture of hot water and shampoo into the carpet – often with rotating brushes – and then vacuum the liquid up. While the hot water does release a little steam, it’s the shampoo, brushes and water that does the cleaning.

Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners

How Do I Rent A Rug Doctor From Walmart?

There are two ways to rent the machine and cleaning chemicals.

Physically, go to the kiosk and choose your machine and cleaning chemicals of choice.

It’s a self-service kiosk.

Swipe your credit or debit card, and this will unlock the machine for you to take home and use.

The second way to rent a machine conveniently is to reserve the machine online.

Check with your store to see if they offer the online booking service.

If they do, then renting is simpler.

After you have found the Walmart address you want, click the “Reserve Now” button.

Rent the machine and choose your cleaners online.

Pick up the machine from the kiosk with your cleaners and attachments, and you’re ready to start cleaning.

The kiosks are typically found in the front portion of the Walmart store, adjacent to the customer service desk.

However, not all Walmart locations have them.

To see if there is one in your area, it’s worth visiting the website.

What is the cost of a rental Publix carpet cleaner?

Publix charges $30 per 24 hour rental. Publix offers affordable carpet rentals, even though it isn’t the most expensive.

You’ll pay $60 to Rent a Carpet Shampooer at Publix For 48 Hours (or Two Days). You don’t have to rent the carpet shampooer for more than one day.

That means if you need it for a week, you’re more than welcome to rent it for that long. Remember that rental services work in 24-hour increments. You can not rent Rug Doctor for less than 24 hours. If you don’t return your machine on time, it might be worth renting another one. You will automatically have to pay for the next day.

If you end up only using the carpet cleaner for one-and-a-half days out of a two-day rental, you will still be charged the full two days. The time you didn’t use will not be refunded.

Check out our guides on how to cash a check at Publix as well as the Money Order Guide.

Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners

The Best for Hiring

Why It Made the Cut: For those interested in hiring a professional to tackle carpet cleaning, HomeAdvisor is an excellent resource to find qualified carpet cleaners in the area.

As a trusted name in home improvement, HomeAdvisor lets homeowners find professionals in their area to complete the projects. Search for carpet cleaning on the streamlined and easy-to-use website to get started. Shoppers will enter their ZIP code; answer a few questions regarding the project; provide their address, phone number, and email; and discover the professionals in the area who can fulfill carpet cleaning needs. While it is somewhat inconvenient to input personal information before seeing a list of professionals, this feature ensures that a customer sees professionals who can service their address. While pricing varies by service and location, customers can get quotes from reputable companies. Paying for a professional service to clean carpeting will be more expensive than renting a carpet cleaner and doing it yourself. This extra cost might be worthwhile for homeowners who have mobility problems or are unable to do the job themselves.


  • Service charges vary for models
  • Rental locations: N/A
  • Prices vary by service
  • Additional tools: Varies by service


  • Potential clients can filter by project and choose from local professionals
  • Site is user-friendly and streamlined
  • Carpet cleaning is easier than you might think.


  • To browse the local services, you will need your name, email, and phone number.
  • Renting carpet cleaners may be more expensive than hiring a professional.

How Do I Return A Rug Doctor To Walmart?

Enter your information via the same touch screen you used to rent it.

Once you’re done cleaning your carpet, you’ll need to return it on time in order to avoid a full-day penalty charge for each day you return it late.

You’re finished!

The machine doesn’t need to be empty or cleaned.

Walmart won’t charge you, but cleaning it does two things.

It keeps the machines in good working order.

If machines break, Walmart may not rush to replace or repair them.

They reserve the right not to provide the service if it is beyond their control.

The service will be a valuable asset that you return to again and again.

If you rent a carpet cleaning machine, you may actually end up spending more of your time and money and getting only marginal results in return. You won’t like the results after the carpets have dried, so rent it again. You can also buy more shampoo. Buy a more expensive stain removal product because it is likely to work better.

You have now more than doubled the initial investment. You had to do it all yourself. Twice.

Two weeks later, you walk into your living room and realize that the traffic lanes look worse than they did before you cleaned them. In fact, everything looks just as bad and the carpet feels kind of crunchy.

The shampoo didn’t get extracted because of the lackluster suction and the not-so hot water used in the machine rental. Remaining cleaning products, which weren’t cleaned up properly, acted like a magnet and attracted everything that came in contact after cleaning. This can make your carpet seem dirtier than it was in the first place!

A professional carpet cleaner will have tools with the the proper amount of suction and the training to know how much product to use and how to get it out of your capet. Your carpets will feel great after a professional cleaning.

You had it cleaned by someone else. Once.

Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners

Publix: How to Return a Rug Doctor Rental

You must make sure that the Rug Doctor carpet cleaner you have rented from Publix is returned in its original condition. It means taking the time to clean your rental machine before taking it back to the store.

Returning a dirty carpet cleaner to Publix will incur an extra cleaning fee. However, you can avoid a cleaning surcharge by emptying the shampooer’s water tank.

Even if the rest of the carpet cleaner is clean, leaving water in the tank will cause you to get hit with a cleaning fee. So even if you rented the Rug Doctor as a quick spot cleaner, it pays to clean it before returning it.

It’s also a good idea to wipe down your rental before returning it. In short, you don’t want the machine to look dirty when you take it back to Publix. The customer service representative should be able to immediately place the machine back on display for the next customer.

You don’t need to return cleaning products you have rented at the time you rent them.

It’s worth mentioning that your local Publix cleaning fee might be more or less than another Publix store elsewhere. These fees should be discussed with your Publix representative at the time you rent.

Best Overall

Rug Doctor: Why it made the cut: Rug Doctor’s name is well-known and its machines are available to rent or purchase.

Rug Doctor can deep clean a home’s carpets at a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional service. Rug Doctor also offers a floor dryer to speed up drying times. The Rug Doctor has a clear and easy-to-navigate website. Those interested in renting a Rug Doctor machine can decide on which cleaner to rent, enter their ZIP code to find the nearest rental location, and get information on specialized cleaning solutions that include a bio-based clean formula and deep-cleaning options.

Some available carpet cleaner models are the Pro Deep Cleaner, Pro Portable Detailer, and the X3 Carpet Cleaner. The X3 has a large tank capacity of 3.9 gallons, so users won’t need to fill the tank again and again. The Pro Deep Cleaner can be used on carpeting and hard floors, and the Pro Portable Detailer is great for spot, stain, and auto cleaning. Be sure to double-check at the rental location (which includes convenient stores such as The Home Depot, Walmart, Ace Hardware, and Dollar General) to see which models are currently available. Pricing can vary according to location, but the X3 typically costs $34.99 to rent for 24 hours. The 24-hour rental price is relatively high, but customers can check Rug Doctor’s website for discounts and coupons. Rug Doctor has instructional videos on their website that will help you get started.


  • Models available: Pro Deep Cleaner, Pro Portable Detailer, X3 Carpet Cleaner
  • Locations for rental: The Home Depot and Walmart. Ace Hardware. Dollar General.
  • Pricing: $34.99 to rent the X3 Carpet Cleaner for 24 hours
  • Additional tools: Floor dryer, pressure washer, wet/dry vacuum

The pros

  • The X3 has a large tank capacity of 3.9 gallons
  • Carpets as well as hard floors can use the Pro Deep Cleaner
  • Customers can rent a floor dryer for quicker dry times
  • Wide range of cleaning formulas


  • Relatively high daily rental prices
  • Relatively high daily rental prices

Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners

Tank Capacity And Ease Of Use

The tank capacity should be checked by homeowners before renting a carpet cleaner. The tank’s maximum capacity is the amount of liquid it can hold. A larger tank means that more cleaning can be performed before the tank needs to be emptied and refilled. A larger capacity tank will impact the carpet cleaner’s weight. However, other machines might be lighter but have smaller tanks. Others may be lighter and have a larger tank capacity. It is important that you check the tank capacity of the carpet cleaner before the machine’s mass. Additionally, some carpet cleaners are easier to use than others; some have a bulky design or a heavier weight, making them more challenging to maneuver. If a homeowner has any concerns about whether they can physically maneuver a carpet cleaning machine, they may want to hire a professional instead.


BISSELL offers budget-friendly rental options and carpet cleaners that are easy to maneuver, with options specifically designed for pet stain removal.

The carpet cleaning service BISSELL is fast, simple and affordable. Although prices vary at different locations, prices typically start at $29.99 to rent the Big Green carpet cleaner for 24 hours. The Big Green has a 175 gallon tank, meaning that users will need to fill it more frequently. Customers can also rent accessories for their cleaner, such as stair and upholstery attachments. This allows them to have more flexibility with one machine. Renting a carpet cleaner can be done easily at thousands of locations throughout the United States, including PetSmart, True Value and Winn-Dixie. The Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine is the most common option, but customers can also rent the Pawsitively Clean Pet Carpet Cleaning Machine from PetSmart. The machine was specifically designed for pets with hair or stains.

BISSELL’s cleaning formulas include a pet stain and odor remover, a deep clean with Febreze, and multipurpose options. Pretreating and spot cleaning sprays and foams are also available. Customers can quickly find the right location for renting a carpet cleaner by entering their zip code on the BISSELL site. Store names and the model of the machine will be displayed.


  • Models available: Big Green, Pawsitively Clean, Little Green Pro
  • Rental locations: Lowe’s, PetSmart, True Value, H-E-B, Winn-Dixie
  • Prices: 29.99 for Big Green 24 Hours
  • Other tools: Stair tool and upholstery, pet upholstery, stair tool and outdoor power washer

The pros

  • Daily rental prices are relatively low
  • Pet Carpet Cleaning Machine Pawsitively Clean designed for pets
  • Customers can rent upholstery and stair attachment with cleaning machine


  • Big Green’s tank capacity is relatively small
  • Big Green has relatively low tank capacity

Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners

Looking For A Carpet Cleaner?

This guide will help you find the best chemical treatment to get rid of stains, whether you are looking to hire a professional, rent a machine or simply clean your carpet. One of the most preferred flooring options in America is carpet. It looks great, feels soft underfoot and is inexpensive to install. But it needs regular cleaning to keep it looking great.

Every time that you step on carpet, it takes some beating. It is prone to dirt particles, which can cause it to lose its luster and wear. Regular annual or bi-annual cleaning keeps it looking and smelling fresh while extending its life span. A professional carpet cleaner will deliver the best results at a fraction of the cost of buying a shampooer or doing it yourself.

Before You Use One Of The Best Carpet Cleaner Rental Services

A carpet cleaner can be rented to make your carpets clean and stain-free. Before renting a carpet cleaner, there are a few things to consider.

  • Rental period. Consider how long you’ll need to rent the machine. Many people find that 24 hours of machine rental is enough. However, if there are multiple rooms or stairs you need to clean it can be helpful to estimate how long you will take to complete the task.
  • Cleansing solution. You should find out which cleaning product is needed for the machine that you are renting. Companies can have different solutions for upholstery, pet stains, and pretreating, so plan for what you need. The wrong cleaning agent could cause damage to the carpet cleaner and lead to additional costs.
  • Drying time. After a carpet is cleaned with a cleaner rental, it will usually take several hours for them to dry. Opening windows and running fans can speed up drying time, but be prepared to stay off the carpet and wait before moving furniture back into the room so you don’t dirty them.
  • Consider the machine. Different carpet cleaners offer different results. Be sure to ask questions regarding the type of machine that will work the best with the type of carpeting in your home. Some cleaners may be too intense for delicate carpets.

Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners

Here’S Why

The carpet and rug cleaning machines used by the pros have much more horsepower than the tiny motors inside a rental machine. This means more suction (also called lift) to extract soil and stains that have built up over time.

Additionally, the “hot” water coming out of the rentable machines may not actually be “hot”.

Professional carpet cleaners use water that is between 160-230 degrees Fahrenheit. This is adjusted according to the carpet’s composition. You can be sure that your carpet is getting the best possible cleaning without causing damage.

Know Just How Long You’Ll Need The Machine

If you have a larger project in mind and are aware that you will need additional time, or you simply want to relieve the stress of long-term rental agreements, talk to your rental agency about financial incentives.

Similar Article

A clean carpet is a big step towards a clean home

Many folks consider calling in a professional initially but then decide to rent a carpet cleaning machine, as it’s typically more affordable. On average, professional carpet cleaning costs between $300-$600. Renting a carpet cleaner will cost you about $100 per day.

Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners


  • Rent a machine: $25 to $40 per 24 hours, $60 to $80 48-hours
  • Attachments: About $13 each
  • Cleaning products: From $9 to $13
  • Refundable deposit: None
  • Total cost: $30 to $106
  • Brand: Rug Doctor
  • Learn more about renting a carpet cleaner at Ralphs.

What are the benefits of renting from The Home Depot?

The Home Depot Rental is your one-stop-shop for large equipment, general tools, trucks and trailers with more than 1,100 convenient locations across the U.S. and Canada. Large equipment can be delivered to your jobsite with flexible terms. Our knowledgeable and dependable associates are available 7 days a week to make renting tools and equipment more convenient so you can spend more time focused on getting the job done.

Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners


  • Machine rental fees: $25 to $35 for 24 hours and $35 to $45 for 48 hours
  • Attachments: $5 to $6 each
  • Cleansing solutions from $5 to $25
  • Refundable deposit: None
  • Total cost: $25 to $76
  • Brand: Rug Doctor
  • Learn more about carpet cleaning at Albertsons.

Cub Foods

  • Machine rental fees: $30 to $35 for 24 hours and $60 to $70 for 48 hours
  • Attachments: From $3 to $5 per piece
  • Cleaning products: From $10 to $25
  • Refundable deposit: Varies at the store’s discretion, but usually none
  • Total cost: $30 to $99
  • Brand: Rug Doctor
  • Learn more about the Cub Foods rental carpet cleaner policy.

Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners

Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Professional

  • What is the duration of this job?
  • Are you insured against damage to my home?
  • Does your chemical leave behind an unpleasant odor? Is there an odor?
  • Is the cleaner you choose safe for the environment and healthy for people? You can find healthier and more environmentally-friendly carpet cleaning products.
  • Move floor length curtains and drapes. Attach them to the rods or the windows.

Drying Time

There are specific models of carpet cleaners that can increase the suction and improve the drying time to as little as 30 minutes. Overall, drying time depends on the model of the cleaner and how wet the carpet is after cleaning. It’s recommended to allow at least 3 hours for the carpeting to dry.

Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners

What Carpet Cleaning Method is Best?

Some professional carpet cleaning companies use the hot water extraction method, which uses a cleaning solution and hot water to get a deep clean. Powders are used for dry cleaning, while bonnet cleaners employ a scrub pad which uses a liquid to clean the carpet’s surface. The process of encapsulating carpeting is done by using foam which turns to a powder. After this, a vacuum suctions away the dirt. Some prefer one technique over the other and will choose the right method for their carpeting.

Big Lots

  • Machine rental fees: $30 for 24 hours and $40 for 48 hours
  • Attachments: $5 each
  • Cleaning solutions: Around $20
  • Refundable deposit: None
  • Total cost: $30 to $65
  • Brand: Bissell
  • For more information about renting a carpet cleaner, contact your local Big Lots.

Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners

Your Cleaning Essentials

Consider what kind of mess you have and the carpet type in your home before renting a carpet cleaner. While some machines are better suited for cleaning superficial messes, others can handle stains and pet hair. Different carpet types have varying cleaning needs. Shag carpets with long fibers are too delicate for strong suction and agitating motorized brushes. Make sure the carpet cleaner you choose is appropriate for your carpet.

What If I Want To Rent It For An Extra Day?

There are no late fees if you should take the rug cleaner back late.

You will be responsible for the full cost of each daily rental.

If you rent it for 3 days for $30 and leave it there for an additional 2 days, the company will charge $90 per day for the initial three days and $60 for each of the subsequent days.

Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners In 2022? (Prices, Types + More)

Large-scale carpet cleaning requires special equipment, such as floor scrubbers/carpet cleaners. You can rent the equipment at hardware stores to save money on one-time rental.

  • Home Depot is an American hardware retailer chain that you might be curious about. Can Home Depot rent carpet cleaners? This is my research into this matter.
  • Where can I find a Carpet Cleaner to Rent from Home Depot

    It is easiest to view all available carpet cleaners online before you rent one from Home Depot.

    Once you have opened the website, set your location on the website by entering your zip code in the top left-hand corner to gain access to the available carpet cleaners in your area.

    Then, choose “check availability”. This will show you how many carpet cleaners are on hand and their total cost.

    Or, visit an authorized store and reserve your rental at a convenient time and day. Make sure you bring valid photo identification such as a passport or state ID for collection.

    Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners In 2022? (Prices, Types + More)

    Carpet Cleaning Services at Home Depot: What Are Their Prices?

    Home Depot can charge you a different carpet cleaner rental fee depending on what machine you pick, how much you use it and the area you are in.

    We reviewed online the costs of regular carpet cleaning by Rug Doctor to get an idea of their price:

  • $29 for 4 Hours
  • $32 per day
  • $128 per week
  • For 4 Weeks, $384
  • Home Depot has a deposit of approximately $50 that can only be paid by credit cards.

    How do I collect a rented carpet cleaner at Home Depot?

    A rental reservation can be made at any of the 1,200 stores that are part of Home Depot’s rental program.

    Since large carpet cleaners are relatively hard to carry, Home Depot may deliver the machine straight to your home or cleaning site.

    You can take your carpet cleaner along if it is available immediately and you have sufficient transportation options.

    The “How To Get It” section of the product page will allow you to determine if the carpet cleaner that you’ve chosen is eligible for delivery directly.

    Are Home Depot Carpet Cleaners Compatible with Cleaning Products?

    Customers usually receive one container of carpet cleaning solution when they rent.

    You can also purchase solution and carpet shampoo if the rental includes no solution.

    You should always read the manufacturer’s instructions before using any carpet cleaning products.

    Home Depot offers solutions in 22 oz to 116 oz quantities ranging in prices from $8-$30.

    Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners In 2022? (Prices, Types + More)

    Do I rent or buy a carpet cleaner from Home Depot?

    Experts suggest that carpets need deep cleaning every 12-18 months using a professional carpet cleaner.

    The extended rental period can help you save money on carpet cleaning by hiring a Home Depot cleaner.

    Home Depot sells low-maintenance carpet cleaning products for $133.89 to $1149.00, while industrial cleaners can be purchased at $1049 to $1,905.

    A carpet cleaner can be hired for as little as 4 hours to clean carpets from a house in about 20 minutes.

    Other than that, saving on additional home storage is another benefit of carpet cleaner rental.

    Customers that need to vacuum carpets regularly may opt to get a cleaner.

    For such customers, Home Depot offers monthly payment plans lasting around 6-months on high price items such as carpet cleaners.

    Do You Have Any Other Options to Rent Carpet Cleaners

    There may be other options if your Home Depot does not carry enough stock. You can also rent carpet cleaners from the following stores:

  • Lowe’s
  • Bissell Rental
  • PetSmart
  • Giant Eagle
  • Learn more about whether or not Kroger rents out carpet cleaners.

  • Conclusion
  • Customers can hire carpet cleaners from Home Depot for 4-hours, one day, one week, or 4-weeks. Your initial cost will include the time and $50 damage deposit.

    The late fee could apply if you don’t return the carpet cleaning machine within the stipulated time. You can rent a carpet cleaner in over 1200 shops or online.

    .Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners In 2022? (Prices, Types + More)

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