Bug A Salt Review

Bug A Salt Review

bug a salt review

Are You Better than A Fly Swater or A Bug Zpper with Bug-Asalt?

My kids have a bug problem. I am often asked by them to exterminate the flies, spiders and other insects in their house. The pests are not something that I like, but I don’t really enjoy going around killing them. The kids were given an old-fashioned fly swatter. Many people have heard of a fly-swatter. You simply place the bug onto a surface flat and then the swatter moves forward, killing it. If it was done properly, the bug is dead, but, often, it is smashed with its guts out, leaving a gory mess to clean up not fun! Plus, it’s really hard to get spiders along the crevice of the ceiling with a swatter.

Next, we tried the bug zapper racket. The handle has two buttons that, when pushed together, create a circuit. An electrical current is then flowing through the wire mesh. A good swing can get flying bugs out of the air. It was the first time I saw a bug zapper in action. The bee was in the house, and it worked perfectly. Unfortunately, the bug zapper doesn’t work well on nonflying insects, or any bugs that have landed. Therefore, this review is based upon the Bug A-Salt Air Gun. I read several Bug-A-Salt reviews and still wasn’t sure if I should purchase it, so I wanted to give the details on how well it works for killing insects inside.

Main Features of Bug-A-Salt 2.0:

It is air-powered.

It shoots table salt granulated.

The gun chamber is compressed and loaded by a single pump.

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Each pump switches the gun’s safety off automatically.

bug a salt review

Bug A Salt Shred-Er Review

The Bug A SaltAir asSALT rifle has been a favorite of ours for many years. (See the original video HERE). While we love this concept as much as millions others, there was something missing: more power to eliminate larger bugs. Bug A Salt heard that cry and built a much more powerful salt gun. This is a pistol power by CO2. Let’s move onto the review of Bug A Salt Shred Er. Let’s start by getting to the blog. A message from our Human Resources department

Don’t forget that real guns are not toy guns. Do not point a firearm at any person. Keep guns away from kids. We try to make this product fun and not deadly for bugs. With the exception of those pesky fly-biting insects, we do not endorse violence in guns.

OK, so we don’t actually have an HR department. But we can approve this message. We’re now ready for the real fun.

bug a salt review


The PROS include a high-quality product, a great weight and good quality, and a lot of power. However, the CONS are that you cannot use regular table salt any longer and will need to purchase the Bug A Salt Rounds (and CO2 cartridges) instead. We love Bug A Salt’s original Bug A Salt but fell more in love their new Shred Er salt pistols. The best way to eliminate those pesky insects is to shred them.

Learn more by visiting Bug A Salt.

You will find tons of products and services in the AMAZON STORE.

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This store will have the latest products we’ve tested so that you don’t need to go to multiple places for tailgating.

Our blog is dedicated to the Bug A Salt Shredder review. We would love to hear your thoughts and answer any questions. You can now see our fun, informative video about the salt pistol. Make sure to hit the SUBSCRIBE button for Salt Shreder Video Review. Do you love learning all about the amazing products we test? Take a look at our PRODUCT REVIEWS.

Reviewers are not paid. Because we trust our fans to be real, this was how we made sure that everything was honest. A sample was provided to us, with the agreement that we’d share our honest opinions.

Written By: Luke Lorick 9/21/21

.Bug A Salt Review

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