Best Phone Watch For Kids

Best Phone Watch For Kids

best phone watch for kids

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Verizon GizmoWatch II A reliable, affordable smartwatch suitable for children. You can use voice commands and limitless texting to make calls. Your child can also be tracked with this smartwatch.

TickTalk 4. Bigger and better, with a Camera

TickTalk 4 has a built-in camera, which can take pictures and make video calls. It also allows you to have up to 50 contacts. It is sturdy, but it’s also large and heavy.

Amazon $190* Additional $10 discount with TickTalk Coupon $190

Best performing, most expensive

Although the Apple Watch SE was the best and easiest-to-use smartwatch, it is also the most expensive. It’s only available to iPhone owners.

It may not be in stock.

best phone watch for kids

You should trust us

I spoke with more parents than one dozen times in person and asked another dozen to survey me via social networks about their children’s smartwatches. My daughter’s 10-11 year old friends were invited by me to provide their thoughts. Also, I talked to a technology analyst and representatives from several devices manufacturers in an effort to gauge the market. My local Target, Verizon, Best Buy, AT&T stores were all open to me for a quick look of what was available. Online reviews and blog posts as well as reports about basic and smart phones for kids were also available., the San Francisco Chronicle, and other tech publications have featured me on technology trends. Wirecutter’s Guide to Best Apps to Manage a Kid’s Smartphone and Advice on Setting up Tablets for Kids is also my book. My personal and professional interest is in selecting a device for my 11-year-old son and his 13-yearold daughter. I want it to not be too distracting, and allow me to monitor them while they explore the world on their feet.

best phone watch for kids

Smartphones Are More Affordable Than Smartwatches for Children

So you always know where they are, without being weird about it.

Parents don’t like the thought of strapping their children’s smartwatches to their wrists. A child’s average screen time is less than the recommended amount. However, the top smartwatches designed for kids can allow parents to ditch or even eliminate devices that they no longer consider essential. This includes smartphones, tablets, and any other non-school-related gadgets. A children’s phone watch allows you to reduce clutter and simplify your life. You can also use it as a digital tool to help your child gain autonomy and confidence. When something does not go according to plan, it can respond immediately. All that is possible with a little piece of tech, like a phone for kids (and its military grade GPS), it would be a deal many parents, even us, would accept in a heartbeat.

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Dads who are interested in getting their child the first smart watch for them should feel secure. Smartphones have unrestricted access to internet and social media. Data charges and vulnerability to losing data can make it difficult to get lost. However, the wrist-mounted watches provide more communication options and they don’t require a browser. They also fit easily to smaller bodies. The watches can be used for calling, texting and GPS tracking. They even come with pre-approved contact lists. Although some smartwatches do not include any activities, children are more likely to want an iPhone and iPad than anything else. Plus, smartwatches tend to be much cheaper than smartphones. Additionally, they are easier to maintain and come with more affordable data plans. The watches on our list have touchscreens that are easy to navigate, and let adults and children stay in touch. And that is exactly what you want.

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You can find the Vivofit Jr. #3 in many kid-themed cartoons like Marvel and Disney (shown here). The Vivofit Jr. The battery, unlike the adult version, can be changed every year so that your child does not have to worry about taking it off and possibly losing it. Rewards can be based on chores or grades as well as any other metrics you select.

Ace 3 Activity Tracker for Kids by Fitbit

The all-new Ace 3 is a great way to encourage kids to be more active and have fun. It has parental controls as well as an app that’s kid-friendly. It is water- and ding resistant, so it can handle their bumps easily. It can hold up to eight days of juice so they won’t have any need to change it.

best phone watch for kids

Table of Contents

Features of Kids Smart Watch You Should Pay Attention To

GPS Tracking

SOS Calls


Waterproof tech Specs Exclusive Features Top-Quality Brands Gadgets Cheapest Watches below $50 SmartWatches and Camera Waterproof Wears Simplest Watch Roundup

We’ve made things easier for you with our comprehensive guide of the best smartphone watches available and the features you should look for when choosing a watch for your children. A smartwatch is an essential part of modern technology. Check out our 2021 reviews for the best GPS watches to purchase for your kids!

GPS Tracking

best phone watch for kids

Gadgets of High Quality Manufacturers

Best: Find My Kids Wearables Overview – The FindMyKids product range offers compatible smartwatches with both 2G or 4G networks. It also includes a variety of premium and basic features. The FindMyKids watches are simple yet sophisticated and entertain children. Parents can also have peace of mind with their Watch.

These waterproof watches can be used for video calling, SOS calls, geofencing and vital sign measurement, depending on their model. Every purchase comes with a free family license plan for full integration with the FindMyKids app, so parents remain in complete control of their little one.

FindMyKids is one of our longest-lasting smartphones watches, with some models having a capacity of 680 mAH.

For Ages: 3-12 years old.



longest-lasting battery;

best phone watch for kids

Garmin Vivofit Jr.

Garmin Vivofit Jr. 3 – This is not your ordinary fitness tracker. The Vivofit Jr. 3 is a great social studies/P.E. tool. You can carry it around with you as a social studies/PE class. Children can earn games and other activities when they achieve daily activity targets. This will allow them to learn more about the world and have fun exploring the rest of the globe. My son thought being able to explore famous places was the best part about this watch, and he lost himself in learning about the pyramids of Egypt.

Vivofit gives parents the ability to send reminders via their smartphone for chores, and other tasks. It was not a pleasant moment for my son to glance down at the wrist and see it was time unloading the dishwasher. But, there were five other things I could tell him.

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Technical specs: What’s the deal with this battery? It can be used for as long as a year. Yes. It will last for one year. You won’t lose your chargers, have to worry about cords, or run out of juice while doing something. Vivofit Jr. 3, like all other watches, uses a removable battery. I can’t believe it, but this is a major breakthrough in cord-chaos. This activity tracker has no messaging and is connected via Bluetooth to the parent’s smartphone (Andriod/IOS).

7 of 7, Image Credits at Walmart

best phone watch for kids


MeritSoar Kids’ Smart Watch, for Boys or Girls, closely resembles a smart watch for adults. It has games, photography abilities, and accommodates a SIM card. The GPS tracker can help you locate your child and make it a phone.

Toys that make it fun for role play are the perfect toys for your child if they’re interested in technologically advanced toys.

Funntech Smart Watch for Kids sets itself apart from other smart watches by its performance and style. The open design allows for the installation of a 2G GSM sim card, and you can make phone calls with it. It can also receive and send short messages – seven of which come prewritten. Although the Phone Watch Mode has become very popular among parents you can still use Funntech with a SIM Card or SmartPhone Companion Mode.

Funntech Smart Watches feature a step counter for tracking steps and keeping track of the activity level. It has a calculator, a sleep monitor for tracking sleep quality, an alarm clock, and a sedentary reminder. As a bonus for your older child, teens can have access to Facebook, Twitter, and a browser for conducting research for homework or school projects. The touchscreen’s 1.54-inch touch screen makes it easy to load these apps.

Funntech Smart Watch is durable, as the thick silicone used to make its face and clasps are waterproof. Also, it is non-irritating and comfortable.

53 inch touchscreen

Multiple applications

best phone watch for kids


The YENISEY Kids Smartwatch can be used as a starting watch by children who enjoy technology. This smartwatch is preloaded with games and an intuitive camera. If you are looking for an inexpensive gift, this is the one.

The Kids Music Game Smart Watch will allow you to keep track of time and take, store, and make calls. This watch has both a digital camera and a silicone strap. It is also adjustable, which makes it very comfortable. Use a 1GB micro SD card to create ample storage space for your photos and or videos.

Is your child a music lover? Kids Music Game Smart Watch comes with a music player. To get it started, all you do is load music in a Micro SD card and play them from the watch’s music app, accessible via its touch display.

This watch’s digital clock can be read easily and is very accurate, making it perfect for school. For your child’s convenience, the watch can be set to a 24/12 hour time zone or alarm. This will allow them to get up early for school. Another notable feature is its easy-to-use games that allow for play of up to 15 minutes, 30-60 or 90 minutes. When worn throughout the day, it causes no irritation.

Fun puzzle games

Comfortable design

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High definition cam

best phone watch for kids

1. Xplora Go

What we love about it: The watch is waterproof and stylish. It can make and send calls straight from the watch, which really makes it stand out.

It should be interesting to parents that don’t want their child using a mobile phone but are still concerned about staying in touch. It also allows you to access your watch’s contact information from any app that is installed on an adult phone. This means Tamantha won’t have to bother one person to add Grandma’s number to the device. You can add contacts, but you won’t allow them to be added to anyone that you aren’t comfortable with.

Call quality is excellent. The watch’s speaker and microphone are crystal clear. The watch does not have a headset port so you can not use the phone for private calls.

Parental controls are not limited to this. You can also set school hours from the smartphone app. The watch only displays the time, but you can make emergency calls.

The watch also features an encrypted GPS tracker that updates constantly with your child’s location. If they’re in danger, they can hold the button on the watch down for a few seconds and you’ll get an SOS alert. If you notice, trust me. You will notice that your phone is turning on, the volume increases, and you hear a siren. You can also set safety zones – a radius of 500m around the school, for example. If your child leaves one of these zones, you’ll get an alert.

Sony collaborated with children to make it possible for them to connect the XPLORA GO to their PlayStation. They can also win rewards within-game when they achieve fitness goals.

The old model, the XPLORA 3S had a poor battery life, lasting only 36 hours. It was possible that it might have been forgotten to be charged by children. However, the GO comfortably lasted almost a week without needing to be charged, so clearly this is an area XPLORA have invested in.

best phone watch for kids

The Best 11 Kid’s Gps Phone Watches

The following options might be worth a look if you want to get a phone for your child.

1. Wonbo Kid’s Smart Watch With GPS Tracker Safety-conscious Parents? Are you looking for a smartwatch that can track your child’s location? No worry! Wonbo has brought you this one of the best and amazing kids smartwatch. Not only you but also your kid will love this watch- and for good reasons. So, let’s see what the excellent and useful features this product offers.

Two-way calling – you can call the watch from your phone, while your child can make a call using this smartwatch.

GPS tracker works with any Android and iPhones. You can trace the location of your child anytime via SMS, web, Android or iOS apps.

Fitness Tracker allows you to keep track of your child’s exercise

Dual Position Mod – This mode ensures that your children are safe

2. The Oaxis smartwatch is for children. This stylish and fashionable kid’s phone has GPS tracking capabilities that allow you to track the activities of your child remotely.

.Best Phone Watch For Kids

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