Best Kids Tablets

Best Kids Tablets

best kids tablets

Which Tablets Are Best for Kids?

Amazon children tablets can be used in so many ways that you cannot go wrong. Amazon understands that you may not want to trust your children with expensive, premium tablets. Amazon has created the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition as a special edition of its Amazon Fire HD 10. Like its Fire HD 8 Kids Edition and Fire 7 Kids Edition predecessors, this child-friendly version of Amazon’s latest tablet packs extensive parental controls. The tablet comes with a 2-year free worry-free warranty to cover accidental or inevitable damage.

The Apple iPad is a great tablet for kids, believe it or not. A powerful A10 Fusion chip with student support, augmented-reality access and access to immersive apps are included for $329 (399 if you’re not a student). Other highlights include more than 10 hours of battery life and a new iWork suite that makes the iPad a good productivity tool. Apple’s updated tablet may be more appealing to niche users than an affordable PC.

Amazon Fire 7 Tablet is an excellent choice if you are looking for a budget tablet. Two minor improvements have been made to the 2019 Fire 7 tablet. This is Amazon’s lowest-priced slate. You now get twice as much internal storage (starting with 16GB rather than 8GB), and Alexa is now a simple shout away, so you can trigger the assistant from across the room. The tablet is only $50 so it won’t be a big loss even if the screen gets damaged.

It’s the perfect tablet for children thanks to its durable design, robust parental controls and outstanding performance.

best kids tablets

What Tablets are Best for Kids?

It’s a contentious topic. Here are some reasons why you need to buy tablets for your children.

My Children’s Favorite tablet can be used as a flat rock. You can launch toy cars or hop-skip-jump across a lake with the right tablet.

Of course, as a WIRED reviewer, there are also plenty of digital tablets in my house, and they’re pretty popular at times too. After years of testing, we’ve tried almost every kid-focused tablet out there. These are our top picks.

Check out our top kid podcasts for educational tips. We also have a guide to the best STEM toys. Updated September 20, 21: Our picks were updated to reflect the most recent models.

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best kids tablets

Which Tablets Are Best for Kids?

The Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids tablet is our recommendation for toddlers aged 3-12. The tablets run Amazon’s FireOS and have good parental controls. Both the Fire HD 10 Kids Pro and Fire HD 10 Kids Kids come with an Amazon Kids+ subscription for one year, as well as a kickstand case and a 2-year, comprehensive warranty covering accidental damages. They cost $199 each and have the same price as the $150 Fire HD 10, with the exception of the fact that they are packaged differently to appeal to parents. The HD 10 Kids tablet is for children aged 3-7 years old, and the Pro tablet is designed for older children 6-12 years of age.

You can spend more to get your child an Android or iPad tablet. These tablets offer more apps and a wider range of games than Amazon tablets. We recommend the base iPad as the best Apple tablet for kids, since it’s the cheapest Apple slate (starting at $300) yet still offers premium build quality and the full iPad experience. Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 starts at $229, making it a fantastic choice for those who prefer Android tablets.

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Amazon Fire HD 7/Fire HD 8 will save you $50 to $100 and provide a fantastic tablet for children. These tablets are less powerful than the Fire HD 10 but still offer great media content and the same strong parental control as other Amazon tablets.

best kids tablets


Amazon Fire 7, iPad 10.2 (2021), and Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition. (Image credit to Apple, Amazon). Finding the best tablet for children is not like finding it for adults. To be able to use the iPad Pro with all its features, an Amazon tablet or Samsung dedicated for children is better than one that can handle them.

Tablets made for children tend to have a higher level of durability than those designed for adults. However, they are also more affordable because they run older or less powerful processors. Despite the relatively lower specs of kids’ tablets, such devices are still ideal for playing games, watching films, reading books, or listening to music – all the core activities your child is most likely to want to do with their gadget.

These tablets are often a fraction of what a smartphone costs, making them a more affordable option for you and your child. You can also control your children’s screen from the tablet. These tablets are great for keeping your kids entertained, especially if you’re on long car rides or indoors.

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best kids tablets

What To Consider

The most important features to look at when choosing tablets for your kids are not their hardware specifications. Durability, parental controls and a lengthy warranty are better features to consider. Be aware of the dimensions and estimated battery life, along with storage space. You should also consider downloading or installing pre-installed content that is kid-friendly.

If your child will mainly use apps and stream videos, we recommend a tablet with at least 32GB of storage space. You should plan to download a lot of music and videos to prepare for long flights or other road trips. To increase the storage, consider buying a memory card or a larger hard drive.

Are you ready to find out which tablet will best suit your needs? Get more information about tablets that have been rated highly by parents as well as kids.

best kids tablets

Key specs

Screen Size: 7.9inches Storage: 64 or 265 Gb Battery Life: 10hrs The iPad mini boasts a 7-inch high-resolution display and a superior operating system. It can store up to 10 hours on a single charge, has an excellent battery life of 10 hours, and possesses ten hours of battery-life. The iPad mini feels sturdy but is not too heavy. There are many rugged cases that will keep your device in place if it gets dropped by your child. Most importantly, Apple’s App Store has the widest selection of apps, games, and educational content in the business.

We don’t believe an iPad mini is the best tablet to use for children. While the iPad mini offers some options to block explicit content or prevent purchases in apps, parental controls on Amazon’s iPads are more complicated to use and set up. It is not possible to create multiple user accounts on iPad Mini, making sharing between siblings or adults with different needs more challenging.

best kids tablets


Image credit: Amazon. Last update: Black Friday is the ideal time to purchase the top tablets for children in 2021. Every year, tablets for children are heavily discounted at the annual sale. The Black Friday 2018 deals won’t have a good tablet deal for children so we will eat an Apple iPad.

There are many options for kids tablets, including a variety of sizes and brands such as Amazon, Samsung and Lenovo. A few of these brands are new to you because they’re only available for children.

Our list of 2021’s top children’s tablets covers several platforms including Amazon’s Kid-Friendly Fires, Apple iPads, as well as other brands. There are budget options and more expensive tablets, as well as tablets running Android, Amazon’s Android, or iPadOS. We also recommend tablets with parental control.

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These tablets are the top three we recommend for children in 2021.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition (2020), the tablet that is best for kids, overall, is Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition. The Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition (2020) is a tablet with an 8.-inch display, strong hardware and Amazon’s best app/content platform. The tablet comes with an included bumper case that protects it from accidental drops, great parental controls and a 2-year guarantee “if it breaks it gets fixed.”

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition (2211) is the top premium tablet option for children older than 10 years old. The Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition (2021) is Amazon’s most popular children’s tablet. It features a 10-inch display, powerful internals, and a long-lasting battery. Amazon provides a no-hassle 2-year replacement warranty and a protective bumper cover. There are also excellent parental controls.

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition may be the budget-friendly tablet that is best for kids. Though the screen and hardware of this tablet aren’t as durable as Amazon’s HD 8 or HD 10 tablets on Amazon, they are still very easy to operate. The 7-inch screen makes it great for children younger than 8 years old and is also easier to hold. Amazon Fire OS ecosystem works well, too. Each Fire 7 is covered by a 2 year guarantee and comes with a sturdy case.

best kids tablets

How to Choose the Best Tablet for Kids

There a few things to consider when buying a children’s tablet…

Amazon image credit. When deciding the right tablet for you family, there are many factors to take into consideration. Safety is the main thing. Kids can make mistakes and parents don’t want to be left out of the conversation with the tablet screen technician. Many of the best kids’ tablets include protective cases; if the one you choose doesn’t, we’d strongly recommend getting one.

The screen size can also be a consideration. If the screen is too small, it can become difficult to read certain content. However, if it’s too large, then your tablet may be too heavy for you. Some tablets include keyboards. Other models can link to Bluetooth wireless keyboards.

Many tablets for kids have parental control software and filtering software. This can be used to block your children from accessing harmful content. Although such software works well, it is not able to filter all content. Apple’s AppStore is extremely well-regulated, and we have found that some free ads contain advertisements that are inappropriate for the audience the app targets. For parents who are concerned about this, tablets allow you to block children from installing apps and games.

When it comes to buying the best tablet for kids, what you’re looking for is going to be different compared to when you’re buying your own tablet. Raw power matters less than good parental controls and long battery life, and exterior design doesn’t matter so much when it’s going to spend all its time covered in crumbs.

Consider what your child will want in one year. Not just now. The best thing for your child is to invest in a tablet to match their age within the next one to two year.

If the circumstances are very special, a foldable phone may work best for your child. They are ideal for teens who can rely on their phones to work without any problems. It’s worth considering, as you can get two birds with one stone.

best kids tablets

Which Tablet Is Best for Kids?

It is easy to answer this question. Amazon is the top tablet manufacturer for children. Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablet range has excellent parental controls, making it very easy for parents and children to control every aspect of the device.

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Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablets don’t come close to the price of an Apple iPad. Additionally, they have a longer life span than Apple iPads. This is good because children don’t need to mess with plug sockets or power outlets as often as adults.

There are some drawbacks, though, to Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablets, and the first of those is that because they run Amazon’s own proprietary OS they don’t offer access to Android or iPhone app stores, which does reduce the amount of apps they can use. Fire tablets, like all Amazon products, are tied in to Amazon’s shopping and other activities.

If asked to recommend a tablet for children that was not made by Amazon we would likely suggest either Apple (with its amazing iPad range) or Samsung (who produced many affordable Android tablets).

best kids tablets

Best Tablet For Kids: Extra Information

Don’t worry if you’re not very techy. In our best tablets for kids guide we’ll junk the jargon and tell you everything you need to know: the features that matter, the corners you don’t want to cut and how easy it is to use parental control features. Our tablet price guide will help you determine the best tablets. You’ll be surprised at how inexpensive the top tablets for kids can be.

The best tablets to buy for kids are tablets designed for toddlers. Tablets for elementary school students, tablet for high schoolers and tablets for teenagers under 18 years old will all be covered in this guide. T3’s complete best tablets guide can be accessed by both adults and young people. Our best Kindle buying guides might be of interest to you if you only intend to use your tablet for reading.

Black Friday is fast approaching, which means you must check out the best Black Friday deals. Black Friday offers often offer huge discounts for kids’ tablets. Amazon, in particular, tends to get massive amounts of discount on its Kindle tablet sales. Black Friday offers a great opportunity to grab a deal and find the right tablet for your children without spending a fortune.

best kids tablets

What Tablets Are We Testing for Kids?

In terms of priority, testing the best tablet for kids is slightly different from rating slates to adults. Security of both the child as well the tablet is crucial. As such, factors such parental controls and tablet robustness have a great deal of weight.

Amazon’s tablets for kids are the best in class right now due to their parental controls. These allow parents to control when and what they can use.

Amazon tablets also excel in robustness. The company not only provides sturdy, rubberized cases for every tablet but offers a two-year warranty that allows the customer to replace the broken tablet if it is damaged.

We are not only looking at features and specifications, but also a solid core functionality that works with tablets for children, parental controls that work well, and a quality build that makes it unlikely that the tablet will be destroyed before the first drop.

Now we can look at how the child uses the apps and interface. We will rate slates higher if they have plenty of child-friendly content and apps. This is again something Amazon Kids+ does well.

We have the lowest hardware specifications, but we also consider battery life as children are not good at keeping their phones charged. If a kids tablet runs for days on end, we’re going to find out.

Once all the factors have been considered, then we judge how useful it is and give it stars. The tablet that impresses us is entered in the T3 best tablets for children buying guide.

.Best Kids Tablets

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