Best Iron Griddles

Best Iron Griddles

best iron griddles

Griddle Vs. Grill

The cooking surface matters depending on the type of food that you intend to cook. The flat surface of griddles heats evenly and is ideal for creating pancakes, paninis, or grilled cheese sandwiches. A grill, however, is still made of cast Iron and has raised “ribs”. This allows for excess fat to evaporate from the food, while simultaneously igniting (searing) grill marks on whatever you are cooking. The best grill for cooking large quantities of meats and veggies is the one you should use.

best iron griddles

A Note About Maintenance

best iron griddles

People Love Cast Iron For Its Many Unique Features

best iron griddles

6. Lodge Pro Grid Cast Iron Grill & Griddle Combo

It is no surprise that Lodge cast iron griddles are used in half of this listing. You can create cast iron solidly with this long-reversible. Grill combos have a 220 square-inch heating surface that can be turned around to your liking. One griddle/grill at a.

You can prepare anything you want, even complicated dishes with many vegetables. It is ergonomically designed and comes as a separate piece of cast-iron.

The best thing regarding the portability of this cast iron griddle is that it weighs 3.35 pounds only. This makes it ideal for camping trips and open fire cooking. You can use 2 regular gas stove slots to heat the stove. The griddle/grillplate has been pre-seasoned.


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best iron griddles

5.5 Open Flame

best iron griddles

The 6 Best Cast Iron Griddles

best iron griddles


best iron griddles

Our Verdict

best iron griddles

The Best Iron Griddles: A Guide to Buying

Imagine how long it would take to get served if the short order cooks at the diner did everything in pans instead of on a griddle. Imagine waiting an hour to get your meal instead of 10 minutes. Short-order cooks are able to cook on a griddle for crowds. When you’re tasked with making pancakes for a gaggle of kids or frying up a dozen hamburger patties for a rained-out cookout, you should follow their lead.

Home griddles have been around for years, and for a good reason: they work. An iron griddle works best if you are consistent with its use. Simply place your iron griddle on a couple of burners and you will have a cooking surface that rivals the Waffle House. Even though griddles have remained essentially the same, it is important to know what you should consider before purchasing one. The best griddle for you? Here is where we help.

Lodge Company has been manufacturing cast iron cookware since 1896.

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best iron griddles

We have 9 top pancake griddles for 2021

best iron griddles


Even though we were hoping to find some high-quality affordable griddles, we didn’t set price limits to the models that were considered during testing. Griddles were tested from extremely cheap ($29.99) up to very expensive ($549.95). The traditional flat-top sandwich press model was also available. We looked into models featuring additional features such grill plate attachments. We were not impressed with any of the panini press models. For griddle construction manufacturers need to follow Ron Swanson’s guidance. Ron said once, “Never be half-assed two things.” “Whole-ass one.” The performance of our griddles was tested by cooking batches (paellas, bacon, and burgers) to test their ability to handle the high heat that is normally reserved for cast iron and stainless steel pans. Easy setup and use were all noted during our testing. The cooking surface of the griddles was important as well as how they were heated. It is easy to damage nonstick cooking surfaces so we kept track of how much wear they received from simple cooking tasks.

The first task was to cook pancakes. Any electric griddle can handle this. A variety of Kenji’s fluffy pancakes with buttermilk and Stella’s recipe for pancake mix were cooked in griddles at 350°F (177°C). Cooking surface temperatures were monitored using a Thermoworks infrared thermometer . While this method can be imperfect due to reflective surfaces or bright lights, it is possible to reduce temperature fluctuations by using dimmed conditions. Ultra-precision temperature readings may not be as important for making pancakes than they are for things like sous vide circulators. Panini press-style models that can be laid out flat for griddling purposes struggled to reach their target temperature and had very limited cooking surface capacity, thanks to the hinge, making it difficult to maneuver pale, undercooked pancakes with a spatula.

Some of the older flat griddles were more problematic than others. Some of them got way too hot, fluctuating up to 100 degrees over the target temperature, and burned the surface of the pancakes before they could cook through. Many others had extremely hot and cold spots, resulting in batches of flaky flapjacks. Small gaps between the handle and cooking surface meant some griddles got quickly clogged up by pancake batter.

These top-performing pancake griddles have enough space to fit 8 3-inch pancakes. There was enough area to place a spatula and still maneuver around the pancakes. Presta 22-inch grid-like surface made it easy to flip pancakes. This helped keep them in the right place so that we did not have to chase them.

A pancake cooked to the outside of the Presto 222-inch griddle took longer for color to develop than one that was closer to it. However, the Presto Tilt-n-Fold has the largest cooking area. But it does have one problem. There is a small spot in the middle of the griddle which will produce very pale pancakes. This issue was evident when I tested blini using the griddle. Broil King made the best pancakes. The batter was evenly brown all around.

After pancakes, we used our top-performing griddles to cook bacon. While the pancake test focused on the evenness of heat distribution, this test highlighted how each one handles grease runoff as well as its drip tray design. Clear winners in this test were the Broil King and the Presto Tilt-n-Fold.

They both have adjustable legs so the griddle can be tilted at an angle. This allows fat to trickle down towards the grease trap. The griddles will not get too hot and it makes clean-up much simpler. You can empty the drip tray and wipe the surface clean after cooking.

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Are Cast Iron Griddles Worth It?

The Top Cast Iron Griddles ($30). Cast iron reigns supreme for many reasons. It’s easy to clean, easy to use, and it can last forever. Cast iron cookware is a great way to add iron to your meals and cut down on the oil and fat you cook with. It’s a great way to go a little bit healthier, without too much effort.Mar. 12. 2019.

Cast Iron Griddles are Good for What?

A Cast Iron Griddle from a Company that’s been making cast iron for over 100 years. You can use this round cast-iron griddle to make crepes and pancakes. Feb. 15, 2020

Which Lodge Griddle Does Best?

The Lodge LSRG3 is our choice as best square cast-iron griddle. The griddle is 10.5 inches by 10.5 inch and will cover one electric stove top or burner. This plate can be reversible, with one smooth side to serve breakfast food and the other side for juicy meats or vegetables.

Can I Use Cast Iron Griddle On Stove Top?

You can actually use a cast-iron grill on a glass top stove. It has served me well for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even steak! Keep reading for a review and pro tips!

.Best Iron Griddles

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