Best Hdmi Splitter

Best Hdmi Splitter

best hdmi splitter

Hdmi Splitter Rated Best

Orei 4K 1×2 HDMI Splitter “This beautifully crafted Orei splitter works flawlessly. One 5-star review says, “Thanks to the universe”, which seems to sum up the sentiments about the Orei 4K 1×2 HDMI Splitter. Also available in one-by-4 and one-by-8 sizes, it supports high resolutions as well as all the available audio options. There are over 300 user reviews that praise the ease-of-use and marvel at its excellent image quality. “I had no picture issues. According to one satisfied buyer, both screens displayed the original content and had no audio or video delays. One satisfied purchaser stated that the HDMI cable was “as good as the original video and there were no audio or video lags even with the 50 foot length.” This is a nice product. The main difference is that these versions support HDMI 2.0, which allows you to transfer at up to 18Gbps speeds compared to HDMI 1.4’s 10.2Gbps. With the newer options, you’ll be able to view videos and play games with a higher refresh rate in 4K without fear of any blurry action or choppy scenes.

best hdmi splitter

Customers who are Best Buys prefer the following products when looking for Hdmi Splitters.

Below is the list of top-rated Best Hdmi Splitters, along with reviews and comments.

Check out the Top-Rated List of Hdmi Splitters Below, as well as associated reviews and opinions.

Key Digital – 8 Output HDMI Splitter With 4K & HDR Passthrough – Black. “Great HDMI divider !…This unit functions perfectly as required. Highly satisfied. You can read all the customer reviews. This Key Digital HDMI distributor amplifier allows you to simultaneously broadcast 4K content onto eight displays. You can use it with Tx/Rx extender boxes for long-distance settings. The 10.2 Gbps bandwidth allows smooth data transmissions of Ultra HD content and HDR. This Key Digital HDMI distribution amplifier has HDCP authentication and signal renewal for uninterrupted broadcasting.

All A/V Switchers Excellent! Check out all customer reviews. With this Key Digital HDMI amplifier, you can simultaneously transmit 4K content across eight display devices. You can use it with Tx/Rx extender boxes for long-distance settings. The 10.2 Gbps bandwidth allows smooth data transmissions of Ultra HD content and HDR. It includes HDCP authentication for continuous broadcasting and signal regeneration.

See all A/V Switchers

best hdmi splitter

Techole 4K Hdmi Splitter- 2 Input 1 Output – Best For Xbox One

Techole 2 Way HDMI Splitter: This splitter does not have the same frills as the Techole 4K that we reviewed.

It still has a single HDMI input, and two HDMI outputs.

Because of its aluminum construction, which is high quality and resistant to heat and makes it tough, this option can be sturdy.

Like most of the splitters on our list, this model is a plug-n-play device, meaning you simply have to plug it to your output device and push the button to send signals. You’ll also find an LED indicator to help with the setup.

This HDMI output jack allows you to connect your splitter to 2 screens. At the same time, it’ll allow you to simultaneously receive signals from a single output, which can be Xbox One, Blu-Ray DVD player, PS3, TV, and more.

Due to the fact that this splitter is capable of supporting both 4K or 1080p resolution, audio and video quality are outstanding. Be as it may, for the best resolution, the image quality of the output device should match that of the input device.

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Users have reported that the splitter is simple to use. The device can easily connect to Nintendo Switch or Xbox 360 and switch between them seamlessly.

best hdmi splitter

Best Hdmi Splitter Review

Here are our top picks that are guaranteed to split the HDMI signal and distribute it to multiple devices flawlessly.

Imagine being able to view your digital content across multiple screens, all without having to spend a lot of money. You can now make your dream a reality using the OREI UltraHD hdmi splitter

This amazing device has a metal enclosure that reduces heat and keeps it cool. This device is equipped with 1 and 4 input and output ports. This gadget can split HDMI signal to multiple display devices. The gadget’s versatility makes it ideal for those who are extremely multitaskers or need many monitors.

With 4K resolution supportability at a 60hz refresh rate, your gaming awareness will get a massive boost since everything will be much more detailed. Multi-screens help professional eSports gamers see better. You’ll enjoy the most out of your audio system.

This is an excellent choice to get the best HDMI splitter in gaming. It can also be used for movie-watching. It does a great job at retaining signal quality so you don’t need to suffer with poor picture quality and lags.

It is compactly designed, so it’s easy to store. It is easy to use and simple to set up.


best hdmi splitter

The Most Common Questions

We have listed the most popular questions we receive about best HDMI splitters.

HDMI splitter or HDMI switch? What’s the difference?

Their operation is the main difference. Splitters work by taking one HDMI signal, creating multiple copies of it, then sending them to many outputs. This allows you to simultaneously view content from multiple devices on one screen.

HDMI switches can connect multiple devices to one television or monitor, so you can only use one without reconfiguring.

How can I connect another HDMI port on my TV?

Well, technically, install extra HDMI ports to your TV. An HDMI switch is the best way to add additional HDMI ports. The price is not too high.

Will HDMI splitter degrade picture quality?

best hdmi splitter

Description of the Product

J-Tech Digital, a registered US trademark, proudly offers this new generation HDMI 1×4 Splitter. It is V1.3 certified with the latest Chips and more robust Firmware.

This is the best HDMI splitter currently on market.

This splitter can receive only one HDMI signal and four HDMI signals. This HDMI 1.3 certified HDMI splitter is real; V1.3 signals in, V1.3 signals out. This is not a splitter that is “support/compatible/compliant” to HDMI 1.3.

J-Tech Digital’s best HDMI 1×4 is available for an unbelievable price. It features the highest headroom HDMI Splitter at 10.2Gbps.

Both outputs can be used independently; the system works when one of them is not working.

Supports 3D Video (To achieve 3D, all splitter outputs need to support 3D). – Supports video format of deep color up to 36bit

best hdmi splitter

A Solid-Performing Hdmi Splitter

Anyone who needs a good quality, one-display solution for his/her multiple devices would be glad to discover IOGEAR 4-Port Switcher GHSW8441. It features three HDMI2.0 inputs and a bi-directional RS232 connection. This device is also compliant with HDCP 2.2. The device supports 4K video at 60Hz. Maximum data transfer speeds are up to 6Gbps per line, or as high as 18Gbps for the entire set.

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IOGEAR 4-Port Switcher GHSW8441 features a metal enclosure and comes with a 3 year warranty. This device allows you to reproduce uncompressed audio and has a push-button controller. More importantly, it delivers a good quality image and, thanks to the RS-232 connectivity, a support for universal remotes and touch pane.

Altogether, if you are looking for the best 4K HDMI splitter for either home or office, IOGEAR 4-Port Switcher GHSW8441 is the one you should seriously take under consideration.

Quality performance

Three-year warranty


Poor IR receiver

best hdmi splitter

Hdmi Splitter: A Cost-Effective, But Efficient Option

Finding a cheap, yet functional and useful product is what everybody is striving to do, and luckily, there are products such as Techole HS305 HDMI Splitter that perfectly fit into that role.

Although basic, this device delivers everything that the majority of users may need: no lag, excellent image quality and bi-directional functionality, which allows you to use it in either two input/one output combination or one input/two output one. Still, be aware that the second option has its limitations – you cannot simultaneously display on two monitors, but only one after another. In other words, this is more of a switch than a splitter.

Techole HS305 is an HDMI Splitter that doesn’t need external power. This device can be used with a range of devices such as Xbox, Roku, PS4, PC. This unit supports HD audio along with both 3D video and 4K video, and can send data up to 10.2Gbps.

This splitter features a small build and is made from solid aluminum. The warranty lasts for a reasonable, but not overly long, two years.

Techole’s HS305 HDMI Splitter will be your best choice if you want the highest quality HDMI splitter you can find.


You can plug and play

best hdmi splitter

Our Selection of the Top 4K Hdmi Splitter

It was first important to see how good the device could split an HDMI signal. The device had to work without any loss of quality or delay.

The test was passed by all four of the splitters we reviewed.

We knew it was capable of transmitting at the right resolution and had excellent transmission rates. Now we wanted to know about other factors. It had the correct number of outputs and cable lengths. The size, durability, build quality, and overall build quality were all important.

Finally, we looked at what else it could do. Were there any other uses for it? Do you think it could extend your screen, or would it reflect it?

How could it be used for other purposes? These were just some of the questions we wanted to know when looking for the best HDMI splitter in 4K gaming.

best hdmi splitter

Why You Should Get A 4K Hdmi Splitter For Gaming

Splitting your HDMI signal to enable gaming is possible for many reasons. This allows for a wider viewing area and allows you to process more information quickly.

It is also excellent for multiplayer when you want to have separate screens.

A 4K Splitter lets you transmit that signal at the highest possible resolution. These devices are able to deliver that picture and audio quality to give you the best possible gaming experience.

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All of the devices we have reviewed are also high quality. They’re built for durability and will last several years. You’ll find it easy to use, and can get up to speed in no time.

The good:

Immersive games

Versatile set-up

best hdmi splitter

How to split Hdmi Using A Computer And Graphics Card

A dual output video card can be used to split HDMI signals from a computer or laptop. The device works the same as a splitter and doesn’t require HDCP to be stripped. Only one thing you need is to hook up a GPU, and then set your operating system to mirror them. This is a great option for those who have desktops. It also allows you to split the audio between the two HDMI displays.

While prices are far too high for gaming graphics cards, you can still find good substitute options on used markets like eBay. For low-cost prices, you can still buy non-gaming card from online sellers.

The best graphics card with dual HDMI outputs.

NVIDIA NVS310 by NNY 512MB PCI Express Gen2 x16 DisplayPort Professional Graphics Board. VCNVS310DPPB.

A graphics card that is too expensive, especially if your only purpose is to watch video on 2 screens at a time, should not be recommended. The least expensive dual HDMI card is the low-profile PNY NVS 310.

NVS 310 is not capable of handling low-end streaming or 4K gaming. You can still split a video from a PC between two screens at once with the NVS310. This device uses HDCP version 1.3.1, and may activate HDCP Fallback Mode.

It should include a full-sized modular bracket, just like all low-profile graphic cards.

best hdmi splitter

Hdmi Splitter Buyer’s Guide

You may need a splitter for HDMI in many different situations. Perhaps you have a Blu-ray player or cable streaming device and several televisions scattered about the house that you would like to use for home entertainment purposes. Maybe you own an Xbox and want to setup multiple monitors in order for friends to play with it during parties. Maybe you’d like to present at trade shows, set up a wall for training video or run demonstrations.

The HDMI splitter is the best choice when you need to transfer high-definition audio or video from a source and display. However, most sources only have one HDMI connection. This means that it is impossible to view or hear audio from more than one television or monitor at the same time.

A HDMI splitter can be a great solution for people who get tired of changing out cables in their entertainment or home theatre systems. An HDMI splitter can be used for presentations, security, kiosks or corporate training seminars. The buying guide will help you understand the specifications and features of an HDMI splitter, as well as other factors that you should consider to ensure you get the best quality HDMI splitter for your requirements.

HDMI, even though you might have more ports in your entertainment system, HDMI still works best for transferring audio and video signals between different devices.

.Best Hdmi Splitter

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