Best Hamster Cage

Best Hamster Cage

best hamster cage

Here are 8 of the Best Hamster Caskets for 2021

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Sabrina Jiang / The Spruce If you plan to adopt a hamster, you will need to purchase a cage. There are many options for cages that you can buy, but there is a lot to consider when choosing the right model.

Erin Ramsey of Cheeks and Squeaks Hamsters says that hamsters require the best space possible. She is an ethical breeder and owner of Cheeks and Squeaks Hamsters. The minimum amount of space that should be allowed is 600 square inches. Second levels cannot count towards this figure. Studies have shown this is true. However, we also see their success in larger cages.

Here are some great cages that will house your adorable pet hamster.

Amazon: Our top choices Prevue Pet Products at Amazon 528 Universal Small Animal Housing

Ferplast Favola hamster cage at Amazon

Although not as big as the recommended size, you can expand this cage with a play tube.

best hamster cage

Very little

Image credit: Getty. Hamsters might seem tiny, but they are very active. Therefore, the ideal cages for hamsters should give your pet plenty of room to run around. Their home habitat also needs to offer them places to run, climb, burrow, play and chew. As hamsters are experts at escape, they need to feel safe.

There are a large range of hamster cages out there to choose from, ranging in size, materials used in their construction and price, but there are a few boxes they need to tick to ensure your little hammy is mentally and physically stimulated.

Size is the first thing to consider. Your furry friend may seem tiny and almost stationary, but don’t be fooled. You need to give your furry friend plenty of space. They will be actively digging in their natural environment, and would probably be able to build large tunnel networks. The larger the cage the better, especially if you want to keep them entertained with the best hamster toys , and give them space to burrow into their bedding.

If the cage is too small, hamsters may develop hind leg issues. A multi-level enclosure is a great option, because it allows them to climb and explore. You can also extend the cages with rabbit runs to give your pet more space.

A larger cage may seem like a waste, but your pet hammy will be content to sleep in their bed all day. You should remember though, that hamsters do not sleep during the day. When you put the lights out and go to bed, that is their time to start getting active. They will typically exercise three to four hours per night on average, so it is important to provide the opportunity for them to be active.

You don’t want to hear the hamster’s creaks in your bed, so it’s a smart idea not to place your cage. Although small in size, they can be loud!

Other considerations are more practical for you – are they easy to clean (hamsters can make a lot of mess for a creature their size) and is it well enough constructed to stop them escaping? If they’re not included, you need to consider what is in the cage.

best hamster cage

Petsradar’S Choice Of the Best Hamster Cages

Best hamster cage overall: Favola Hamster Cage

Best budget hamster cage: Midwest Critterville Arcade Hamster Cage

Best large hamster cage: Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage

Best multi-level hamster cage: 5-Floors Large Twin Tower Syrian Hamster Cage

Best modern design hamster cage: Savic Geneva Modern Hamster Cage

Best eco-friendly hamster cage: Ferplast HAMSTERVILLE Hamster Habitat Cage

Ferplast Hamster Cage – The best, most easy to clean hamster cage

best hamster cage


There are many reasons why you should buy this hamster cage.

Midwest Critterville Arcade Hamster Cage costs a reasonable amount but offers plenty of accessories and features. It has both a standard cage design as well as an open-air vertical play space. This cage doesn’t take up much space and measures in at 18.11 x 11.4 inches. It is perfect for smaller breeds. The multi-level play area will keep your pet furry friend entertained. You will find plenty of bedding in the cage to allow for burrowing which is one of many favorite hobbies of hamsters. It also features a top-opening door that allows for quick access.

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There are a variety of play tubes that connect the cage and multi-level play area. This is where furry friends can exercise, play and relax. It has two platforms as well three sets non-slip ramps, which lead to the nest nook or exercise wheel. The multi-level play area has a clear, removable plastic cover. You can easily clean this area, and you can watch your hamster play.

There are many ways to make your furry friends’ lives easier. A connecting ring allows the cage to be extended sideways using more tubes and another cage. An extension ring can be found at the top to allow for more vertical play. This cage is great for starting your hamster. It can also be used to expand as they grow.

best hamster cage


You’ve read our hamster cage reviews. Which product spoke to you most? It may help you to take a look at these two exceptional units from our selection if your decision has not been made.

You may prefer something more expensive, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy it. Habitrail 62820A1 Cristal Hamster Cage will be your best value if you’re looking for an affordable, effective and reliable option. You can’t go wrong with the product that suits your pet best.

Credit: IRIS USA Hamster. Gerbil Pet cage, Amazon Nicole. Baby is a Burmese kitten and Rosa, New Zealand Huntaway. Nicole, a Canadian expat now lives in New Zealand on lush forest land with her Kiwi husband. She is a huge animal lover, and especially loves an interspecies friendship.

best hamster cage

Hamster Cages

Although she may seem small, your hamster has big feet! You will help your hamster live a fulfilled life by choosing the perfect cage.

This cage can be used to house wire hamsters. It has plenty of ventilation so you are always able to check on the fur-iend. You can also consider a Hamster Bin Cage. It is ideal for keeping your escape artist safe and still provides enough space to play with toys. After you have decided on the type you want, it is time to decide what size hamster cage you will need for you and your tiny friend. Your hamster doesn’t need a huge space to live, but large hamster cages provide more room for fun additions, or maybe even another friend for your Dwarf hamster! Your Syrian hamster is happy to be left alone regardless of how large the cage.

Hamsters make wonderful pets. They also have one of the funniest cages. Many cages for hamsters have built-in tunnels, wheels and hiding places. Some even have cute themes to match your pal’s spunky personality! You can also fill them with whatever you need to create the ideal hamster cage.

A hamster bed can add warmth and comfort to your pet’s cage. The extras to keep your pet happy, such as hamster toys, hamster chew toys, hamster wheels, and balls will be appreciated by her fluffball. Other than picking out a cage to fill it with joy, there are other items you need for keeping your furball healthy. Hamster carriers and harnesses are ideal for pets with sensitive fur. For your little friend, shop Chewy 24/7 to find the perfect hamster cage.

best hamster cage

How To Choose The Best Hamster Cage

There are many quality products and quite interesting options on the web that can answer the question “What’s the best hamster house?” As there is no one right answer, the best cage for your hamster depends on its breed as well as any specific requirements.

You should choose a cage that is equipped with all the necessary accessories, such as a food bowl, drinking container, and exercise wheels, but still leaves enough space for your pet. A shorter cage may be required if your hamster is too tall. This would mean you need a multi-storey enclosure. It is essential to research when searching for a new home for your hamster.

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We created the Top 5 Hamster Caskets by combining all of these elements with a nice design and great value.

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best hamster cage

Looking for a Hamster Cage to Buy?

First, get a quality cage if you’re looking for a hamster. It is not a good idea for your pet hamsters to be able to escape. Even though your family might experience some stress from losing your pet, there is no need to worry about the furniture. Hamsters like to chew wooden furniture. A quality cage is the best way to prevent this from happening. But, make sure you do your research before purchasing a cage.

Before you click the “Buy” button, there are several important things that you should consider. The following are some of these:

Bar Space: The gaps in between the wire bars of a cage may not seem important; however, a larger bar space could allow your hamster to get a limb trapped. Moreover, bear in mind that your hamster can escape if the gap is too large. Maximum bar spacing for dwarf hamsters is 12 inch, for Syrians it’s 1/2 inch. The bar spacing should be smaller so your hamster is secure. They cannot move food and bedding outside of their cage, as it can quickly become a mess.

The most crucial factor in hamster care is size. The length and width should be multiplied together. Height cannot be added. Because wild hamsters are able to live in large areas, the minimum cage size is limited by the floor area. The minimum cage size will vary depending on where you are located. Your minimum cage size if your country is the USA or Canada is 360 sq in. Most countries in Europe have established minimum sizes of 587 sq.inches. Germany holds the record for having the largest minimum cage at 741 sq in. However, institutions such as ASPCA HSUS have a much smaller minimum size cage:

ASPCA Minimum = 200 square inches HSUS Minimum = 288 square inches For Syrian hamsters, a larger cage is necessary as they thrive in large amounts of space. As plastic cages cannot accommodate large numbers of animals, this may limit the use of wire cages. This is true for almost all cheap cages. Syrian hamsters shouldn’t be kept in plastic cages. This is because they may get into tunnels. Russian dwarfs hamsters would do well in a plastic cage, or a wire cage. Their smaller size means they won’t become trapped in tunnels.

Ventilation: Make sure that your cage has adequate ventilation and is suitable for its location. You must also consider where the cage will be located. Temperature should remain consistent.

Material: A key element is the material used to make the cage. Plastic cages are not tough enough for hamsters to chew, so they could choke on any plastic they swallow. Safety is affected by all of these factors. Even though plastic cages are safe, they might not be suitable for mischievous and nimble hamsters. However, a wire cage with a steel base can be completely chew-proof and safe for your pet. This is especially true if you have smal bar spaces.

best hamster cage

Hamster Travel Cage

Your pet cannot be taken with you when you travel. You will need the right equipment to take your pet hamster along on holiday. Traveling can be stressful for hamsters so you should make sure that you have everything you need. It’s best to buy a high-quality travel cage.

Hamster travel cages will make your trip more enjoyable and less stressful for your pet. You can also use the travel container to transport your pet hamster from one place to another, or to clean the main cage. It doesn’t matter what your use is, this cage will prove useful.

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However, which cage is the best? It is easy to find the best cage for your hamster. When choosing a hamster cage travel, another factor you should consider is the price. The travel cage must not be more expensive than your main hamster cage because you’ll only use it for short periods of time. We have some recommendations to make things easier.

Hagen Living World Pet Carrier. You can check its Amazon price here:

The hamster’s travel cage looks sturdy and durable. However, the dimensions of this cage (13.8 x 9.8 x 8.3 ”), ) allow it to be used only for small animals like hamsters. It is small and easy to handle. On top of being lightweight, it’s also very practical as it features two top leveraging handles. It is constructed of strong plastic so it won’t easily break.

This cage offers plenty of ventilation and space for your pet hamster. It has a rigged floor that ensures your pet doesn’t fall while being moved.

Considering the price of it, this travel cage seems a bargain. Hagen Living World Pet Carrier can be your best choice for safe, durable, and inexpensive travel equipment. Assembling this cage will be your only challenge. It might not be that easy to set it up, but if you follow the instructions properly, all should be alright.

best hamster cage

Best Syrian Hamster Cages

Unlike Robos, Syrian hamsters are larger in size. They are still lively. Due to their attractive appearances, they are known as Golden hamsters. The animals look great, especially the males with long, yellow fur. However they are also very energetic and love to play with toys. You can find them chewing on cage bars and making annoying sounds.

When it comes to buying Syrian hamster cages , you need to make sure that it’s large in size, so your hamster will have plenty of room. The cage bars don’t need to be too close to one another, but you need to make sure they are strong enough. The Syrian hamster is one of the strongest hamsters.

Perhaps you’ve already learned about the Swiss ban on keeping more than one pet hamster inside a cage. The rule does not apply to Syrian Hamsters. They are highly intelligent little animals. They will fight if you place two of them in the same cage. A better option is to let them use a plastic toy as a way of releasing their anger.

If you want to give the hamster a good time, it can easily be fed and played with. This is due to the fact that Syrian hamsters tend to be more docile than other breeds. They can either stay near you or hide away in their hiding place. It is best to be safe than sorry, so make sure you keep an eye on your pet hamster when it is in the cage.

Which is the best type of cage for a hamster?

  1. Prevue Pet Products 528 Animal Hom
  2. Top Overall. Best Overall.
  3. The Best Value … Lixit 71-5074-001 Hamster Heaven Metr
  4. Premium Choice. AmazonBasics 9011-1 Small Animal Cage. … Midwest 100-AR Critterville Arcade Hamster Cage. Ferplast Favola hamster cage.

Do Hamsters Like Multi-Level Cages?

Plenty of floor space. When hamsters awake at night, they’re very active. Multilevel living: A multilevel cage that has multiple platforms can maximize space and give your hamster even more places to explore.

Which is the Best Hamster Cage?

  1. Prevue Pet Products 528 Universal Small Animal Home.
  2. Ferplast Favola Hamster Cage.
  3. Metro Cage Savic Hamster Heaven
  4. MidWest Arcade Hamster Cage.
  5. Habitrail Cristal Hammer Cage, Small Animal Habitat
  6. Living World Deluxe Small Animal Habitat

Are Cages Or Tanks Better For Hamsters?

Purdue College of Veterinary Medicine recommends that a wire cage be used over a glass aquarium. Your pet will be happier in a wire tank because it is simpler to care for and offers a better environment. Hamsters can be delicate and require regular cleaning. Sep 26, 2017.

.Best Hamster Cage

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