Best App To Learn Korean

Best App To Learn Korean

best app to learn korean

Best Apps To Learn Korean In 2021

K-pop, bulgogi, Korean cinema, soju… There are plenty of reasons to learn Korean, and there are plenty of ways to learn.

Even though this is a large list, it doesn’t include all of the Korean apps. It is likely that most Korean learners will require a combination of several resources in order to master Korean.

Many of these products have been tried by us. Hopefully, this helps you figure out which ones really stand out and which ones may not be so worthwhile.

Many great apps didn’t make it onto this list because they didn’t fit into the category of app. There’s no doubt that there are many more, but these are our top picks.

best app to learn korean

What are The Top Apps For Learning Korean?

1. Korean – Lessons+ Android iOS Price: Free Best for: All Levels Korean – Lessons+ gives you access to’s podcast content, including a large collection of grammar lessons, pdf files, audio curriculum, and videos to help you learn the Korean language. Korean – Lessons+ Android iOS Price: Free Best for: All Levels Korean – Lessons+ has the content you need to improve your Korean language skills, whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced Korean speaker.

Korean – lessons+ is the perfect app if you just want to listen to a podcast while driving or running. You can easily navigate the app and find your content organized in categories. Korean Lessons+ app is great, even if you don’t use it all the time.

2. TenguGo Hangul Android Smartphone Price: No Charge Best for Beginners TenguGo Hangul provides vowel, consonant and reading/writing instructions in Korean.

If you’re a beginner, TenguGo Hangul is one of the best Korean learning apps to help you master the alphabet. You can learn Hangul at your own speed with easy-to-navigate flashcards, quizzes and lessons.

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3. Korlink’s Talk to Me in Korean Android iOS Price: Free Best for: Beginner to intermediate students This free app is specifically built for people that want to follow the Korean lessons found on the Talk to Me in Korean There are English explanations, easy-to-follow examples, multiple learning levels, pictures, videos, and grammar lessons. So you can find the right content for you, each lesson is organized according to level. You can find podcasts on a wide range of subjects, from Korean vocabulary to Korean culture.

Talk to Me Korean Learning App by Korlink can be a fantastic option for students who wish to fully immerse themselves in Korean culture. Use the app with its resources to quickly learn basic grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

4. Korean Vocabulary – Free Flashcards for Beginners & Kids Android iOS Prices: None Paid upgrades available.

best app to learn korean

Top Tips For Learning Korean

Although learning a language is difficult, it can also be enjoyable. Here are some helpful tips and tricks for learning Korean.

This should be stressed more than once. It’s nice to be able to say a few Korean phrases here and there but your romanized “kamsahamnida” and “saranghaeyo” can only get you so far. It is quite easy to learn Hangul if you have the right teaching materials and/or an instructor. Being able to read and write in Hangul will help you learn the language faster.

K-pop music and K-dramas.

If you live outside of Korea, it is the easiest and most effective way to learn Korean. You will be able to identify words and phrases over time. While you may not always understand what the words mean, this is good listening practice that will help improve your pronunciation. Take it further by listening to Korean-only podcasts or watching TV shows without subtitles.

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You can invest in Korean books, tutors and courses.

Italki tutors can be a good investment as they offer the same coaching and corrections that isolated learning cannot. Grammar rules can also be learned using textbooks. This is also true for Korean online courses.

Check out our comprehensive article to find the best websites, podcasts or YouTube channels that teach Korean.

best app to learn korean

Learn Korean

As you use the Learn Korean app, there are levels which open up as your progress. This app is designed to teach Korean language in a simple and comprehensive way. You will also be able to track your achievements after each vocabulary or grammar lesson. Best of all, the Learn Korean app can be downloaded completely free. However, you will have to make some in-app purchases if you want to access some additional features.

These are the Pros

Get it free!

Easy to use

The levels are a combination of different ones

It is a detailed but easy-to-understand learning experience


best app to learn korean

What Is The Best Way To Learn Korean?

Now that you’ve selected the best app for Korean learning, it is now your job to make sure that the education you receive is top-notch. Your motivation and efforts can make all the difference so that these Korean applications work for you. You can maximize your success by using the most popular Korean apps.

Daily practice is important for language acquisition. Daily practice will allow you to quickly learn Korean, and become fluent in no time. You will find the best app entertaining enough to make you want to return lesson after lesson.

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Learn to speak. The best way to master a foreign language is by speaking it. You must speak the language, regardless of whether you use an app to learn Korean. Practice pronunciation daily to be comfortable with the Korean language.

You can use other resources. Even the most advanced Korean apps cannot show you how to speak the language. You can combine lessons in application with studying books, listening to Korean music and watching Korean films. You can get the complete Korean education by doing this.

What Is The Best App To Learn Korean?

TenguGo Hangul (Apple / Android)Learn Korean by Bravo Language (Apple / Android)Mango Languages (Apple / Android)KORLINK by Talk to Me in Korean (Apple / Android)LingoDeer (Apple/Android/Web)HelloTalk Language Exchange (Apple / Android)Memrise (Apple / Android )More items…*Aug 5, 2019

Is Duolingo A Good App To Learn Korean?

Play-like lessons allow you to quickly learn Korean. Whether you’re a beginner starting with the basics or looking to practice your reading, writing, and speaking, Duolingo is scientifically proven to work.

Is Duolingo Good For Korean 2021?

Duolingo is extremely easy to use. This app can be used to help you learn… While it will not get you to a fluent Korean level it is a great complimentary app you can use on the go.Mar 31, 2021

What is the Learn Korean with Bts app?

BTS: Learn Korean With BTS. Via Weverse’s global fan app, BTS will release a series of clips designed to teach Korean to fans and help them understand their idols.

.Best App To Learn Korean

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