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Because a couple of my college friends had been plagued by bed bugs, my mom continued to check all my things when I got back from college. So I put Buggy. There were bed traps underneath my futon and my mattress. It was only one week since I found the bug. The guys from my floor recommended that I also purchase these traps. Thanks Buggy. The beds.

As bed bug infestations were common in college dorm rooms, my mother kept an eye on my luggage and other belongings. Buggy got in my way so I placed it. Beds traps under my mattress and futon in my dorm room only a week ago, and I already had a bug in one of the traps. These traps were also recommended to me by the men on my floor. Buggy. The beds.

Bed Buggy


Buggy. With BedsA(r), you can rest easy knowing that any bed bugs are being detected and captured before they reach your mattress. Bedbug problems can be identified early and prevented from spreading to your home.

Four ready-to-use, custom-formulated Buggy Packs are included in this Home Pack. The BedsAr(r) Monitors can be used anywhere within your home. Buggy. This special, non-toxic, pesticide-free bedbug trap is made with BedsA (r). Monitors can be used to continuously detect insects before and after treatment to ensure effectiveness.


Bed Buggy

Buggybeds in Shark Tank

BuggyBeds was greatly impacted when they struck a historic deal with Shark Tank. BuggyBeds sold in all 350 Home Depots and in every Burlington Coat Factory in America after their nationally televised launch. BuggyBeds ships now to more than 40 countries and can be purchased online.

BuggyBeds was without a doubt one of the most profitable business ventures ever seen on Shark Tank.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is strictly informational; INSIGNIA SEO is not affiliated with BuggyBeds, Shark. Tank or any of their affiliates.


Bed Buggy

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Shark Tank Shark Tank rich entrepreneurs look for new products, businesses, and investors.

Coinage, Time Inc.’s personal finance company video, has compiled the Sharks' top five investment choices over their eight season run.

Five Sharks made investments in proactive ways to defeat bed bugs. These were known as Buggy beds. For 25 percent of the equity, they split $250,000. Buggy Beds have been sold worldwide in more than 23 locations. Last year, they made an estimated $1,000,000 in sales.

Next up is Groovebook, a photo app that helps users to organize mobile photos into a scrapbook each month. This one was split by Kevin O'Leary and Mark Cuban who paid $150,000 for 80 percent of the licensing profits. Groovebook was featured on Shark Tank and gained close to 50,000 subscribers. In 2014 Shutterstock purchased Groovebook for an astounding $14,500,000.

Tipsy Elves, of which Robert Herjavec now owns a 10 percent equity stake after having paid $100,000, is an ugly sweater distributor. Tipsy Elve made $8 million last year.

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Check out the video to find other items on the list.


Bed Buggy

Buggybeds in the Age of Shark Tank

BuggyBeds was created by Veronica Perlongo, a female entrepreneur and Maria Curcio (her partner for fifteen years). BuggyBeds started when Maria and Veronica discovered that bed bugs were taking over homes across America. It is easy for bed bugs to infest a home and spread quickly. BuggyBeds, however can be used to solve this problem that is rapidly becoming an epidemic.

BuggyBeds, a bedbug detection system works behind the scenes and doesn't interrupt your day. If the bed bug infestation is detected, BuggyBeds will warn you. BuggyBeds comes pre-installed and can simply be inserted beneath your bed at each corner. The BuggyBeds monitor is easy to check and will keep the bedbugs away.

BuggyBeds – a revolutionary early detection system to end the plague of bed bugs. Maria and Veronica were not prepared for their product being taken into the shark tanks until they were approached. The offer of a spot on the show was rejected at first, but they soon realized that the sharks would be an invaluable addition to what was already proving to be a very popular product. BuggyBeds, if one of the sharks was onboard, and with the appropriate business connections, could take the world by storm.


Bed Buggy

You can find buggybeds in the Shark Tank

Maria and Veronica both enter the shark aquarium and present their product and services to the sharks. Veronica states that the duo are looking for an investment of $125,000 in return for a seven per cent equity in their company, BuggyBeds. Maria also explains that bedbug infestations have increased dramatically in the past few years. Maria continues to share her horrifying statistics, showing that even a single bed may have hundreds of bed bugs. It is an awful thought. Further to that, it could be damaging for your health causing red, swollen and itchy lesions. Veronica also informs the sharks about how one female bed bug could lay more than five hundred eggs. It was all for these reasons that Veronica and Maria came up with BuggyBeds. This product uses a bed bug glue to lure them in before they can trap them and kill them. This way, if you notice bed bugs appearing, you can act quickly to eliminate them before they become too severe.

Barbara is interested in a closer inspection of the product. Veronica offers to show her products from the BuggyBeds backpack – a pack that can be taken with you when staying at hotels and guest houses. This will ensure you are safe. Veronica informs sharks that this product was released six months ago. Maria says the pair are trying to find retail distribution help so that their product is available nationwide.

Kevin inquires whether this product has the ability to eradicate all bed bugs. Maria tells him that the product acts as an early warning device. Robert would like to ask if Robert and Maria ever discovered bedbugs by using the portable travel backpack. The sharks are more than shocked that this is such an epidemic. Maria maintains the infestation levels are high because there is no early detection system. This has been the case until now. Barbara asks Maria and Veronica if their information is actually verified or if it is merely observational. Maria continues to tell Barbara about the expertise and experience of dermatologists that they used in testing the device. BuggyBeds also has a unique, appealing aspect: the product is neither toxic nor pesticide-free.

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Kevin is curious about the BuggyBeds retail price. Veronica explains that the two pack products cost $1.35 to manufacture and retail between $6.99 and $8.99. Daymond then asks about sales to which Veronica replies that current sales are $150,000. Home Depot decided to market the product in 60 stores throughout the United States. These two smart businesswomen are getting more and more admiration from the sharks for their product. Maria saisises the opportunity to say that of their $150,000 sales, they have earned $100,000 in profits. Daymond inquires as to why Daymond believes the pair are worth the company around $1.75million. Maria says that BuggyBeds' trademarks as well as the patent were offered to her for $5 million before BuggyBeds started. This bit of information shocked the sharks not only once but twice during their pitch. It is hard for them to accept that Maria and Veronica rejected the $5million deal. Maria tells Kevin that Maria is nuts and she replies that she's a 'Mrs Wonderful,' which makes the sharks smile.

Daymond aptly states that he is itching to do a deal with the ladies. Kevin requests that the two women step outside to have a chat with the sharks. This is a rare event. Kevin admits to Maria and Veronica that all of them want a part of the deal once they are out the shark tank. Although the men are unanimous in their belief that BuggyBeds would benefit from all five sharks, Barbara says that she wants a larger share of the deal. Kevin summons the ladies back to shark tank.

Kevin is direct about it, saying that twenty-five percent of the company would get him really excited to work with Maria and Veronica at BuggyBeds. Kevin would still be open to giving up $250,000 for that 25% equity share. Kevin would be willing to part with $250,000. He is open to any shark interested in investing with him. Daymond states that he is interested. Veronica states that Daymond is in for a larger equity share than what the sharks were willing to offer. Kevin offers to get the product to Walmart and Daymond gets BuggyBeds to 7/eleven shops around the globe.

Barbara, in a strange twist of events, says that she's making an offer. However, if they want the ladies to accept her offer immediately. The offer she makes is $150,000 for a 15% share of BuggyBeds. Barbara goes on to very much take what Daymond describes as the 'Girl Power' route in an attempt to persuade the ladies to accept her deal. Barbara declares that she is out, despite the silence of all her female counterparts.

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Bed Buggy

Buggybeds Now In 2018 – Update From After Shark Tank

BuggyBeds's brand has seen great success after appearing on Shark Tank and striking deals with five of the sharks. BuggyBeds had been available in sixty Home Depot stores before the TV show. The product can now be found in 335 Home Depot locations, thanks to the shark tank success. Further to that, BuggyBeds was in approximately seventy-five Burlington Coat Factory stores before the shark tank episode aired. The BuggyBeds product now is available in every Burlington Coat Factory location.

BuggyBeds now ships to over 40 countries through a successful distributor arrangement. BuggyBeds can be purchased online through A discount will automatically apply by clicking here What with Shark Tank history being made, there is no doubt that BuggyBeds is one of the most successful products to ever strike a deal in the shark tank.


Bed Buggy


Maria Curcio, founder of BuggyBeds and her partner Veronica Periongo became Shark Tank legends when they teamed up with the Sharks to invest in an early bed bug detection device. BuggyBeds' glue traps can detect the presence of bedbugs before they grow into a serious problem. Shark Tank's producers invited Maria and Veronica. First, they refused to participate in Shark Tank. BuggyBeds were already selling in Burlington Coat Factory (Home Depot) and Burlington Coat Factory (6 months before Shark Tank taping. They turned down an offer of $5 million for patents, trademarks, and trade names. After much thought and success, they decided that a Shark Tank investment would help them grow their business. Shark Tank told them, "We are IN."


Bed Buggy

Buggybeds Shark Tank Recap

Maria and Veronica proposed to the Sharks a $125k investment in BuggyBeds, for a 7% stake. After some discussion, Mr. The discussion ended when Mr. Kevin proposes $250K to Maria and Veronica and invites all Sharks to join him in the offer.

Daymond has "in" Kevin. Barbara offers $150K for 15% but pulls her offer.

Mark rises up to suggest that the men should make a team and agree on a deal. Robert accepts this offer and then invites Barbara in again. Maria and Veronica both accept $250K to purchase 25% BuggyBeds.


.Bed Buggy

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