2024 Guide: Helium Balloons at Dollar General & Nearby Tank Refills

Discover where to fill helium balloons in 2024! From balloons at Dollar General to local tank refills, learn if Walmart can help and the return policy for helium tanks. Click for full details!

Does Dollar General Fill Helium Balloons In 2022? (Solved)

  • Dollar General offers many products and services for very low prices. These include groceries, household supplies and party supplies.
  • You might wonder if Dollar General can fill helium balloons. Here is everything I have managed to find out!
  • Does Dollar General Fill Helium Balloons In 2022? (SOLVED)

    Do Dollar General Helium Balloons Will Be Filled In 2022 By Dollar General?

    Dollar General will fill your helium balloons at any of their locations by 2022. The service offers helium balloon filling starting at $0.50 in mylar and latex. Additionally, the balloons must have been purchased in-store at Dollar General for staff to fill them up.

  • You can read on to find out more about rental tanks, prices and other party items.
  • What is the cost to fill a Helium balloon at Dolar General

    The price to fill helium balloons in DG varies from one location to another. I spoke to an associate in my local store and was informed this about their pricing.

    Latex balloons are $0.50-$1 per balloon.

    For filling mylar or metal balloons, you can spend up to $4

    The cost to fill up a Jumbo Balloon is as high at $15.

    DG also sells a variety of balloons that can be used for special occasions in-store such as birthdays and anniversaries.

    Does Dollar General Fill Helium Balloons In 2022? (SOLVED)

    Does Dollar General Rent Helium Tanks?

    Dollar General is unable to rent a Helium tank. Dollar General can only refill certain balloons purchased at the store.

    Pro Tip Disposable Helium Tank With 50 Balloons & Ribbon If you are looking to save yourself some money, you can actually fill helium balloons yourself! The Balloon Time Helium Tank can hold 50 balloons. It can also be used whenever you require it. It’s no longer necessary to rush to the shop. Amazon View We receive a commission when you purchase something.

    Are You Looking for a Helium Tank?

    Dollar General has a Balloon Time 9’1 helium tank, which holds around 8.9 cubic yards of helium.

    This kit also comes with a pack of 30 latex balloons, which is the average amount of balloons that a helium tank of such size can fully inflate.

    Dollar General sells small balloon pumps. However, these pumps don’t inflate balloons using helium and use only air for filling them.

    Does Dollar General Fill Helium Balloons In 2022? (Solved)

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