2024 Guide: Returning and Exchanging Formula at Walmart – No Receipt? No Problem!

Discover Walmart's hassle-free baby formula return policy for 2024. Learn how you can exchange or return unopened or even opened formula with or without a receipt. Get all your questions answered on whether you can return baby food items to Walmart. Click for full details on making hassle-free returns today!

Walmart Baby Formula Return Policy In 2022 (Full Guide)

Walmart stores are frequented by thousands of parents who shop regularly for diapers, formula, clothing, and other essential items.

  • If you have purchased a Walmart baby formula product that doesn’t suit your child’s needs, then you might be curious about Walmart’s return policy for baby formula. Let me tell you what I discovered!
  • Walmart Baby Formula Return Policy for 2022
  • Walmart accepts returned unopened baby food within 90 day of receipt or delivery. In-store returns are accepted via Mobile Express Returns or free USPS/FedEx mail service. Bring a government-issued photo ID if you have lost the receipt.

  • You can read on to find out about the law and how to return your baby formula to Walmart.
  • Walmart Baby Formula Return Policy In 2022 (Full Guide)

    Are You Legally able to Return Your Baby Formula To Walmart

    Since the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is able to identify baby formula (as a food item) and has no regulations about it being returned, baby formula can legally be returned to Walmart.

    Independent retailers can enforce their own returns policies for baby formula.

    Walmart has categorised these products as food that is not perishable, and thus allows them to be returned. However, you will be notified on the receipt if a particular brand has modified or different return policies.

    Is it possible to return Baby Formula to Walmart?

    Baby formula, including brands like Similac or Enfamil and Parent’s Choice can be returned to the manufacturer (including Brands such as Enfamil. Gerber Baby. Earth’s Best. Happy Baby). You can return baby formula to Walmart within the first 90 days after purchase, delivery or anytime during normal store hours.

    Most Walmart Supercenters and Neighborhood Markets open at 7-8 AM and close at 10-11 PM.

    While baby formula can not be returned within the first 90 days of purchase, managers have discretion and may accept returns up to 90 days later if they still have your original receipt.

    Is it possible to return baby formula to Walmart without a receipt?

    Walmart will accept baby formula returns without receipts if the return is made within the specified timeframe.

    As part of this criteria, you will be required to present a valid government-issued photo ID (i.e., driver’s license, passport, state ID) that Walmart will use to track your return activity.

    You may return the baby formula if it is verified by the refund procedure. If you receive a different product, the exchange price will be the same.

    Additionaly, Baby Formulas Worth Less Than $25 Will be Refunded With Cash. Walmart Gift Cards and Shopping Coupons will Be Issued for Products Worth $25 And More.

    You may have to return the item in question unverified. However, store credit will be offered at the price it is currently selling for.

    Can You Return Opened Baby Formula To Walmart?

    If the baby formula was not used by its expiry date, or is defective, most stores won’t allow it to be returned within 90 days.

    Baby formula damaged at delivery will also be replaced or refunded.

    Since each store operates its own store policy, you should call the store ahead of your visit to make sure that your baby formula item will be accepted for a return.

    Walmart Baby Formula Return Policy In 2022 (Full Guide)

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