Does Home Depot Haul Away Old Appliances

Does Home Depot Haul Away Old Appliances In 2022? (Guide)

Home Depot is North America’s leading retailer for large-sized household appliances. It’s the number one choice of many who are in search of new appliances.

Home Depot stocks everything you need, including kitchenware such as fridges and washing machines.

  • Home Depot’s impressive selection of appliances made me wonder if I could get my old appliances removed by them. This is what I discovered!
  • Does Home Depot Haul Away Old Appliances In 2022? (Guide)

    Home Depot to Toss Old Appliances Away In 2022

    Home Depot can haul away older appliances starting in 2022 as part of its installation and delivery service. Home Depot can only remove appliances that are not in use, like dryers, washers, and refrigerators. It costs $25 to haul the appliance away.

  • Home Depot is happy to haul away any appliances you have. Continue reading to discover what types of appliances can be hauled, the cost, and how they work.
  • How Many Appliances Will Home Depot Throw Away?

    Refrigerators, washers and dryers are eligible for hauling.

    Home Depot will haul away old built-in appliances provided they are uninstalled and disconnected completely beforehand.

    Though this could vary between Home Depot stores and the contractors who carry out this service.

    Check with your local retailer to ensure your appliance meets the requirements.

    Does Home Depot Haul Away Old Appliances In 2022? (Guide)

    How does Home Depot’s Haulaway service work?

    Home Depot also offers haul away services as part their service for installation and delivery of appliances bought in-store.

    Same team will install and remove your appliances. They will call you in the evening prior to the service to confirm your 4-hour window.

    Preparing for the service is easy. Disconnect any appliances that are not needed.

    In order to make the installation process easier, clear your path from the appliance.

    If necessary, you can remove valuable or fragile objects and clear your drive or footpath from snow and ice.

    How much does Home Depot’s Haulaway Service cost?

    Home Depot charges $59 to $99. If you don’t spend more than $396, the haul-away fee is added.

    Haulaway services are typically charged at $25 by most Home Depots, but this may vary from one location to the next.

    Home Depot typically uses local contractors for haul away services. Therefore, prices could vary depending on which contractors are being used.

    The price for hauling away large appliances can differ, especially if they are expensive.

    Is Home Depot’s haul away service available online. allows you to add haul-away services to your shopping cart.

    When you’ve added your appliance, you will have the option to add delivery/haulaway services to your order.

    Online prices are generally more stable, usually showing $25 per transaction.

    When you view an item online, you can also check if it is eligible for the delivery and haul away services by choosing the home delivery option.

    A text box will appear underneath to inform you whether the appliance is eligible.

    Does Home Depot Haul Away Old Appliances In 2022? (Guide)

    Home Depot, will you move me my appliance?

    Yes. Home Depot also offers a service where they will move your old appliance to a new location. The delivery service costs $25 and is the same as the haul-away.

    Get more information about Home Depot’s appliances-related services. Check if Home Depot can deliver appliances, install appliances, or buy used appliances.

  • Conclusion
  • Home Depot offers a haul-away service along with its delivery and installation service upon purchase of an appliance at Home Depot.

    This service accrues an additional charge which is usually around $25. Online, you can also add haulaway to your order.

    You are allowed to haul all kinds of appliances including dishwashers, dryers and washing machines.

    .Does Home Depot Haul Away Old Appliances In 2022? (Guide)

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