What Is Amazon Flex?

What Is Amazon Flex? (How It Works, Drivers, Pay + More), Inc.
Formerly Cadabra, Inc. (1994–1995)



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469.822 billion (2021)



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US$33.364 billion (2021)


Total assets

US$420.549 billion (2021)


Total equity

US$138.245 billion (2021)


Owner Jeff Bezos (14.0% voting power, 10.6% economic interest)


Number of employees

1,608,000 (Dec. 2021)


U.S.: 950,000 (Jun. 2021)



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To fill the gap, Amazon Prime vans are also seen across cities. The company has also hired a few independent contractors.

If you are interested in Amazon Flex as a Prime Member, or are thinking about driving for it, then this guide is perfect for you. Let me tell you about Amazon Flex.

What Is Amazon Flex? (How It Works, Drivers, Pay + More)

What’s Amazon Flex 2022 Like?

Amazon Flex provides a service that allows customers to order Amazon products from their doorsteps by hiring drivers. Drivers are required to take the package from Amazon’s warehouses in multiple cities. The driver must also use a smartphone app and their personal vehicle. Drivers receive a fixed-term salary and are responsible for paying all vehicle and gas expenses.

  • You can find answers and a complete guide to Amazon Flex here.
  • Amazon Flex: What does this mean?

    Now think about other ride-sharing and delivery programs such as Uber. Amazon Flex can be considered an Uber for Amazon merchandise.

    Drivers work as independent contractors to fill gaps in order to fulfill the ever-increasing delivery needs of companies.

    Customers will be more happy if you can get packages to them faster.

    This is the ultimate goal of the program. It seems that it has helped to reduce the workload on Amazon Prime drivers.

    What Is Amazon Flex? (How It Works, Drivers, Pay + More)

    What is the secret to it all?

    First, the driver informs Amazon of the days and times they want to deliver via an online platform. Amazon then assigns the driver to a delivery Block’, which means a shift in a different geographic location.

    The driver’s role is to pick up packaged orders from the nearby Amazon warehouse or fulfillment center, and then to drive to the customer’s door to deliver the package.

    The majority of deliveries happen between 6 am and 10pm, so flexibility and part-time hours are great.

    The income potential is dependent on how many packages are delivered and how long the driver works.

    Which Cities Does Amazon Flex in?

    Amazon is dedicated to the fastest shipping. This company has spent billions on systems and equipment that will cut delivery times.

    Amazon Flex is now available in 50 US cities, although plans for expansion are underway to include more areas.

  • Drivers have the potential for essentially unlimited income potential by taking on ‘delivery blocks.’
  • Drivers are committed to deliver packages in the time allowed by these blocks.

    What Is Amazon Flex? (How It Works, Drivers, Pay + More)

    Who Delivers Amazon Prime Orders?

    Amazon sells many products so you can do multiple deliveries with Flex drivers.

    Amazon prime packages and orders on the Amazon website are probably the most popular packages.

    Prime Shipping and Delivery is very urgent. Many Flex Drivers will have to transport merchandise for Prime Members.

    Prime members also are offered Prime Now, which is a feature of membership that ensures lightning-fast shipping of their order.

    Prime Now offers members two options: one and two-hour delivery. These services may come with a cost.

    Once the driver has chosen their local fulfillment center to pick up orders, the type of delivery they make is determined.

  • Changes to fulfillment centers can pose challenges. Support from customer service is needed.
  • Amazon Flex Drivers Deliver What Kinds Of Deliveries?

    If you drive for Amazon Flex, you may find yourself delivering a wide range of packages and provisions to Amazon customers.

  • You will also have new possibilities every day and each delivery block.
  • The type of Amazon order drivers want to fulfill first may allow them to pick blocks over the years. Flex drivers can deliver packages from fulfillment centres to customers’ homes. Deliveries and blocks will vary depending on where you live, how far away they are from one of the hubs, and what time it is.

    Prime Now packages usually contain fresh food items from Whole Foods. The driver collects the grocery orders and delivers them to the customer. If the order contains alcoholic items, you will be responsible for checking the customer’s ID at time of delivery.

    Amazon Fresh orders are delivered at your chosen site.

    Store orders are also delivered by Amazon Flex drivers. These are packages picked up from local shops and retailers for the driver to deliver to the customer.

    Although the product offerings may vary slightly, Amazon Flex drivers are essentially the exact same process with some variations in pick-up locations and protocol.

    Different types of deliveries constitute varying delivery blocks and time spent on the shift.

    What Is Amazon Flex? (How It Works, Drivers, Pay + More)

    What Are The Requirements For Amazon Flex?

    The job requirements for being a Flex driver include many that you would anticipate with any position.

    If you are unsure if driving for Amazon Flex would be the best choice, here are some things to consider.

    Drivers must have a minimum of 21 years old.

    Drivers must have a valid US driver’s license.

    All drivers must have a current Social Security number.

    Drivers must be able to successfully pass a background check, including a criminal history and driving history check.

    For drivers to be eligible for cash deposits, they must hold a valid account with a bank.

  • You must ensure that your driver has an Amazon Flex smartphone.
  • Android phones should have at minimum 2GB of storage, flash and GPS.

    Amazon Flex apps are compatible with iPhones by drivers who have them.

    Amazon Flex: Which Vehicle is Required?

    Amazon requires drivers to drive for the program because they represent the company.

    To ensure that packages can be delivered, drivers must own a vehicle.

    The exception to this rule is the pickup truck. It must have an enclosed bed.

    The vehicle must be at least the size of an average sedan, though bigger is better when it comes to delivering Amazon packages.

    Additionally, Amazon requires that drivers have their vehicle registered and insured under their own name.

    New York has additional requirements that driver’s must meet, for example commercial auto insurance.

    What Is Amazon Flex? (How It Works, Drivers, Pay + More)

    What Does The Amazon Flex App Do?

    Amazon Flex allows drivers to know where and what they’re doing.

    For drivers, it is crucial to become familiar and comfortable with this app. This will help them plan their movements during shifts or deliveries.

    This app lets the driver accept orders, track where the packages are being dropped off and pick them up.

    It is therefore essential that you have a compatible smartphone camera. The app contains all the information that an Amazon Flex driver requires to succeed.

    Amazon Flex drivers can work any day, as deliveries are usually made seven days per week.

    The current delivery demand and how many drivers there are affecting the availability of delivery areas.

    You can sign up to drive Amazon Flex shifts, blocks and shifts that suit you best. However, you will not be required to fill in or deliver for any other shifts.

    This makes it a customizable gig that you can do in tandem with other jobs, responsibilities, or commitments.

    Amazon Flex drivers are paid twice a week by Amazon, and it is directly deposited to the driver’s bank account provided at the time of hire.

    Is Amazon Flex a license you must have?

    Amazon Flex drivers must have at least 21-years of age. There are additional hiring requirements that are detailed on the Amazon website.

    What Is Amazon Flex? (How It Works, Drivers, Pay + More)

    What is the Average Salary of Amazon Flex Drivers?

    An hourly wage can range between $18-$25, though drivers do not get paid an hourly basis. Instead they are compensated based on the distance traveled to deliver packages.

    Your earnings are also dependent on service demand and location.

  • Drivers are also often given tips that they get to keep.
  • How do I know what a Delivery Costs?

    Potential drivers receive an estimate of what the delivery will cost before you agree to ship to a block through Amazon Flex.

    Drivers are shown an estimate of the time it will take to complete this task.

    This allows you to estimate expenses like gasoline and time.

    What Is Amazon Flex? (How It Works, Drivers, Pay + More)

    Do Amazon Flex Drivers Get Tips?

    Yes, Amazon Flex drivers often get tipped, and these gratuities are theirs to keep.

    Amazon Flex pays for driver’s gas and other expenses

    Amazon Flex drivers will be treated as independent contractors. Any expenses such gas, meals or other on-the job costs are up to the driver.

    Amazon is unable to pay job-related fees.

    What Is Amazon Flex? (How It Works, Drivers, Pay + More)

    Where can Flex Drivers get help?

    Amazon Flex provides customer service via Amazon Support.

    For the help and support they require, drivers can email, call or use the in-app help button.

  • Amazon Flex: A History
  • Amazon Flex began in 2015. This program uses Amazon contractors to drive or deliver Amazon packages.

    This presents a fantastic opportunity for interested drivers in cities widely to be their own boss and make more money.

    Drivers are informed of what they will earn approximately for each delivery block, so they are never left unprepared or in an area they are uncomfortable with traveling.

    Amazon Flex drivers make it possible for customers to order the right merchandise at the best price.

    We have posts that will help you learn more about Amazon’s delivery service. These include: Amazon delivers to your apartment or home, Amazon ships to Mexico and Amazon slows down.

  • Conclusion
  • Amazon Flex, a collection service for independent drivers who pick up Amazon packages and deliver them directly to customers’ doors.

    Amazon Flex drivers transport their goods in their vehicles and they are considered independent contractors.

    You are interested in driving for Amazon Flex. These details will allow you to decide if Amazon Flex is right for your needs.

    Amazon Flex Pays More

    Amazon Flex is a great way to become your own boss. The e-commerce company pays its delivery drivers more than the average gig economy company, ensuring you’ll always make more than minimum wage.22 Feb 2022

    Amazon Flex Makes Pay

    As of right now, Amazon Flex does not pay daily. You get paid every Tuesday or Friday based on how many blocks you have accumulated. 22 February 2022

    Why Do Some Amazon Flex Blocks Pay More?

    Amazon Flex: Surge pays. Amazon will increase the amount of delivery payments if Flex drivers do not pick up the package quickly enough or if there is high order demand. The drivers call these increased payouts “surge”, named after Uber’s surge pricing.

    Amazon Flex: What is the Actual Payout?

    Amazon Flex says that Amazon Flex will pay between $18 and $25 for each hour you work during blocks. There are many factors that will affect where you end up on this scale. A larger vehicle will allow you to transport more packages, making your hourlier earnings closer to $25.

    .What Is Amazon Flex? (How It Works, Drivers, Pay + More)

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