What Font Does Amazon Use

What Font Does Amazon Use In 2022? (Types + Similar Fonts)

Amazon has built a strong image of itself as a brand around the world through its distinctive, consistent logo, design and font that is visible on all its services.

  • I’ve you’ve noticed the company’s signature font and found it impressive, you may be wondering – what font does Amazon use? It’s what I discovered through extensive research.
  • What Font Does Amazon Use In 2022? (Types + Similar Fonts)

    Amazon 2022: What font does Amazon use?

    Amazon Ember, Amazon’s brand master font, is used for all products and services as of 2022. The sans-serif font is seen across the website and all Amazon apps and is easy to read and recognizable for customers shopping online. Amazon Ember was launched in 2016 to support the Kindle Oasis ereader.

  • For more information on the different fonts Amazon uses, including how you can get them downloaded, as well as what fonts you might find similar, continue reading.
  • What fonts are available from Amazon?

    Ember and Bookerly are the primary fonts used by Ember is generally used for written content in either regular or italic styles.

    Sometimes, depending upon the internet connection and fonts on your computer you might see Times New Roman, or Arial.

    The font used by Amazon Kindle varies depending on the generation. Bookerly is the standard default on older Kindles, but Amazon Ember is also now available on newer versions.

    Ember, which was originally introduced for Amazon Oasis’ e-reader, was then integrated across the entire site.

    These fonts are easily distinguished by their sans serif nature. Bookerly, on the other hand, is more readable.

    You can read the Kindle easily and comfortably thanks to the small lines that run at the ends of larger letters in serif fonts such as Brookerly.

    What Font Does Amazon Use In 2022? (Types + Similar Fonts)

    What fonts look similar to Amazon’s Fonts?

    Roboto and Lato are fonts that look similar to Amazon Ember. Alternatives include Ubuntu and Sofia Pro Semi Bold.

    For Bookerly, similar serif fonts are Apolline, Vega, Weiss, Caecilia, and Baskerville.

    You can select between Bookerly or Ember fonts when reading an Amazon Kindle.

    Amazon fonts have been designed so that they are accessible across different devices.

    Amazon considers readability and print-like layouts to be its top priorities when creating and installing fonts on its website and for gadgets.

    Do Amazon Logo Fonts Have Changed in the Past?

    The fonts used by Amazon have been changed many times since 1994 when the company was established. Amazon logos serve as a good example of Amazon’s development over the years.

    Amazon used six logos over its six first years, until it settled on the iconic logo that millions have recognized around the globe.

    The Amazon logo font is Officina Sans Bold, a sans serif typeface that appears above the yellow arrow and curves upward to create a smile.

    For those interested in using a similar font, Franklin Gothic and Rotis Sans Serif are similar to the Officina Sans Bold font used in the Amazon logo.

    What Font Does Amazon Use In 2022? (Types + Similar Fonts)

    Have Amazon Web Fonts Changed Over Time?

    Although it has been over two decades since the Amazon logo changed, the web fonts have been updated more recently.

    Amazon Ember and Bookerly were the latest updates in 2015/16 as the company’s popularity skyrocketed.

    Amazon Echo is a new technology that allows you to apply the Ember Font across your apps.

    Amazon tested Bookerly online in 2018. There was mixed feedback.

    In response to that feedback, Amazon has ever since continued to use Ember for the website.

    Are there different styles of Amazon fonts?

    Amazon Ember as well as Bookerly both have a variety of weights. Amazon determines which one is most appropriate for the resolution.

    Ember’s weight options include regular, heavy, thin, lightweight, book, regular and bold. There are many weights used in menus and screen texts as well as digital reading displays.

    Amazon has also highlighted Ember’s soft edges and corners in their official description. The Ember font’s elegant weight makes it ideal for headlines on the entire website.

    Bookerly has three weights: light, regular, and bold, and these can be adjusted along with font size while reading on your Kindle.

    What Font Does Amazon Use In 2022? (Types + Similar Fonts)

    Can I Download Amazon Fonts?

    Amazon Ember can be used to brand Alexa Home or Echo. Downloads of this font for Echo and Alexa Home devices are available on the Amazon Developer website.

    You will also find detailed descriptions and examples of how the fonts are used in marketing and branding by Amazon within this downloadable font folder.

    You do not have to install these fonts.

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  • Conclusion
  • When browsing Amazon and reading about Amazon Kindle topics, there are two fonts you will see most often: Ember or Bookerly.

    Ember is the trademark font used across Bookerly represents the older Kindle generation.

    If you wish to have different text, the font settings can be adjusted on your Kindle. If the font you see on Amazon is not serif, it’s Ember. Bookerly, on the Kindle, will show a serif font.

    .What Font Does Amazon Use In 2022? (Types + Similar Fonts)

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