Does Kohl’S Take Amazon Returns

Does Kohl’S Take Amazon Returns In 2022? (Full Guide)

Major retail chains recently integrated package delivery and shipping stations like UPS and Purolator in their stores, to provide more convenience for their customers.

  • Kohl’s just announced a similar initiative, only for Amazon Packages. So, does Kohl’s take Amazon returns now? What I discovered through my research?
  • What is the best way to return an item I bought from Amazon to Kohl’s

    The steps to returning an Amazon product to a Kohl’s shop are listed below.

    Open your Amazon Account and go to the Orders section. This section is located under “Accounts & Lists”. Once you find the package you would like to return click the “Return/Replace Items” option.

    Select the reason you wish to return the item, which can be found on the drop down menu. Next, choose the method you want it to be refunded. Refund options might vary by store.

    If your region is eligible, you will see an option for “Kohl’s Drop-off” alongside various other methods for returning the item.

    Your email will receive a QR code. This code is linked to your Amazon Account. Bring your phone to Kohl’s for the attendant to scan this code, or print the QR code and take it with you.

    Bring your item for return to your local Kohl’s and head over to the Amazon returns kiosk either at the customer service section or toward the front of the store entrance.

    Return your package to the attendants and give your QR code for scanning. Rest of the steps for returning will be handled by you.

    Does Kohl’s Take Amazon Returns In 2022? (Full Guide)

    Do I Need To Pre-Package My Amazon Return For Kohl’s?

    You don’t have to pre-package any Amazon items you’re returning to Kohl’s since the in-store returns kiosk is set up with the materials necessary to package the item for you.

    However, Kohl’s does require you to bring in your items with the original packaging.

    Take note that Amazon allows you to design your own shipping label, and you can package the item on the Amazon site.

    Amazon Returns: Does Every Kohl’s Location Allow Amazon Returns

    Unfortunately, Amazon is not currently available in all Kohls’s locations.

    Although this is a service offered by most stores (1,000+), it won’t work in Alaska or Anchorage.

    You can check your Amazon account to see if your Kohl’s local Kohl’s offers this service.

    Does Kohl’s Take Amazon Returns In 2022? (Full Guide)

    Can I use Amazon Returns Service if I don’t reside near Kohls?

    If you want your Amazon parcel to be eligible to return to a Kohl’s nearby, then you will need to live within that radius.

    So if you live more than 8 miles away from a Kohl’s location, there is a good chance that you won’t be able to utilize the Amazon returns service at that store.

    To check if your address qualifies for Amazon returns, you may always go to the Amazon Return Options.

    Can I Return All Amazon Purchases To Kohl’s?

    Unfortunately, Amazon’s website does not specify which items are eligible for Kohl’s returns before they’re purchased.

    Kohl’s will return most items not opened but sold by Amazon, as long they have been fulfilled in the last 30 business days.

    Kohls allows you to return Amazon products if the order number has been provided.

    Kohl’s does not accept third-party seller packages (such as used items) since those items cannot be sold by Amazon.

    Is it possible to return an Amazon parcel to Kohls for a cost of $99?

    Kohl’s has no charges for Amazon package return.

    In fact, they often reward customers for returning to the store with coupons you can immediately use in-store.

    Does Kohl’s Take Amazon Returns In 2022? (Full Guide)

    Can I Return An Opened Amazon Package To Kohl’s?

    Kohl’s will accept any open (and eligible), packages back, no matter what reason.

    A clothing item that does not fit correctly can be returned if the garment is worn.

    Do Kohl’s have designated parking for Amazon Returns?

    In order to speed up the return process, Kohl’s will allow you to park your vehicle near the entrance of the store.

    Does Kohl’S Take Amazon Returns In 2022? (Full Guide)

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