2024 Ace Hardware Return Policy: Receipts, Time Limits, & Store Exchange Details

Discover Ace Hardware's updated 2024 return policy. Find out about returns with or without a receipt, time constraints, and if you can return items to any store. Learn about our hassle-free exchanges and price match guarantees. Simplify your shopping with Ace's customer-friendly return and refund policies. Shop with confidence today!

Ace Hardware Return Policy 2022 (Don’T Make These Mistakes)

Ace Hardware is one of largest hardware shops in the United States. They offer a variety of tools and materials for any project. Ace Hardware has both online and in-store locations.

  • Ace Hardware has a return policy that you might want to know about if your order is not fulfilled. I’ve done some digging, and here is what I have learned!
  • Ace Hardware 2022 Return Policy
  • Most items at Ace Hardware can be returned up to 30 days after purchase with a valued receipt and if they are in original packaging. Ace Hardware will only allow you to return the item if you have all of its paperwork and any accessories. Ace Hardware asks that you have a valid form of identification so they can allow you to return your item.

  • Read on for details regarding the Ace Hardware return policy. You will find information about whether Ace Hardware allows you to return an item after 30 day, how to get the receipt, as well as whether Ace Hardware accepts open products.
  • Ace Hardware returns policy without receipt:

    Ace Hardware items may not accept returns if the receipt is missing or you have no proof of purchase.

    Ace Hardware might allow you to return an item in excellent condition for credit. If you have a valid driver’s licence, Ace Hardware will be able to accept the item back.

    Ace Hardware stores are a great place to start a conversation about how to return an item without the receipt.

    Ace Hardware Return Policy 2022 (Don't Make These Mistakes)

    What Can I Not Return to Ace Hardware?

    While Ace Hardware allows 30 days after the date of purchase to return items, there are some products that are return exceptions that must be returned earlier, or cannot be returned.

    Once purchased, gift cards from Ace Hardware can’t be returned. You also cannot return Magnolia Home Paint Products as they are made to order, unless the item is damaged or faulty.

    Ace Hardware sells some gas-powered outdoor tools like mowers and edgers. You can return these items within 30 days, but they must still be in their original condition.

    Ace Hardware can’t accept gas-powered equipment back if there has been any oil or gasoline inside. For more information, please contact Ace Hardware.

    Ace Hardware is unable to accept returned items for Clearance or Items that were damaged.

    Your Ace Hardware local store may accept returns for hazardous products or items that contain hazardous substances.

    How Do I Make a Return to Ace Hardware?

    To make a return to Ace Hardware, you will need the item, ideally unused and in the original packaging, with the receipt. Ace Hardware should receive your item back within 30 business days.

    By visiting the Ace Hardware customer care desk, you can return any Ace Hardware item. If you do not have an Ace Hardware store close to you, you can contact Customer Care at 888-827-4223 for assistance with your return.

    Ace Hardware may also accept items for return. You will need to return it to Ace Hardware, except if the returned item is damaged or the wrong one.

    Ace Hardware will return your money in the original way you paid. For example, if you bought your item at Ace Hardware using your debit or credit card, it will be returned via debit or credit card.

    Ace Hardware might take 3 to 5 days for refunds, depending on your payment type.

    Ace Hardware Return Policy 2022 (Don't Make These Mistakes)

    How do I return to Ace Hardware?

    It is recommended that you bring your driver’s license to Ace Hardware when making a return. Ace Hardware will also need the receipt, and any other paperwork.

    For more information, check out our posts about whether Ace Hardware prices match, Ace Hardware’s shoplifting policy and Ace Hardware as a franchise.

  • Conclusion
  • To return to Ace Hardware, you will need to be within the 30-day return window, have a valid receipt or proof of payment, and have the item be in original condition, ideally unopened and unused.

    When returning to Ace Hardware, it is a good idea that you bring a photo ID (such as a driver’s license)

    What if I want to return something to Ace Hardware after 30 days?

    You may return most items within 30 days from the original purchase date as long as the item is unused, in like-new condition, and in the original packaging. In all cases, please provide any paperwork including instructions for the product, packing slip/receipts, and any accessories.

    Ace Hardware is open to accepting returns without receipt

    Can You Return Any Ace Hardware Product Without a Receipt? Ace Hardware requires receipts for all returns. If you do not have yours, you might be able to return the product only if you have your transaction ID or credit card slip.

    What if you can return an item to another Ace Hardware?

    Orders made online may be returned to Ace Retail Stores. Ace Hardware Customer Service can be reached at 1-866-290-55334 if there’s no Ace Hardware store nearby. They will provide information on returning your purchase via mail.

    .Ace Hardware Return Policy 2022 (Don’T Make These Mistakes)

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