Maxmoxie Pest Repeller

How cool it would be if unwanted rodents pests were easily kept away from home with a mini unit? It’s like a healthy pest controlled house! MaxMoxie Pest Repellent emits ultrasound that effectively repels rats, mosquitoes, and other pests. Ideal for use in average rooms, kitchens, garages, attics and basements. It’s kinder than cages, better than pesticides when used as guided and human pest control, no dead rodents can be discarded.

Keep Your Home Pest-Free This Season

Frequency Range: 20Khz ~ 65Kh

Input Voltage: 90V ~ 240V

Effective Coverage: 1

Power: 6-8W.

200 Square Feet 1 Unit

2 Units In Total

EPAs: 94838-CHN-1 The producer MaxMoxie is the ultimate Pest Repeller for Home Pest Control: easy to use and safe for family and most household pets: no dirty empty traps, no disease-ridden dead rodents. Only plug it in – effectively scare home or office pests away. Efficient on pests like mice and insects like spiders, ants and cockroaches. Secure for children and pets like cats, dogs, birds and fish.
It’s kinder than mouse traps, safer than pesticides, and no dead rodents are available because it minimizes human interaction with mice, rats, and other disease-bearing pests. Use anywhere pests are used. Ideal for basements, garages, attics, crawl, barns, sheds. Covers average size rooms; use more space units.

Power: 6-8 Watts

MaxMoxie repeller Eliminating pests was a concern for many people. Pests carry many issues from irritation to damaged furniture, walls, crops, and even plants. Some bugs also cause injuries, including bites, bruises, and stings. There is a risk of pest infestation in any household. Knowing how to recognize the various types of pests and conduct DIY pest control measures is important.
There are humane ways to treat pests nowadays. One is using high-frequency pest repelling systems. Due to safety problems with chemical pest repellents, more people have moved to these products. One of the most common high-frequency devices is MaxMoxie Ultrasonic Pest Repeller.

Easy To Use

MaxMoxie Pest Repeller is a product that uses the latest technologies to annoy and irritate pests such as rats, roaches, spiders, mosquitoes, etc. The system emits ultrasound from irritating pests within a 1200 square-foot area. You won’t have to deal with setting up cages, the inconvenience of poisoning pests, and the disposal of dead rodents infected with disease. Ideally, this system is installed in attics, basements, garages, crawl spaces and barns, but you can also position them in protective rooms.
Note that penetrating furniture, cabinets, furniture, or walls is difficult for ultrasonic sound, so it is advisable to provide sufficient space around the unit when plugged in. One reason to choose MaxMoxie Pest Repeller is that it is user-friendly and it doesn’t cost much to run. Simply plug it in and let it do its job repelling pests. The cost per year is just about $10, requiring little or no maintenance. The system has a service life of 5-6 years. PLUS, yes! MaxMoxie Pest Repeller has a nightlight feature that glows softly at night. This light will promote navigation through dark corridors and rooms. Turning off the nightlight feature won’t affect system output.

100% Pets Safe

MaxMoxie Pest Repeller is safe to use, since the ultrasonic sound is inaudible to humans and household pets. It chases pests away without exposing your kids and pets to toxic compounds, unlike chemical-based pest control methods that can release unsafe toxins or chemicals when used. This pest repellent doesn’t emit harsh odors that can irritate your kids and pets, and it’s noiseless. Meaning, it won’t disrupt your job or sleep even though it offers 24 hours of continuous, uninterrupted pest defense. MaxMoxie can be used safely in vulnerable people with chronic illnesses, as it does not release harmful radiation.

Epa Number: 94838-Chn-1

During the first few days of using MaxMoxie Pest Repeller, mice and vermin will increase as they come out of their hiding places. The ultrasonic sound has reached them, and the system is working. Reducing pest behavior in the ensuing 2-3 weeks. Quick timeline for your reference: Week 1: Ultrasound-exposed pests. This exposure irritates and disorients them, leaving them hiding place. Note that after a while some vermin can return. Week 2: The sensitivity of the pests to ultrasound weakens and their nervous system becomes weakened.

From The Manufacturer

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Maxmoxie Pest Repeller

Ultrasonic repellents of pests are not as effective as certain chemical pesticides, but are considered much safer and can help discourage infestations before they start. The biggest problem choosing a Successful one is how many businesses want to market knockoffs. Most pest repellers are a waste of money, but we found a lot of good reviews and feedback for this model, making it our #1 choice. It has a decent 1200 sq feet range and emits a 60Hz repelling frequency. Select Price>>

What Is Maxmoxie Ultrasonic Pest Repeller?

Crumpetsa Mosquito Items Mosquitoes No Comments Great battles are fought daily against nasty bugs, creepy insects, and dangerous mosquitoes to protect our homes and gardens. Although most formulations target a single insect species, it can be very difficult to keep up with many types of insects in and around home.
New-age formulations are designed to handle and kill various insects including ants, termites, flies, bugs, mice, fleas, etc. In this article, we’ve reviewed one such highly effective pest-repelling formula that gets quite the buzz. With power management and safety issues, let’s dig and find out if Maxmoxie pest repeller can help you win the fight against some of the toughest pests around.

Is Maxmoxie Pest Repeller Safe To Use?

Maxmoxie is an ultrasonic pest repellent, believed to be totally chemical-free and safe to use. Also, Maxmoxie Pest Repeller has a similar non-chemical solution that generates ultrasonic waves to effectively drive pests from home. You won’t have to think about disposing of dead mice as they’ll just scare them away after you’ve plugged in. Maximoxie is user-friendly and lightweight. It covers 2500 square feet with 60 Hz frequency. Compact designs make placing in the kitchen, bedrooms or living room simple.
It also emits blue light, which looks good to the eyes and repels mice. It emits no harmful toxins or chemicals that also make it safe for children and pets. This repellent is also odorless and noiseless and won’t bother you in your work. It moves rodents and insects quietly and quickly, leaving you relieved. Pregnant women and chronic patients should safely use the repellent as it does not release any harmful radiation.
It is a proprietary device providing 24 hours continuous, uninterrupted security. The best thing about this pest deterrent is low maintenance. Occasionally, you wouldn’t have to vacuum it. Only plug it in, turn it on and let it do all the chasing away.

Have A Pest-Free House In A Couple Of Weeks

Max Moxie is an indoor ultrasonic pest repeller plug-in. It delivers 22-60KHz multi-frequency ultrasonic waves that annoy insects, rodents, mosquitoes, and other pests. These waves are inaudible, not affecting humans, kids, dogs, and cats. It doesn’t need chemicals or emit any smell that could affect your household or climate. It uses limited electricity and will not cost you more than $10 for 365 days of usage.
It can scare away pests and prevent their return. Max Moxie Pest Repeller’s best applications in bedrooms, kitchens, basements and attics. It can protect up to 122-foot-size spaces. Efficacy after three weeks. The system will last up to 6 years.