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They may be almost invisible, but bed bugs can make your life difficult! When we know that a female lays up to 5 eggs per day, we quickly understand that the risks of bites multiply rapidly. Here are some natural tips to effectively fight against these insects that disturb your sleep.

If you notice traces of bites , take your arrangements quickly. Plug your iron into an extension cord and heat it up. Steam must reach a minimum of 48.8 ° C to be effective. It can be applied to any textile element such as mattresses, sheets and duvets, curtains, etc.

It should be noted above all that the presence of bedbugs does not mean that the bedroom is lacking in hygiene. However, a big floor-to-ceiling cleaning is a fairly easy method to get rid of it. Wash bed linen at 90 ° C and dry in the sun. If your sheets are made from delicate materials that cannot withstand washing at very high temperatures, put them in the freezer for 2 to 5 days (-18 ° C). Vacuum the mattress and box spring before putting on clean bed linen. Don’t neglect the ground! Bedbugs sometimes take up residence in carpets, rugs and floors. A little steam cleaner will boost the efficiency of your household.

Good to know: the performance of a steam treatment will be increased tenfold if you add 1 drop of white vinegar to the water.

This spice is easily recognizable by its distinctive smell. It is precisely this scent that annoys bedbugs – and many other insects. Place a few cloves in the chamber and leave to act. Bed bugs will no longer dare to attack you!

Pour 4 cups of water into a spray bottle that you have cleaned beforehand. Add essential oil of peppermint and lavender. Essential oils of cloves and lemongrass can complement this blend. Spray throughout the room being careful to avoid electronic devices.

If it’s over 32 ° C outside, hang infected textiles in the sun. Pajamas, bed linen and even mattresses can be treated this way.

Diatomaceous earth is sold as a powder. It is a 100% natural product that repels insects such as fleas, cockroaches and above all, bed bugs. Sprinkle the floor and baseboards with this powder. A thin layer is enough to scare away pests.

Preventive treatment is always a preferred solution for optimal serenity. Once you have cleaned the room well and put on some clean bed linen, you need to make sure that the bed bugs do not come back. Get some petroleum jelly and coat the legs of your bed with it. Bed bugs will be trapped if they try to climb.

Good to know: you considerably limit the risks by avoiding sticking the bed to a wall.

Are you going on vacation? Protect your bed from a bed bug invasion to avoid unpleasant surprises when you return. Just use a new airtight cover so you can leave with peace of mind.

Isopropanol or isopropyl alcohol is very acidic. Bedbugs absolutely cannot stand the contact (nor the smell) of this product. So pour a little of this alcohol into a spray bottle and sprinkle generously on areas that may be infested. Remember to ventilate the room well because the smell is quite strong, which may disturb you while you sleep. Also note that this solution should be repeated every 7 days to be fully effective.

As we have just seen, there are many natural treatments to get rid of bed bugs and to guard against a new invasion. The main thing is to react quickly.

If you are the victim of a bedbug invasion and you cannot get rid of it on your own despite these 9 natural tips, fill out the form or call us on 0800 10 12 17.

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