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Bedbug: Size, Causes, What To Do To Get Rid Of Bedbugs

Bedbug: Size, Causes, What To Do To Get Rid Of Bedbugs

Faced with the invasion of bed bugs in France, especially in Paris and Marseille, the government has implemented a number and advice site. About the size of an apple seed, these insects are particularly nest on the edge of the mattress and the headboard and wait for the night to bite. How to find and remove them? What is the best treatment to get rid of it?

[Updated Monday, May 4, 2020 at 16:40] In France, several cities (Marseille, Paris …) reported the presence of bedbugs in homes being fired at Calvary’s lives. These small insects brown color yet eradicated in the 1950s would be resurfaced in the late 1990s and early 2000s in all cities. For reasons: international travel and the development of resistance to insecticides. There would even be a resurgence in recent years if one believes the latest figures put together by specialists of the extermination of bed bugs: 400 000 sites, homes and hotels have been treated in 2018, the last balance sheet date. A scourge that worries the government sphere to the point of setting up a prevention plan and the fight against bed bugs, announced in February Denormandie Julien, Minister for Town and Housing. A number (0 806 706 806) and an official website were set up. How to recognize droppings and bites bed bug? What treatments to get rid of quickly and efficiently? our expert advice disinfection.

What is a bed bug?

The bed bug (Cimex lectularius) is a parasitic insect of the family Cimicidae. She is able to identify us with the carbon dioxide and heat that our body gives off. It benefits from our sleep to sting us. The male as the female bites and sucks the human blood under the skin for 3 to 15 minutes, then hides several days to digest it. When pike, the bed bug injects some saliva under the skin of its host. This saliva contains an anesthetic and anticoagulant which thins the blood to facilitate its suction. “Bedbugs picnic on average once a week for food,” said Jean-Michel Berenger, entomologist.


She has a life of 5 to 6 months. However, it can live for over a year without feeding starts when dormant.

Size, color, shape, photo: recognize bedbugs

Bedbug: Size, Causes, What To Do To Get Rid Of?

Bed bugs are visible to the naked eye and measure 4 to 7 mm: “An adult bed bug is the size and color of an apple seed when engorged” describes Jean-Michel Berenger . Their body is oval and flattened, which allows it to penetrate into the corners and crevices. By day, the bed bug tends to hide. When night falls, she comes out of hiding and will look to feed. To see them, you often have to carry a flashlight.

• Adult Bed Bug

On an empty stomach: Appearance refers to a lens cooked green, oval, flattened, brown, 5 to 7 mm long.

With the stomach engorged: Looks like an apple seed, oval, flattened, red-brown, 6-8 mm long

• Larvae

Resembles a tiny glitch, oval, flattened, translucent, light brown, 1-2 mm long

• Egg

Looks like a small grain of rice, oval, off-white, yellowish or whitish, 0.5 mm wide and 1 mm in length (size of a pin head).

Where to find them?

These insects hate light, so they hide in dark corners and are active at dusk, usually in the late afternoon and night. “The bed bug is aptly named and tends to hide in the bedroom, especially at the edge of the mattress and the headboard, closer to the sleepers, “said the specialist. Bedbugs also love to nest in the sofa, in the padded seats, carpets, carpet and even in wheelchairs. They can also catch on curtain rods, fans and inside electronic devices.

But bed bugs can appear anywhere. Indeed, when insecticides are used for flushing, bed bugs seek refuge elsewhere and is therefore not limited to the bedroom. That’s why they can be found in the space of a few weeks hidden in the cracks of the walls, floor, furniture, in electrical outlets behind furniture or tables. “If there is a bed bug suspicion, it is possible to use sniffer dogs to locate thanks to their smell infested areas adult bed bugs, but the larvae and eggs,” says our interlocutor.


“There is no season particularly conducive to bed bugs This is a bug” home “and a parasite of the man who lives only in the houses closest to us,” said Jean- Michael Berenger.

Where are they?

These insects are known since ancient times! In Western countries, they would have disappeared after World War II due to improved hygiene and the use of powerful insecticides. Before reappearing in the early 2000. Several hypotheses have been advanced:

Result, bugs are found in the home, in hotel rooms, but also in the hostels, health centers, prisons, hospitals or public transport.

If you have bedbugs in your home is that you’ve taken it. “Either you’ve brought in your suitcase when traveling or you have brought them on an infected object (a book, a piece of furniture bought at the flea market, in an antique shop or second hand shops …) . If your neighbors are infested with bed bugs, they may proliferate to your house, “said our interlocutor.

How to detect?

Itching and the presence of pits on the skin may be indications of the presence of bed bugs Furthermore, the presence of bed bugs (dead or crushed) and their droppings can be detected by:

How to get rid of?

Earlier bedbugs are detected, the better we manage to deal with them. If you think you are infested with bed bugs, we must eradicate. Many stages :

Wash all your bedding to more than 60 ° C.

Should wash clothes?

It is advisable to wash over 60 ° C while the bed linen (pillows, cushions, duvet, sheets …). “But it would be absurd to wash all of his clothes if the wardrobe is not infested with bed bugs Hence the interest to use sniffer dogs to determine the infested areas. In addition it is very rare that bugs remain on clothes, “reassures the expert.

Should we throw the mattress?

If it is in good condition, it is not necessary to throw his mattress. After vacuuming on each part of the bed – not to mention the-mattress, the bed base, the bed- head to eradicate bedbugs, disinfect the mattress through steam-cleaning (heat around 100 ° C. average). Do not hesitate to board several times in the same place to kill any bugs and insist on the seams of the mattress. If you really want to throw your mattress, do not carry through the house otherwise contaminate all your accommodation. Wrap it in a large plastic bag and paste a sheet indicating that the bag may contain bedbugs

What if bites?

“When the bug stings bed, small red spots that remind mosquito bites appear,” said the expert. Itching usually occur one to two hours after the bite. Generally, the bed bug bites are visible small group of 3 to 5 bites in the same place (in rank onion or bouquet) on the back, arms, legs, … In case of puncture, it is advisable to clean the skin and prevent scratching in order not to infect the skin.

Prevention: Avoiding bed bugs?

There are no quick fixes, but there are still preventive actions to know. Travel and travel contribute to the proliferation of bed bugs So when traveling, inspect the bed of the hotel room and the chairs and carpets for the presence of bed bugs If you buy furniture or used clothing, be sure to carefully inspect and clean before installing them at home.

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